Sunday, March 30, 2008

Confirmation Service

Waking up on early Sundays, haha.
Cause it's a special Sunday, especially for my lil' brother.

And that's our new Bishop of the Anglican Diocese.
It's his first official visit here as a Bishop :)
And he's my friend, Sarah Ng's dad! :D

The Confirmation Service.

Ooh, look who's there? :D
With Dominic and Qing En on both sides, they're all getting confirmed today.

He's confirmed! :)

The confirmed batch.
We welcome you! :D

They have the privilege to receive the Holy Communion first :)

And that's my girl, Audrey Kho, whom I've not met in ages!
Well, besides Facebook, LOL.

Pastor, I mean, Bishop and I! :D
I need to get used to that, hahaa.
He says he still remembers me cause Sarah was telling him
about me during Malaysian Idol Season 2.

The Kho brothers, Graeme and Stephen!
Aww, so glad to see them again :)


Just hanging out at the sanctuary :)

And that's all for now :)

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