Friday, April 13, 2007

Birthday Bliss :)

In the morning, was awaken by phonecalls of various people I love..
Wishing me "Happy Birthdays" and calling me to get up for work..
Omg, I was running late!
Nevertheless, reached work 2 minutes before I was gonna be late.. phew.

Honestly, I was feeling a little miserable at work...
"Hey hey, it's my birthday...", cheering myself up.
The silence of the cashier line and emptiness that stirred me deeper.

And my lunch... ohh, my lunch...

Nasi lemak + chicken = RM3
FYI, the NL wasn't fresh no more, ergh.
*tummy aches*

Corn cup to cheer me up since there wasn't
any ice-kacang due to NO ICE.
Happy Birthday Mel, wee... -.-

SOOOO pathetic man!
Was this how it was going to end..?
All I could do.. was sigh.

Not until work was going to be over though, misery didn't love being my company.. which was good, lol. Ben and Jess came wishing me! :D
With these beautiful bracelet and anklet/bracelet.
I loved them guys... wore it instantly after y'all left!
And Sanggivi bought a card from me, for me. Hahaaa....

They left me feeling thankful and grateful that the day wasn't that bad after all :)
Kept smiling to myself, ask my colleagues.. they thought I wasn't "sane" anymore, lol.
Was admiring Ben and Jess' gift the most... they're so pretty! :D

And Alven and Wanda came soon after!
Ohh, how I love my friends, they're so awesome :)
Telling me they wanna really wanted treat me to dinner that I couldn't decline.
So after 7PM I'd meet up with them.

After closing my accounts, I waited for Alven and Wanda to come and they wanted to treat me to Vivo's Pizza and Panini. Ooh, okay... anything goes, it's their treat.
They ordered for me.. I was feeling so blessed to have them really, they're such lovely people.
They were ordering for me as if I were their child, I was Melissa Chan for a moment, lol.

While talking and suddenly....
A loud chorus of people singing "Happy Birthday" and a chocolate cake with 18 candles litted, beautifully rimmed the sides, entered Vivo's from the outside.
I was soooooo surprised that I didn't know what to say or how to react!
SIX amazing people I love came in... all the ones I wanted to see oh so much!
My family, my best friends, my loved ones... :)

I was so touched.
I was teary-eyed but I guess they couldn't see cause I kept wiping them away, lol.
The entire surprise was soooo overwhelming!
I even fell off the couch, lol... XD

Man, we sat together and I got to find out how it was planned and who was the mastermind behind all this...

So we had the cake, which was delicious... I also had to finish what Alven and Wanda ordered for me, the lasagna and mushroom soup with garlic bread... oh, it was so nice!

And the gifts... ohh man... they were 'the fabulous'!
The cake, the meal, a beanie doggy, a new bible, more birthday cards *yipee!*
and especially... a BASS GUITAR MULTI EFFECTS PEDAL!!!

Sniff... I'm so overwhelmed!
This is by far the best birthday I've ever had! :D

In between of everything, we laughed, crapped, emo-ed and loved.
Lotsa phonecalls in between too.

Alright, lemme show you guys 'the love' here!

Anan and Brad :)

Sue darling... :)

Wanda and Alven... :)

My loved ones : Yen Fah, Celine and Benson!

Us girls... :)

Us... hahaa XD

My ohh-so-wonderful gifts! :D

You guys made my birthday an AWESOME one...
I can't thank y'all enough! :)
Love y'all to bits!

And also to everyone who wished me via phonecall, sms, e-mail, Friendster or MSN messenger...
Thank you so much! :)

My 18th birthday was a blast.
Because of you guys :)
Muchas gracias!

And hey.. it's Friday the 13th! :D

How contradicting.


Carol said...

Happy Birthday!!! And nice pictures...and looks like some good times...and for some more fun and laughter do drop by my blog on Birthday Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there...have a great time!!!

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

Owhh, thanks :)


you complete me :)