Thursday, March 27, 2008

MSSD's Bowling Competition

Welcome to Leisure Mall!
In the very early hours, lol...

*crickets chirping*

This is a rare sight for me cause I don't shop around town often...
Right Shaun?? :D

Ampang SuperBowl.
We just arrived but they were only starting to clean the lanes -.-"

Today, the category of girls and boys under 18 will compete.
But the girls category will start first, supposedly 9.30AM.
Management was really bad I have to say.
Competition started late, organisation was a mess, confused people were scattered everywhere... sighs.

And as usual, the games begun.
SIX ROUNDS of games, with no break in betweens.

The boy's category only started at about 1PM or 2PM.

And what did Mel get you're asking?
Well, that's why everybody's here to find out, isn't it?


Alright, alright...
*drum rolls please*

My total of 6 games was 726 points.
And I've got the 14th rank out of the other 68 girls who competed.

Yeah, I know.
Disappointing :(

Truly, my skills have gone down the drain, I wasn't consistent anymore.
I hugged MSSD's 9th rank for 2 years in a row before, but that has past.
That's what you get for not touching the bowling ball for 2 years in a row too.
And being informed about the competition one day before...
Ohh, the sadness!

But I wanna take the opportunity to give
some great people the credits they deserve:

Shaun - for your towel and powder, which helped a lot before I got a better quality powder, lol.
Ben Chia - for buying the quality powder and joining venture of skipping school to support me.
Alvin - for asking Ben to join venture with you... and spitting coke at me, lol.


And here's something my dear Soon Khit had made for me as a link on his blog!

Nice huh? :)
You guys can use it to link me too!

Alriiiiggghht mann :D
Thanks bunches Soon Khit, I love it!

For those who don't know who this guy is,
He's a REAL savvy-tech guy who is capable of building up his own computer.
What more can I say about computer programmes and whatevernot?! :)
He's one heck of a monster drummer, one of the best I've ever seen!
And he's a really nice guy you'd want to show your mum, hehe ;)

ANNNDD, I just realized he reminds me of David Archuleta!
They've got that same kind of smile, so CUTE.
ROFLMAO, it's true :D

Haha, okay lar, okaaay...
I think Soon Khit's butt and face kembang kao-kao already, lol.

A very happy birthday to Stephanie Tay! :D

she's eighteen! :)
love ya babe.


I need my sleep.


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