Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Come on Mel, you can make it... 50% more....

MUET [3]
MUET [4]
Chemistry [1]
Chemistry [2]
Maths T [1]
Maths T [2]
Pengajian Am [1]
Pengajian Am [2]
Biology [1]
Biology [2]

I'm so gonna flunk Maths... it was so hard :(
I'm sorry Miss Tay, wished they never changed you as our Maths teacher from the start.

MUET is a sure thing, but I dunno about getting Band 6.
It's not the real one, the school just didn't have anything better to do so they made another MUET test to add unto our burden. Well, not really for me though, lol.

Chemistry, I'm not too sure. I think I wrote a lot of crap.
Madam Koh, forgive me.

Pengajian Am 2's tomorrow.

Biology 1 & 2 the day after, and Maths T 2 on friday.
Just great, there was NO Maths 2 in SMKPJ, so I didn't get to learn the first chapter they learnt in SDJ. Joy. For the second time, I'm so gonna flunk Maths T.

I was unfortunate enough to come across a FLASHER.
It's like adding another stinkbomb unto a toilet filled with... well, you understand.


I was walking home, reached the staircase where I'd walk down.
Suddenly, I see a silver van stopping at the concrete where 2 malay girls sat.
Then he swung open his car door and sat on the driver's seat with his legs wide open.
Not wearing anything.

From afar, I thought to myself...
"Is that his skin or his trousers? It really looks like skin though..."
Then before I knew it, the 2 malay girls screamed and ran as the van dashed away.

They ran to me, swearing under the breath, trying to catch any.
They told me that he was flashing himself and then asked them if they wanted it and stuff.
Knowing that he's a sexpsychomaniac, they ran for their lives.
I'm so glad that I didn't get a close up, wouldn't wanna see his hairy balls from what seemed to be 'all black' from my view.

Anyways, ladies, if you're alone, run.

BUT if you're with a big group, don't be afraid. DO NOT HESISTATE to put your thumb and index finger a little ajar, referring to a small measurement and LAUGH at how small it is. Something like this:

Just laugh at the flasher, he'd go away feeling embarassed.

Ladies, please be careful wherever you go alright?
Make sure you're always with someone you trust, don't go solo.
This is JB people, the princess of crimes.
That's the reality.


Is it okay to miss someone whom you're restricted to even think about?
But.. it can't be helped.
It's been three years now.

Nevertheless, things will happen in God's timing...
I hope it's really soon.

My babe's 19 (:

Happy Birthday, Liew En Ai!

I love you.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Just performed a couple of songs.

Let's just say the organizing commitee could've done better.
It was very messy and very much delayed.
That's all.

So here are the pictures.

Thanks Ben for playing the guitar :)

Dylan got blinded by the flash, lol.

The emmcees :D

The evening gown.

The collaboration of Biology and Physic students.
We're good neighbours :)

Why are we waiting?

The dudes. Uhh, men.

My beloved :)

Ehh yo, Mr. 50 cent!

Keep Holding On, L.O.V.E & Belaian Jiwa.

We're tired people who wants to go home.
Jom balik.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia? Lol.


That's all for the day.

P.S: More pics from Thanusha's cam soon.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Senile Offense

Kinda just got up from my short nap on the journey back on the Causeway Link.

I just got back from school actually.

As I was walking on my way home, about four houses away, I hear my bitch barking at the top of her lungs.
There was this old chinese man with his white crown, collecting items that could be recycled.

Before I could reach my house, just one more house away, he put me dead in my tracks and asked me in Mandrin if I've got anything that could be recycled.

Being the nice and kind-hearted girl Mel was, with utmost proper manners, she HONESTLY said "no" cause her family just cleared up the house one week ago.

"Zhen de mei you? Mei you arr?"
Really don't have? Don't have arr?
"Zhen de sien sen, mei you"
Really sir, there isn't any.
"Mei you? Ni mei you yong ar??"
Don't have?? No? You no use(useless) ar??

WTH.... O.o?!

As much as I HAVE RESPECT for the elderly, they should know what kind of border they shouldn't cross either, especially when it's someone whom you're asking for favours and not anyone you know, a total stranger.

Alright old man, that's a little too much.
How in the world would you know I'm of no use?
Come to think that I actually had the COURTESY to answer your ridiculous repeated questions..
What right do you have to say such things??

Keeping my cool and trying not to be unkind to this rude old man, not raising my voice, I continued being polite.
"Uncle, our family just clear the house, there isn't anything for you now".
"You don't lie lar, sure must have one...!"
"UNCLE... if there was anything I could give you, I would. But I'm telling you that there isn't any at the moment".

He stopped his trolley in front of my house and my darling Bread barked even louder and with much rage. Good girl. So, I took a few more steps in front of my gates and my mum noticed I was outside talking to this man, so she kept calling my name.
Only then he knew that that house he parked his trolley at was my home.

"I have to go... Uncle, I can't lie to you and then give you nothing. I hope you understand"
He continued standing in front of my gates hoping the recycled items will fly out from my house to his trolley. I opened the gates and Bread was so eager to get at him, but I blocked her and hushed her down. So, I heard him mumbling under his breath, he left.

Mum invited me in and asked me what was going on.
"Nah, he just wanted some boxes... that's all.."

You see, I'd be lying if I said that there's NOTHING that could be recycled that's in my house.
Sure we have bottles, that we ARE using for water storage which is our also our water bottles to school. We don't have newspapers at the moment because, honestly, we don't buy them.
I'm serious.

But please, use some common sense.
If I were to go into my house, bring out one small bottle and gave it to him, he'll offend me even more by saying how stingy I am, wouldn't that be worse?
If I had stocks of recycle-items, I would load his trolley for him.

Sighs. Ah well.

Forgiveness is great, and powerful.
I forgive this old man as the Lord forgives people who confesses and repent, no matter how gruesome the sin committed. He'll still love and accept you into His loving arms, despite the things you have done.
So, forgive others as they Lord has forgiven YOU.

Uncle, hope you won't do that again to other people or you'll be getting yourself dissed even worse, perhaps people may even land a fist at you at boiling point.

Heh. Most definitely.

Nevermind old man...
I forgive you.

Lim Goh Tong
Passed on at 90
Casino Pioneer, the Owner of Genting

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lower Six Draws To An End.

The Boys' School.

Annoyance, frustration and riducules.

Friendship and love.

The heavy load of homework & assignments.
That's Pengajian Am 2, hehe.

Behold my pathetic phone, my only means of communication.
Bearing with it for 2 years now.
Anyone wanna get me a new one? :(

Stress - studying is a win-win [study or die] scenario here.

The little things that still shone hope, love and warmth
eventhough everything didn't seem right and okay.

Friends who are smart [really], humble, helpful and caring.

We still know how to have our fun...
Otherwise, how could we have survived lower six then? :D

Signing off :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Housewives Unite!

Met Eunice Wong, my housewife and did some cathing up.
Was kinda abruptly planned but we needed to see each other.

We had fun :)

In the end of the day, it was just bittersweet.
A very scary end to the day :(
Don't ask.

Here's some pics from EMERGE KL 2007 I've been waiting for.... :D

A candid shot before our video shoot.


We sure kicked up a storm! :D

Groovin' after our performance :D

Mel's on "examination mode" as of this week.

That's all about it... :)
Ciao, love!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yes, I'm here yet again to apologize for my absence.
Truly sorry, blame the exam period.
Alright Suph, I'm sorry kay?

Here's to Suph :)

- SETARA starting on the 29th of Oct.
- MUET for 2nd bathches, 3rd & 6th Nov.
- I'm afraid of not being up to expectations.
- Not really prepared nor confident. Gosh, I'm gonna flunk! :/
- PERTINA's Jamuan next Saturday night. Theme is "Datuk & Datin".
WTH? O.o
Still not sure of what songs to perform. Haven't even pay for that blardy compulsary ticket. LOL.
- Lower Six is already stressful, don't wanna think about Upper Six yet.
- I love Omega's Chemistry tuition. I love Madam Koh! :D
- I love the bass effect pedal darling gave me... :) it rocks!
- I need some essentials like money. Kechiing!
- I miss ALL my friends... :(
- I'm putting on weight, NOOOOOO! :( :( :(

Sis is now working with Roxy and Quiksilver.
So, she asked me to try a few clothes in Roxy, which didn't really pick my fancy.
But anyways, I snapped this...

Something Mel wouldn't wear out.
Can't, or rather, shouldn't.

The few days have been lovely! eventhough I really should be kissing my books and doing countless exercises. I'm afraid that I've been cutting myself some slack during these Raya holidays...
Erm, gaahh ohh fine... a lot.


P.S: I really NEED a pair of new jeans, geez.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Celine's Fiesta (:

I'll let the pictures and captions do the talking....

Cut it!
Happy Birthday Sis... (: - love you.

As creamy as it looks, it's surprisingly not jelak :D

Sibling love.

Yen Fah, Jack & their sister, Kristen!
Meeting her for the first time... (:

Jeremy (;

The girls who still remained, there were more k...

The guys... :D

Sisters (;

The tonnes of presents she received... (:

Biggie, SE and Chloe!

I'd also like to give a big shoutout to Sue, my BF....
I love you with all my heart!
Happy 18th Birthday!
Welcome to the "Legal Firm" darl (;

P.S: Woot! It's the holidays, but I've gotta study
for my Setara which is AFTER my hols -.-"


you complete me :)