Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally posting up our song, have a listen! ;)

Hey guys!

Well, back in December 2005, my brother Benson, and I composed a song in about 30 minutes for a couple of girlfriends who were leaving us to pursue their studies.
And so, we came up with this song :)

A couple of days ago, without my knowledge, Ben already recorded his guitar playing and demanded that I sang on the spot before I went out... He seemed to finally have the time and learnt of how to do simple recordings and overlapping.

So, please forgive me, it's not my best performance, hahaa. I hardly had time to warm up! This could've been better as I only sang this twice before I went off. Ben then took the best clip, overlapped them and... voila!

What do you expect, the guitar playing and my singing was COMPLETELY recorded using the common computer mic!

Lastly, we also wanna dedicate this song to my beloved soul sister,
Suvanya Sukumaran a.k.a Yap Sue Anne.

Hang in there babe, we love you much!
Keep in touch always, xoxo.

Personally, I suggest that you do not put your volumes to the max...
Hahaa, I think it's kinda loud... :/

Please enjoy!
Structural comments are most welcomed :)

P.S: To save you the trouble, here's the post from Benson's blog.

* * * * * *

Posted by Drummertech

Well, I tried singing it...but this song is memang written to be sung by a singer with high range lol.

Thus, my attempt at the song failed. Anyhoo, while I am in JB I thought why not ask my sis (who is a great singer) to sing it for me? haha. Besides, she is the one who sang it when we presented this song specially for the two friends we dedicated this song to.

And oh yeah, if you hear any other sounds in the track...just ignore them. They're most probably the vehicles passing behind my house. (yes my house is just beside the highway)

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,
I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,
Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,
I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,
Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

I pray, You'll draw near to Him,
I pray, You will reach your goals,
There's nothing,
You can't do if you just trust in Him...

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,
I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,
Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

Hope you guys like it. =)
Pls comment. =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Triple tagged by my siblings!

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1. My younger brother, the 2nd child among us four.
2. He's eighteen going on nineteen.
3. Dark, tall and handsome ;) - don't kembang Ben.
5. Obsessed with Paramore. And Haley Williams -.-"
6. Can be pretty temperamental and emotional.
7. My favourite person to jam with :) ...really.
8. He's most fluent with the drums and guitar.
9. He's still trying to master his vocal skills, haha.
10. I couldn't thank God for a better younger brother than he already is :)

1. My younger sister, the 3rd child among us four.
2. She's sixteen going on seventeen.
3. Dark, average and pretty - please, don't kembang.
5. Obsessed with random cute guys, lol.
6. A pretty sensitive girl, hahaa.
7. My one and only blood sister that shares my girly-girl stuff :)
8. Prefers dancing over music instruments.
9. Considered the most brilliant in academics among us siblings ;)
10. I couldn't thank God for a better younger sister than she already is :)

1. My youngest brother, the youngest among us all.
2. He's thirteen going on fourteen.
3. Fair, going-to-be-taller, and cute - lol, you don't expand too.
4. VAIN, VAIN, VAIN and filled with shameless self-praise... xD
5. Can be very obsessed with anime, hehe. Like "Bleach".
6. Tends to be pretty headstrong in conversations.
7. Mature for his age, can share intellectual conversations with him.
8. He plays the drums and a lil bit of piano - he can sing too! :)
9. Resembles me the most, compared to Ben or Celine who resemble each other more.
10. I couldn't thank God for a better youngest brother than he already is :)

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself:

1. I love my family and friends! :)
2. I'm going to be TWENTY on April 12. Get me a gift! :D
3. I'm quite slow to anger. Hehe ;)
4. I can talk a lot. Or be pretty quiet. Depends.
5. I'm thinking of cutting my hair again. And my first dye too :)
6. Benson said he feels immature when he's around me, hahaha!
7. A very detailed and determined person. A pretty lenient perfectionist, lol.
8. I love children :)
9. I dislike conflicts and arguments. I discuss them and make sure it's settled before the day's over. I don't like carrying grudges and anger to the next day. Even the bible said that we shouldn't let our anger set with the sun. Haha, God's pretty humorous.
10. Consider myself a strong woman ;) - emotionally compared to physically.

At the end, you have to choose 10 people to tag and write the names out:
- I ain't tagging anyone. Nyah-hah.

And Benson sent me this...
Check it out.

You're awesome / Get Well / Happy Graduation / You're Fired.

WTH -.-"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hanging out :)

Hot dim sum in Johor Jaya.
Very packed.

Uncle Greg: "Mai tan!"

Aunt Jolayne and Jolisa.

Jesse, Josiah and Joshua.

And of course, Jayden hiding behind his mum.

Early in the morning, my parents, Benson and I joined the Tweedies for home church and fellowship. We had some great dim sum at Johor Jaya, and then headed back to their house.

After spending some time with them, Ben and I joined Jerry, his aunt Aliena, and his cousins Erika and Jacky to do some shopping.

So we went to the Nike, Adidas, Al-Ikhsan and Reebok factory outlet where they were having a 70% discount clearance stock. Jacky needed a pair of new shoes, so we went to have a look.

Benson regretting he had no cash with him at all, lol.

So this was how he vent his anger and dissatisfaction...

Geez Ben... :/

Okay, he's finally done.
Headed to Jusco Taman Universiti.

Honey, what are you doing...? :)

Awww, so cute :)

Then we came across some shirts for dogs...




* * * * * *

The next day, we decided to go swimming at Hin Loong's place :D
I haven't swam in ages!
Hin Loong have been staying there since last year but he never even swam in his own pool before... lol.

Lazy lor.

Benson and Hin Loong plotting against Jerry...

Awww, so bad.... xD

Hey, check the videos out!
Have a laugh, enjoy.

Ramly Burger! Hahaaa....
We were gonna have that after swimming...

Benson getting killed by Hin Loong, lol.

Hin Loong dying after being saved, I think.

Okay, we're done here...

Guess what, the Ramly stall wasn't opened, tough luck.
So, we resorted to the normal "mamak".
Hin Loong and I had a painful stomachache after having nan...
Just great. He was in such pain till he had to go to the doctor.
Don't worry, I didn't, and we're both fine now.

The kitty that was begging Benson for food... cute, no?

The boys' favourite past time.... Dota-ing -.-"

Engrossed as usual...
That's about it.
Ciao! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anatomy of an Oral Frenectomy

Anatomy of an Oral Frenectomy

A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that removes or loosens a band of muscle tissue that is connected to the lip, cheek or floor of the mouth. It is usually performed under local anesthetic with uneventful healing.

The frenum is part of the normal oral anatomy, but may sometimes restrict movement of the lip, cheek or tongue, or may impinge on the gingiva (gums). Occasionally, a large or wide frenum may inhibit normal function.

A labial frenum is a band of muscle from the lip that may attach to the gingiva, contributing to a space between the teeth. It most often affects the upper central incisors. The frenectomy may be recommended after orthodontic treatment to help stabilize the position of the teeth. Another indication for a frenectomy is a partial or full-denture patient whose function is hindered in chewing. Frenectomies are occasionally performed for aesthetic considerations if the frenum prevents a natural smile.

Broad labial frenums on lower teeth may harm healthy gum tissue and hasten periodontal disease. In these cases, a frenectomy may be enhanced by a tissue graft from the palate. This procedure is most commonly performed by a periodontist.

Sometimes a thick frenum on the floor of the mouth may restrict movement of the tongue, preventing speech or chewing functions. It may also contribute to tooth decay since the patient cannot adequately use the tongue to sweep food from the teeth. A lingual or glossal frenectomy may be indicated on a toddler, depending on the extent of the restriction. It is most often performed by an oral surgeon. Difficulty in speech may be an early indication of the problem.

The Labial Frenum is a little tag of tissue in the center of the upper and the lower lip that attaches the lip to the gums. It too is not especially useful, and sometimes causes orthodontic or periodontal problems if the attachment on the gums is too close to the teeth. If it becomes a problem, we usually simply cut it .

This is most often done on children if the attachment of the frenum is too "high" and causes a diastema (space) between the adult teeth. The procedure is called a "frenectomy". An interesting thing to note is that a glancing blow to the face will generally rip this structure, and a ripped labial frenum, in combination with other "recurrent" bodily injuries is considered to be a legal indication of child abuse.

* * * * * *

I've to say goodbye to my labial frenum, forever.
I didn't even know that was its name...
I'm meeting the dentist again tomorrow for another doctor's second opinion before I move on with the surgery, in 2 weeks time.

If I don't do this surgery, the 2 years of having these braces are gonna go to waste. The tension of my labial frenum will make a gap in between my lower two front teeth again after removing my grills. Doc said that usually people's frenectomy is on the upper teeth.

Mine's on the lower teeth.
So, it's a pretty rare case.

The price of vainity.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

♥ Happy Valentine's :)

For me..? :D

Happy Valentine's Day!
i love you too, honey :)


it's been
1188 days
and many more to come!

♥ Quoting Dad:
"It's Valentine's Day everyday..."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Recent events :)

Sorry for the lack of updates.
Couldn't go online for a while, hahaha.
Takde internet connection.

I joined honey for a reunion dinner with his family and other relatives.
This, I must say, is the best Briyani restaurant I've dined at.
It's called "The Village".
But before that, I accompanied him and kinda helped him with his college assignments, lol....

Baby blue :)

He's kinda into this game called "Makai".
My gosh, it's so annoying...
Makai in hakka means "what?".
So it's a whatever game.

Oyy, cepat... buat assignment...

Told you I'm kinda helping him with his assignments right?
Looks like I'm being more of a distraction than of any help.


I'm soooo not helping at all... hahahaa...

The view from the dining hall makes me feel like I'm at some kampung.
Lol, that's "Tera Thai", a Thai restaurant.
So, we're neighbours.

And there's Jack, lazing in the afternoon.

Our clean house.

Hey people, drink more water okay...
The weather sucks. Everyone's falling ill.

Then later at night, we went for his family's reunion dinner...
Was feeling a bit shy to meet them all of them at one go... hahaa..

The Village.

And that's all of us :)

I've grown so fat from CNY till now...
We just keep eating all the good food...
I think I've gained 2kg... OMG.

This was just the appetizer.
I got so engrossed with the food that I've forgotten to take some snaps of the delicious food that came after that, lol... it was superb lar.
I loved the nan! :D

Erika, Louise, Aunt Aliena and Kristen :)

The brothers behind are Watson and Walter.
Both majoring in Biochem and are almost doctors :)

Cheese! :)

Then the next night, we hung out with Hin Loong :)
Showing off our oily faces before the day is over.

Went to Jusco Bukit Indah for the games...

EHH, a freak!

But this wasn't the game we came for...
It was....

Drum Mania V3.

They're just so engrossed with this new machine...
Especially my beloved.. -.-"

"Properity Burger"?
Heh. Jusco boleh.

Also met up with my dear's childhood friend, and are still neighbours.
Meet Jin Chong.
He's also a gaming freak.

Almost dead. Lol.

This is really great guys, check this out.
A Ramly Burger set for only RM5!
Ramly burger with french fries and coleslaw, tomato, lettuce and egg on the side.
Really worth it!

And yes, Jerry's company, C&M Music Centre
planned a one-day-one-night trip to Desaru.
So, he asked me to come along :)
Left on Sunday afternoon.


One strand of white hair.
Great :/
I'm not gonna yank it out.

This is the chalet we're sharing.

"Let's head for the beach".
That's why we're here anyways...


The wind was super strong that day.
So. Whatever. Psh.

We're wondering why there's so much foam...
I mean, there was seriously A LOT of foam.
I felt like I was dipping in alcohol, lol...

Darling and I :)

Again, there's just too much foam, lol.

Two silly guys called Nicky and Clement.

Playing with the kids...
They wanted to bury their father in the sand, lol...

Clement being carefree!

Nicky being lame.
What are you doing with our shades and my handbag??

Either Clement or Nicky did this...

Here comes our foam bath... lol.

The waves that day were big, mean and strong, lol.
So we didn't swim but just play with the waves...

She's really an adorable one :)
But she bites her brother, lol.
This little one with her other 2 very young siblings
kept sticking to me and Jerry all the time.
Kids just love us, lol.

Fooling around...

Alright, we're about to call it a day...

One more shot here :)

Then we had BBQ :D
Ate till I couldn't eat anymore...
My beloved's the main chef, so rest assured, I was really well-fed.

Still very windy, especially at night...
So we slept okay... Jerry snored like very loud... LOL.
I couldn't really sleep, not because of the snoring, but because the guys outside were gambling Mahjong till 3AM. Honey and I dunno how to play Mahjong, and they were just so seriously loud... lol.
It didn't bother Jerry one bit though.

The sun rises - a new day.

Good morning :)

Preparing to leave after breakfast...

And that's all of us :)

Hitting the road.

I thank God for him.
So much.

And just two days ago, Ben and I were gonna go out
to hang with my bestie, Sue :)

Mum and I :)
With a "pop-up" behind us.

The three of us...

It was really a great day!
We hung out together like the old times still.
Enjoyed each other's company and love.
Laughed ourselves senseless...
There are more pics, but they're with Ben.

What bestfriends are for :)

Sue's dead.

And we watched this.
Ben was agonized throughout the show, according to him.
Actually, it's more of a girlfriend-bestfriend show.
Guys wouldn't really appreciate this show.

Our beloved Suey Pooey is leaving for Brisbane to pursue her Business course in Aussie.
Leaving on 21st February.

We'll miss you Sue!
Do take care and let us know when you're home :D


you complete me :)