Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hitting Hometown

Yeap, I know I've been MIA but
I'm gonna update about the KL trip due to our holidays last week.

And by the way,

This is Sugar! :)
I'll talk about my puppies first.

Cookie and Peanuts, and Oreo with that visible "O" on the top of his head.

Cookie being lazy, and Peanuts and Oreo in a heart-shaped like position.
They DO get along after all, lol, never tried eating together before though.

Milo and Bread. LOL.

Cookie and Sugar.

My, my, my... haven't they grown??
In such a short span of time, these cuties have already formed teeth, are fast on their feet, starting to fight one another, and not to mention very good at making a "mess".

They like running together in a group but they'll walk around the porch solo when they want to do some exploring.
Cute, no?

There you have it.
The siblings united, all snuggled comfortably.

* * * * * *

AND so, we went back to KL for the holidays!
Got to take care of grandma cause she's not able to do much after her leg operation.
Oleh itu, bathing for her, pouring her stool for her, and doing the laundry became a routine.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm just glad I got to do this for her when I'm there.

Anyways, I don't have much pictures cause I didn't go out much.
I'm home most of the time.
Awww, what a good grand daughter Melissa is! :D

I did go out too, but only to accompany mum who had no means of communication but still wanted to accompany sis who wanted to meet her friend, Yi Soon.

Aunt said I didn't have much to look forward to cause I'm not meeting anyone I know.
Hahaa, she's right.
That explains why it was so difficult to get out of bed to accompany them that day, lol.

Anyways, we head on by cab to OneUtama with RM8.30 [very happy] and walked around.
Before heading to buy some clothes guess whom we bumped into...?

The gaba-gaba-meraba-sleeping-ho-ho-queen Lydia Miller!

Lol, never thought I'd see her again this soon after AFC Bootcamp.
She squeezed-hugged us and was screaming away in the middle of the mall when she saw us.
Hahaa, we didn't get to do much cause she was with her friends at that time, so we went our ways.

I bought this!
Yes :D

In the end, we met up with Yi Soon and watched The Chronicles of Spiderwick.

Yi Soon and Celine.

Snap, lol.

When we were done and Celine said her goodbyes to her friends, we had to hail a cab back.
Trust me, this kinda ruined the day lar.

So, Mel hailed a cab and mentioned the address.
The cabby said, "It's actually very jam there now, so just have to pay Rm5 EXTRA".
Since no cab wanted to take us because of the jam, we obliged.

Honestly, with his confidence, we thought he knew how to get to our place.
Unfortunately, this idiot was trying to act smart.
After passing by and driving somewhere else that looked foreign to us, we questioned him.
He didn't know where he was going.

To make matters worse, he decided to take another route which was BY FAR damn jam.
At this point, it kinda conviced me that he was putting on an act.
It's really as if he PURPOSELY drove on jammed routes most of the time and claim to be lost,

At the end of the day after a STUPID unmerry-go-round, guess how much it cost?
*smacks forehead*

I really wanted to tell the idiot that we weren't gonna pay for that SIMPLY because he lost his blardy way.
But sis gave some wrong instructions too, which is why I couldn't say anything, eventhough I REALLY WANTED TO.

Oooohh, it made me so SMAD!
[mad and sad]
Hate being conned by &^%$#@! freaks.


And then later at night we bought some clothes for dad at Yohans.

Hmm, did I tell you what sis loves doing with my bear, that was passed down to Benson, and then passed down to her but didn't do the same for Benroy?

She loves snogging it!

In other news.

We couldn't go back on Sunday because dad's car brokedown on the way to church, but don't worry, aunt got to get us there and home too.
Damansara Utama Methodist Church, REALLY NICE :)

No workshops were open on Sundays, so we had to wait till tomorrow.
Meaning, I had to miss one day of school. Sighs.

We travelled home on Monday evening.
Reached home slightly before midnight.

We reached home safely.

* * * * * *

Well, thought my troubles ended there.

I went to school on Tuesday only to find a lot of students and teachers looking for me.
"Melissa!! Puan Azura's looking for you! Look for her in the canteen!"
That's what everyone who passed by me said.

And as I was pretty sweaty as I just reached school while walking from the bus stop that is about 10 minutes away, and the canteen another 5 minutes, Puan Azura said...

"Melissa! I'm so sorry but I forgot to tell you that you're competing today".
What??? What sport?

"Discus throw MSSD".

OH great.
Honestly, how can like this larr??
It's also my weakest sport cause I never played it before and only trained once for it.
SO, so, so not my day.

I was already sweating in my baju kurung, I knew nothing about it, therefore I don't have my sports attire with me. Teacher offered her shirt, I don't think anyone could borrow me their pants due to my big ass, and then I was asked to buy the school pants on the spot for RM20.
NO freaking way lar, damn unfair!
In the end, Puan Hezrin said that it's okay, and asked me to wash it and give it to her after the competition.
Oh, thank goodness :)

To sum it all up, I went to SSI and competed.
11 girls of the "under 20 category" showed up.
They were mostly taller and stronger than me.
I was the 3rd or 4th weakest discus thrower.
So, I was number 9 I guess.

Honestly, I don't feel bad that I didn't get Top 3.
I actually feel quite "contented" that there were stronger girls than me here, LOL.

It's a holiday today cause of some Islam occasion.
Maulat Nabi Muhammad, I think? I dunno how you spell it.
Will go for Chemistry tuition later.

And on Friday, I'll be at Larkin Stadium to compete for Javelin MSSD.
I really hope I get it good, but from what I know last Tuesday, some of those strong women are competing too!
OMG, lol. My chances look slim.

And on Monday, I'll be competing for MSSD's bowling.

Hold on a sec...

Remind me again.
I'm in, uhh, what's that... UPPER SIX?

And yes, I've already sacrificed my first monthly tests for this.
Big sighs.

Tough luck, Mel.
Two years down the drain.

I'm tired.

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