Friday, April 27, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
[International Trailer]

Can't wait!
Enjoy ;)

And people, for those for are interested
to buy the LATEST and LAST Harry Potter book,
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows",
You can come and pre-order the book from ME [yours truly! :D]
in HARRIS Bookstore, Jusco Tebrau City.

I'll be more than willing to be at your service!
Just make sure you come to me ;)

And since I'm so nice... [ kembang, lol ]
I'll give you guys the details here for your convenience.

If you pre-order now, these are the benefits you'll get,
[ 25% savings dudes! ]:
1) A chance to win a trip to Disneyland, Hong Kong.
2) A limited Harry Potter T-shirt.
3) A 10% discount when purchasing the book [for Popular Card members].
4) RM5 savings.

Pre-deposit price: RM 50.00
The REAL price: RM 109.90

The 7th book with J.K. Rowling's personal autograph.
Pre-deposit: RM 100.00
The REAL price: RM 235.00

After this date: 2ND MAY 2007, no RM5 savings.
So hurry up!
And the book's world wide release will be on 21ST JULY 2007.

Come over already! :D

* * * * * *

Oh, public holiday.
And I'm off.
No extra money... aihh.

Our newly crowned Sultan is only 45, the youngest King ever to rule this monarchy country recorded in our history.
Hehee, my dad's 45 too. Mum's older than our Sultan 5 years. LOL.
So they can rule, mwahahaaa...

You do the math ;)

And hey people..
Melissa Yap's not gonna be a nurse after all.
My admission wasn't successful.
And I didn't get the Malaysian Matriculation either, bleh.
So, I guess God has better plans for me :)

Will wait for the UPU results which will come out in early May.
So we'll see if God wants me to do IT or not.
If I don't get it either... geez.

Form 6 which is my last resort would be my only resort left.

God, lead me where you want me to go.
I will go.

* * * * * * *

For everyone who didn't understand, you can STILL pre-order HPATDH!
Pre-ordering official ends before the 21st of July when the book is released.
Understand...? :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sniffx... :(

宝贝, 我想念你. . .

Monday, April 23, 2007

Cuts, cuts, cuts...

Well, still no pain about the extract.
Danny Boy is just in such disbelief that he even cursed me to suffer pain in extracting teeth number two.
How mean, lol.

However, that metal wire across my mouth has been a nuisance as it keeps cutting into my tongue.
Yeah, it kinda sucks. Gah.
So there's like two "scratches" on the sides of my tongue - as if my tongue's gonna get cut off.. gory, but it looks like that =/
The separators on top are also making it hard to eat hard stuff, oh well.

And again, I suffer papercuts at work.
Ohh how I hate them :(

I just got my driving license the day before yesterday, FINALLY.
And I can't believe I paid 10bucks for that stupid photoshot in RILEK.
My picture seemed all digitalized and it's even clipped and torn!
But did they give a damn? No.
They just lamented it anyway, ugghh.

This is how efficient Malaysia is - Malaysia Boleh.


Got a license?
Got a car?

......... -.-"

Ooh by the way, I got to go to church yesterday! :D
Nope, not my own church, I went to Daya Gospel Chapel,
Hazel invited me since we work together so we wouldn't have to miss church.
First thing in the morning was a transportation problem and her church's service starts at 8.30AM. But thanks to Lee Girk who stays in my area and happens to go to the same church, she fetched me!
So nice.. :)

So Hazel and I sat together and I enjoyed the service... :)
Though I must admit that I suddenly got a lil' tired in the middle of the sermon, LOL.
But it was all great.
Met people I know like Edwin, Kevin, Adeline... also met new friends like Grace, Melissa and many more.

And I'm getting fed up with the fact that Nanyang Poly still marks me as "pending for consideration". Sighs, the guy asked me to call in one or two days time.

Alright, that's all I have to say.
Gonna get ready for work now.

God bless.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

No Pain, Got Gain..?

Okay... no pain, no gain for braces right?
Seriously, there is no pain... lol.

Generally and NORMALLY, people will suffer pain after your permanent enamel get extracted from your gums deep within.

In my case, I could eat pizzas yesterday after I just got it extracted, and I feel nothing.
"It must be the anaesthetic...", you might say..
Dudes and dudettes, it was long gone already.
Nothing. Zeuch. Kosong.

"Perhaps it lasted longer?", you may ask.
I went to Alpha and Omega's for Michelle's sort-of-party cum movies.. lotsa dumb movies, lol.
We ate pizzas, cakes, fried potatoes, muffins, chocolates, fried rice... LOL.
Yummy :)

I left at almost 10PM, still think it hasn't worn off?
I can't believe I just extracted my teeth.
I seriously felt no pain.

And Danny Boy was complaining that I wasn't human.
Cause he suffered a heck lot when his anaesthetic wore off.. LOL.

And by the way, Michelle got me the loveliest gift!
It was love! :D
Check this out...

Designer's Eau De Parfum : LOVE.
It smells sooooooo nice! :D

I never really wore perfume, so I guess it's time? XD

More pics!

They showed me their hip-hop and cheerleading routines.
Good moves. And a lot of fooling around, lol.
Just having fun :) - All the best with the competitions guys! :D

My dearest Mun Sin and Jack Jack :)

The Loves here! - Michelle :)

It was all good :)
Regardless of anything that happened.

P.S: Hey Michelle, don't worry about it okay...
I had fun and everything's okay.
Love you :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Goodbye Tooth Number Uno



Alright, the injection Alven claimed to be uber painful...
Was not as horrid as he described it to be.. =/
Honestly, it was like an ant bite.
I guess, he was scaring me? Lol..
Hmm.. actually I was a lil' scared looking at the way he described it to be.
*clears throat* Alven.... O.o

After putting another set of separators on the upper row with some wire across the roof of my mouth and cemented it, she injected the numb med.
I was like, "Ohemmgee, Alven said this was THE part!".
And it was over, lol... and darn, she pulled out my teeth like it was some clip on... -.-"
It came out so easily.

Still feeling the numbness, but I'm also afraid when it wears off... :(

Yeah, bleeding still too.
Second phase - I'll be putting on my braces and pulling out tooth number dos on the 3rd of May.

No, that's printed blood on my shirt. The next one is REAL blood.
See the difference?

Michelle wants me to go to her school to join her for a movie day, also to give her her birthday present.
Not sure if I can bear it when the anaesthetic wears off.. :(
And I'm supposed to get my driving license by today, so loooonnnggg.... -.-

... Can I even face work tomorrow?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Face Transformer! *gasps*

Good stuff!
Check this out, waaaayyyy cool :)
Courtesy of Philip Pang.


Transformed to these...





Caucasian + Afro-Carribean

West Asian + Botticelli

Modigliani + Mucha [ personal favourite (; ]

Manga Cartoon + Apegirl [LOL!]

Baby + Old Woman [ still wanna grow old with me darling..? (: ]

Is that cool or what?? :D
Wanna give it a go?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rose Love

Thanks Danny Boy for the late gift!
You're late, but it's okay :)
And he also gave me Fall Out Boy's signed poster! :D

And hooray for Dan who passed his driving tests!!!
I knew you'd make it.
Congrats dude... and oh yeah, one buck ;)
Sorry, inside joke.

this necklace is made of seashells..
it's so pretty! :D
P.S: More late gifts are very, very welcomed! :D

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Gahh, tagged by Hin Loong!
Alright, alright... I'm doing it...

What are the 6 things UNIQUE about me?
1. I'm God's child.
2. I've got very long hair and really chubbily fat, lol.
3. I've got no visible double eyelids because they're hidden inside, lol.
4. I may be musically inclined but I never attended classes because I play by ear. And nope, my siblings and I are the only generation who are musically inclined, not inherited.
Definitely God's gift.
5. People say I don't look local or sound local, mostly mistaken for a Korean or Jap. But I'm really not of ANY mix or either lived abroad, ever.
6. I do not follow the trend today, lol.

10 things you did not know about me:
1. "Melissa" is not in my ID because grandma objected to putting it in my birth certificate but my parents called me Melissa since I was born anyway.
It is a Greek name which means Honeybee.
And I was actually almost named Sarah or Gwen. LOL... XD

2. I was born on the 12th of April 1989 at 4.39PM and I was already 8 pouns when I just got out into this world... *gasping? yeah, huge!*
I was never thin my entire life, lol. I hardly eat 'sweet stuff' but I'm still this huge.. T-T

And check this out:
- Melissa, 12 April 1989
- Benson, 12 November 1990
- Celine, 12 October 1992
- Benroy, 1 September 1995

I think my parents like the number 12? Lol..

3. I'm a half Hokkien and half Hakka, dad and mum. My family and relatives are too huge to mention in digits.
Very productive, lol.

4. I never dyed, permed or rebonded my hair, tatooed or had more than 2 piercings.

5. I was a Buddhist but received the Lord's salvation when I was 9 in 1998 :)
The best thing that ever happened.

6. My very much beloved dog I chose from the start, Buddy, died of some disease and the last survivor among his other 5 siblings who died of the same thing, one by one. They were puppies abandoned in the rain whom I rescued... They lived for quite a long time though.. but sighs, they're gone anyway.. :(

7. I'd break silences by laughing hysterically thinking about events that happened in the past.
I sleep and bathe late, bite the skin off my fingertips, bad habits.
And I prefer the computer with internet over the television.

8. I was head over heels for Daniel Radcliffe... but not really anymore.
Britney Spears got me interested to do music professionally.
WTH right... -.-"
She was great when she first came into the industry, eventually became some slut later... and now?
She's bald.

9. Two different people with the name Daniel Tan are my best friends.
One in my childhood, during kindergarten who's now lost.
The other one was from primary 6 till now :)

10. I'm in love with someone... for 3 years now. *sorry guys, hahaa*

1. Wanda, Alven and Macy
2. Jess and Ben
3. Bryan and Lynette
4. Sue and Daniel
5. Anita and Hazel
6. YOU :)

Darling, I love you... and always will.

Mei, jie love you very much...
Always there for you when you needed me.

Don't you know that...? :(

* * * * * * * * *

And Happy Birthday Calvin Siew, my di di :)

It has been 28 months...

Indeed :)
- Mel hearts all her gifts very much.
.. But she hearts the people who gave them even more

Hello :)

I'm gonna go to church today, yay!
Haven't gone for Sunday services for an awful long time now... finally, eh?

Ha, I'll also try out the multi effect pedal I got for my birthday from Yen Fah, Biggie and sis, coolness! Yen Fah paid a huge sum I know...
Thank you so much, I love you :)

It was a long and tiring day at work...
Well, at least I have people around me who brightens up my day, keeping me going :)

I'm just feeling so very thankful and grateful for the people I have around me...
I love you guys so much!

I'm off now, need that sleep... yawn -.-

Friday, April 13, 2007

Birthday Bliss :)

In the morning, was awaken by phonecalls of various people I love..
Wishing me "Happy Birthdays" and calling me to get up for work..
Omg, I was running late!
Nevertheless, reached work 2 minutes before I was gonna be late.. phew.

Honestly, I was feeling a little miserable at work...
"Hey hey, it's my birthday...", cheering myself up.
The silence of the cashier line and emptiness that stirred me deeper.

And my lunch... ohh, my lunch...

Nasi lemak + chicken = RM3
FYI, the NL wasn't fresh no more, ergh.
*tummy aches*

Corn cup to cheer me up since there wasn't
any ice-kacang due to NO ICE.
Happy Birthday Mel, wee... -.-

SOOOO pathetic man!
Was this how it was going to end..?
All I could do.. was sigh.

Not until work was going to be over though, misery didn't love being my company.. which was good, lol. Ben and Jess came wishing me! :D
With these beautiful bracelet and anklet/bracelet.
I loved them guys... wore it instantly after y'all left!
And Sanggivi bought a card from me, for me. Hahaaa....

They left me feeling thankful and grateful that the day wasn't that bad after all :)
Kept smiling to myself, ask my colleagues.. they thought I wasn't "sane" anymore, lol.
Was admiring Ben and Jess' gift the most... they're so pretty! :D

And Alven and Wanda came soon after!
Ohh, how I love my friends, they're so awesome :)
Telling me they wanna really wanted treat me to dinner that I couldn't decline.
So after 7PM I'd meet up with them.

After closing my accounts, I waited for Alven and Wanda to come and they wanted to treat me to Vivo's Pizza and Panini. Ooh, okay... anything goes, it's their treat.
They ordered for me.. I was feeling so blessed to have them really, they're such lovely people.
They were ordering for me as if I were their child, I was Melissa Chan for a moment, lol.

While talking and suddenly....
A loud chorus of people singing "Happy Birthday" and a chocolate cake with 18 candles litted, beautifully rimmed the sides, entered Vivo's from the outside.
I was soooooo surprised that I didn't know what to say or how to react!
SIX amazing people I love came in... all the ones I wanted to see oh so much!
My family, my best friends, my loved ones... :)

I was so touched.
I was teary-eyed but I guess they couldn't see cause I kept wiping them away, lol.
The entire surprise was soooo overwhelming!
I even fell off the couch, lol... XD

Man, we sat together and I got to find out how it was planned and who was the mastermind behind all this...

So we had the cake, which was delicious... I also had to finish what Alven and Wanda ordered for me, the lasagna and mushroom soup with garlic bread... oh, it was so nice!

And the gifts... ohh man... they were 'the fabulous'!
The cake, the meal, a beanie doggy, a new bible, more birthday cards *yipee!*
and especially... a BASS GUITAR MULTI EFFECTS PEDAL!!!

Sniff... I'm so overwhelmed!
This is by far the best birthday I've ever had! :D

In between of everything, we laughed, crapped, emo-ed and loved.
Lotsa phonecalls in between too.

Alright, lemme show you guys 'the love' here!

Anan and Brad :)

Sue darling... :)

Wanda and Alven... :)

My loved ones : Yen Fah, Celine and Benson!

Us girls... :)

Us... hahaa XD

My ohh-so-wonderful gifts! :D

You guys made my birthday an AWESOME one...
I can't thank y'all enough! :)
Love y'all to bits!

And also to everyone who wished me via phonecall, sms, e-mail, Friendster or MSN messenger...
Thank you so much! :)

My 18th birthday was a blast.
Because of you guys :)
Muchas gracias!

And hey.. it's Friday the 13th! :D

How contradicting.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Passed My Driving Test! :D


Hahaa, happy lar...
I'll be getting my "P" license earliest by this Friday.
I finished the slope, side parking and 3 point turn in with ONE minute each.
Lol, and for my road test, the officer was a lil' weird.

First asked me if I liked music and turned on the radio *started singing some emo-malay song, lol?*, then said I look more like a 25 year old than an 18 year old, asked me where I was working and all... -.-"
Hmm, do they talk that much actually?

After driving a while when I reached the traffic light , he suddenly asked me to signal right.
I was like, "Uhh, sir.. I'm taking route A, aren't I supposed to go straight?"
"No, just follow what I say, go right".
"Uhh... Okay". Signal right.
I was thinking what did I do or go wrong... =/

By the way, my agent just taught me route A one day before the test k.
I was like, having an amnesia while waiting for my turn somemore.

Reaching the turn to the office.
"Sir, do I go on straight or right?"
"Balik". Signal right.

Gets down the car and passes me the test paper with 17/20.
"You passed".
"Thank you, Sir! :D"

I ingat ape..
he gimme the shortcut, so I don't have to take the entire route, yay!

* * * * * *

Dad's car overheated on the way... and the fan actually rosak already.
So went to the mechanic next to church while I went and messed with the keyboard a while.

I missed this KORG Pa 50.

After the repairing was done, I went to Singapore to settle those unfinished business.
Well, because I had printed out the documents and are concrite proof,
the guy looked at my results and said,
"Hmm, I'll just submit you into the Direct Admission but
if you get it or not, we don't know lar
He said he'll call me and let me know.

I was so happy! He could always said we're full or closed and we won't accept anymore since it's not in our database, but HE DIDN'T! :D
Then I went to Ngee Ann just to play safe.

Well, the lady attending to me was sad that my name wasn't in the database,
but she analyzed at my results and said,
"You're results are actually very good for nursing already...
Nanyang should actually take you, based on this results. But since they did take you, it all depends on the competition right now...

What a positive intake! :D

But Ngee Ann was full already.
"So full that it can explode! Hahaa...", says Miss Dorothy Lim who attended to me. She's a nice lady really :)

Hmm, does it explain why the guy accepted my submission?
I dunno... we'll see.
It's all 50/50 now.

So, I was done in Singapore for the day and we headed home! :)

* * * * * *

I managed to change my full shift to a morning one!
Hahaa, I told my supervisor that it was gonna be my birthday tomorrow, therefore I didn't wanna work on the full shift, and she granted me that request!
Thank you Jye Min... :)

My poor darling Suvanya and Hazel are sick today... :(
Hey girls, please get well soon k!
*huggs* I love y'all... must take good care of yourselves okay..

Why everyone getting sick now one?
Sick season meh? My bro also sick... poor BB :(
Dad wasn't feeling too well either.

Ooh, 10 minutes to my birthday... heh.
Hahaa, okay.

Happy birthday to me, I guess.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Need To Be Vindicated

Firstly arrr... -.-"
Walao lar!

You people know I love y'all so much and I'm not referring to y'all k..
I'm talking about the EXTREME ones, period.
That's all :(

Hmm, it seems harsher in black and white words I guess.
All I knew was Wanda and I were laughing our heads off when we were talking about it.
I guess it is different after all.. :(

But if I DID hurt you guys, I am truly sorry and I didn't mean what you thought I meant k.
I love y'all forever, you know I do.
*huggs huggs*

* * * * * *

Well, today was Hazel's first day at work :)
Taught her all she needed to know. I wish that someone taught me like how I taught her today... Hazel you're like soooo lucky k! Hahaa...
She'll be working without having me around tomorrow though.
Ha, don't worry gurl... you'll be okay.

Cause I'm gonna be doing my JPJ driving test tomorrow, hope I pass.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
Will go to Singapore right after I'm done, I have to get things settled once and for all.
Just to find out if I'm in or not, poly term starts next week already k..
If I don't get a place in Singapore, I know that God really doesn't want me to be a nurse.
So, the IT course would be for me in Malaysia then, haa.
Well, I'll just hope for the best.

Wasn't feeling very good at work today.. dunno why.
And suddenly my tummy's turning upside down inside... wuwuwuu..
Pain, sniffx.
Came to my blog and it hurt even more after reading my tagboard, walao lol ouch.

Okay, goodnight.

Alven kena in Gmail.
I guess it was my turn.. in Friendster.



you complete me :)