Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lower Six Life.... So Far.

Hey guys :)
Sorry for not being updating.
I mean, how could I..?

Wake at 6, go to school, end school and get to work, come back from work, bathe - 1AM, wait for hair to dry, sleep....
And the vicious cycle repeats itself.
So, I couldn't even crawl to the computer, sorry.
Yes, I'm tired.

Anyways, lemme tell you how school's like... so far (:
And dearest Chie Hua has been fetching me to school everyday now.
Thank you ever soo much! :)

I've been dozing off throughout my entire orientation week.
The Pertina's in this school didn't organize anything anyway.
I was even dozing off so much that the Pengetua hinted at me during his speech during the closing of the orientation week. LOL.
But no one saw cause when all heads turned back I was already awake.
Wahahahaaaa... XD

"There's still hope in life and undiscovered escape routes in our journey..."
A meaningful picture - I like that :)
On the way home from school.

Well, I walked into those school gates the whole week and I realized that I was the only non-muslim in baju kurung. And everyone thought I was some mix, like -.-" . Umm, it was then I was told INDIRECTLY by a teacher who was hosting the orientation week that non-muslims are NOT ALLOWED to wear baju kurung.


"If you want to wear it, then you should wear the 'tudung' as well..."
I shrugged and I just said, forget it.

What kind of rule is this..?
When the non-muslims wear those white transparent tees with those beige skirts also can see wert, even more visible in fact. I wore a white singlet inside okay...
Blarh, whatever.

Mel's got no money to buy new uniforms till now, so if the school doesn't want me in the baju kurung, they'd have to wait and bear with me in my normal blue pinafore and this:

The one on the left was my former school's prefect uniform, but they've changed when I quit anyways. FYI, I've not worn this attire since Form 2, was a little surprised that it still fits, LOL.

Our lessons have already begun.
I seem to be liking my Maths T, for now, lol.
My Bio's so-so.
My Chem teacher teaches by reading.
My Pengajian Am and MUET teachers are okay.

Can I please be transfered, fast??
Ohh, this is taking so long... :(

* * * * * *

Well, it's decided that I'm gonna be working probably till the 6th or 7th of June.
Then I'll quit. Lol. It's a little fun to say that, I dunno. Hahaa.

And guess what people??
I'm gonna be going to my church camp this year in Genting!
So excited!
It's impossible for us to take it out from our own pockets at this time.
So, let me just say that God gave us a chance to go, that's all :)

The sun's too great for my pathetic but most loved small piece of technology :)

And I had great fun at Jess' birthday yesterday! :)
The gang consisted Jess, Ben, Hong, Alven, Wanda, Anita, Jia Hui, Abel, Sherwan, Deryk.
It was very nice... truly recommend you guys to go to Senze restaurant on the first row of shoplots near Jusco. Artsy-fartsy. Reasonable prices. Very nice :)
I hope she liked my gift, hee.
I liked her Mango secret recipe cake though ;) it was yummy-ness!

Some pics for you guys!

The birthday gurl!! :D
We love you Jess... *mwarcks!* :)

Look at my teeth sparkle! :D

Some sorta candid shot, lol.

Darling, I love you... :)

And oh Alven, I loooovvvvedd the tongue move!
It shows what we braces-people are very, very good at, LOL XD

Family's going to KL for the holidays while I stay back and work again.
Oh well. The working will end soon. It has to.

Alright, since I'm off, I wanna catch some sleep that I need, quite desperately...
Wait, did I put it right..? LOL.
Ohhh, you get what I mean!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mel's back to school

Let me just say that I never looked forward to this day.

I slept at 3AM and woke up at 6AM.
See how "enthusiastic" Mel is?

It was raining cats and dogs, dad's currently in KL, and all we had was that faithful 12-year-old white Kancil wearing the only thing that is new on it, this symbolic red "P" sticker.

Mum had no choice. She had to drive on the roads once more after 10 good years.
Yes my friends, ten.
Except for the fact that she drove once to that Q-Dees kindergarten that was once her work place 5 years ago, she never drove again since then.

She had to wear that old baju kurung with the same old blue skirt cause she didn't have time to get that beige colour uniform.
Kesian hor? Lol..

My siblings have now gone to school in that old yellow bus I always remembered, it was time for me to get to back school once again. But things are new, fresh and remained a mystery.
I don't know what would come my way.
No idea.

After facing the long congested traffic, we finally entered the gates of SMK Permas Jaya.
I sighed, but I knew what I had to do and what I had to know.
I bid my beloved mother goodbye who still drove rather well after these years. I had to guide her and continuously wipe the misty screen which blurred her vision even more, plus the horrid weather with tree braches falling on the roads.

Well, the school's okay. Not too bad I guess.
But the bummer was, I had money sucked outta me the first thing I got there.
In that offer letter we received, they mentioned nothing about orientation fees, school fees, whatever crappy fees...

Then we got sorted into our classes based on our SPM results.
Also met a lot of familiar faces and we ended up in the same class, Lower 6 SRSC 2.
With these subjects:
- General Paper
- Add Maths
- Chemistry
- Biology

I'm glad I didn't get the first class cause that package had Physics instead of Biology.
Damn Physics.

But... I still wanna go to SSI.

Well, I asked about the school transfer, and that dude who's some uztad asked me to wait till next Monday. Aihh... sien lar. I'm gonna go find information from one of my gfs and ask her what happened when she left the school almost immeadiately leaving for PPD to request for a school transfer.

And ohh yeah, MOE decided to be kind and cut the orientation one week short.
That means we'll start studying next week.
Just great.

Urmm, I didn't wait for school to end.
Cause Chie Hua and Jia Jun offered me a ride home and I didn't want mum to drive here again, so I left with them. Anyways, those higher 6 seniors were crapping and wasting time in front, and we're obliged to listen. Oops, hope they don't read this? I know my readers shall not report me and take this to heart. Thanks.

Hey, it was just a few minutes before school really ended, no harm done..?
Lol, Mel's such a good student! XD

I got back and Chie Hua offered to drive me to school and to work!
Oh lovely! :D He's such a sweetheart.
Mum was also very delighted to hear such news, lol.

Came back and rested a while... and snooooozed till 7pm [ I think ]
And I'm still missing him.

I'll be working after school tomorrow...
And I can only hope for the best.
[ Which is getting transfered to SSI, fast ]

So much for my first day at school again.


Apology for being MIA

She's updating... finally!
Mel apologizes for being MIA for the previous week.

She simply couldn't pay for the bills and her internet source gave up and cut her short.
Yeap, you heard me right.
Mel couldn't pay the bills.
Cause she had to support her family with the little pay she earned.

Much has happened.
Ohh, yes... much has happened.

* * * * * * *

So lemme update briefly.

- Mel has been accepted into Form 6 at SMK Permas Jaya.. and yes, the Science stream.
[ However, she shall request for a transfer to SSI.. hope there's a place for me ]
If not, options are EC or Dato' Jaafar.

- She'll be working for this entire month and study at the same time, yes.
With only one rest day a week. Just so to cover up for time in school.
However in the month of June, she'll only be working on Fridays after school, Saturdays and Sundays.
I know I'm gonna be really pooped out for this 2 weeks before the school holidays.
Waking at 6, go to school, go to work, end at 11 or almost midnight... go home, sleep and wake again at 6... ....
What a vicious cycle, eh? Lol..

- God has been awesome and provided for us in awesome ways! :D

- She has already terrorized the roads near her area, including JB. Lol.

- The braces are scratching inside her mouth... a lot, gssh.
Most of the people I know seems to be very "jakun" when they see this new change.
And ohh yeah, I really love smiling at kids at the cashier line! :D
They'd whisper in astonishment to their parents and keep staring awkwardly, lol! XD

- I love my colleagues, they're the bestest co-workers and friends ever! :)
[ I'll be posting new pics here soon! ]

* * * * * *

Here's what we got mum for Mother's Day... :)

5 REAL pink roses decorated nicely.
She loved it!
And she was so touched...
Happy Mother's Day, Mum...
We love you :)

So right now, I'll have to get my nail polish remover and wipe off all the dark-blueness off me fingers...
Sniff :(

She's gonna be in that fugly school uniform again... Rules, curfews, tidiness, studies....
Back to school for Mel.
Sobs :(

Alright alright... Have to wake up at 6AM once more...
I'll get going now, siiiiiggghhhhh...
Thank goodness it also happens to be my off day tomorrow.
Night y'all.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Brace myself!

Ta-daahh! :D
Mel's with braces already.

Well, right now I'm just feeling that it's kinda tight.
My days to come may be tormenting, lol.
And that line down my lip right there, thanks to that dumb so-called-efficient nurse who accidentally cut me while wiring me up.
Thanks a lot, not.

Anyways, the last resort I dreaded has now become my one and only option.
UPU rejected me.
People, Mel's gonna do STPM.
I'm gonna die.


And Harris is now of short man power on the cashier line.
So, I'm gonna work part time and study at the same time.
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Mel sangat terrer ye?
My big-rear-end.

I'm sure that the government will put me in SMK Ulu Tiram or SMK Dato Jaafor, but I'm gonna go to PPD to request for SSI.

Everything else is alright.
Thank God for being our Jehovah Jireh.

P.S : Feeling like Ugly Betty now, lol.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Randomness at work :)

Mel may be a workaholic... =/
[ really..? maybe not, lol ]

But she has her time-outs :)

Ice-cream moments with Hazel :)
You should watch Hazel chomp down her ice-cream... fulamak!
[ "Fast and Furious" by Teriyaki Boys theme song ]

Pui Ching and Ci Qian :)

And our lifts in Jusco are always so funny... XD
I think it's the same culprit who did the other similiar crime inside the lift.
[ click here to refer to similiar case ]

* * * * * *

Well, the morning shift was good today... there wasn't any "crowd".

Hui Min and Jia Hui looked for me today and waited till I finished work so that they could hang out for a while. My little sister misses her da jie, so just catch up and stuff.

Hui Min and Jia Hui :)

And oh yeah, I drove back again today...
I've gotta get a hang of this driving, I wanna go pro k.. lol.
*silly 'stitch' grin*

Aiihhh, working the full shift tomorrow.
From 9.15AM till 11.00PM+++ .....
Depending on customers who do not understand that WE'RE CLOSED.
Hmph :(

... I'll hit the sack then.
Oh yeah, still no pain from the extraction.

wOOt! :D
Sweet dreams.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Goodbye Tooth Number Two

My teeth structure, nice? Lol.
It's no wonder why my impersonation of "Stitch" is so good! XD

*evil laugh*

The big injection... ugh.

Anaesthetic, it's ready.

I reached the place and waited a long time due to the many humans who were present.
So, I was called, went in, waited again for the other patients to finish their processes.

Today is the day I put on my braces and extract my teeth.
But what did the doctors and nurses do?
They extracted my teeth first.
How smart.

Before I could give my say, I was injected with that numb-ning liquid, that big needle plunging twice in my mouth, one into the gums, another into the roof of my mouth.
This time, it wasn't just my mouth that was numb. Half of my nose was numb that I couldn't breathe with that half.
Strong? You bet.

When the Chief doctor came back, she asked them why didn't they put on my braces first...
I felt so, "ugggh".
I didn't wanna come back often, I just want it done ASAP.
Too many delays already.. :(

Grrr.... I can still biiiittteee cchuuuu!
.... hehee.

Bloody blood blood....
Dang, I lost a lot of 'em this time in comparison to the other one.

It is finished.
The pair unites!

The anaesthetic is still lingering around...
I'll let you know if I'm in pain, I won't lie.
Everybody's waiting for me to say that it actually hurts, lol.
I won't know, we'll see if I'm lucky again this round ;)

Will wait for Sue to come by...
I dunno how we're really gonna talk, lol.
But we're alright not saying anything either, just enjoying each other's company :)

Working the morning shift tomorrow.

Still bleeding, bleh.
So much for tooth number two.
* * * * * *

Guys, it's still not hurting.... lol XD
And it's already past 2AM.

.... This is good :D

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Labour Day, Favour Day :)

The beginning of May was wonderful for me.
What a great start :)

I woke up super early to get ready and get my butt up to CS, sis followed an hour later, lol.
Because... we were gonna catch the premiere of Spiderman 3!
So excited! :D

The peeps :)

Kimmy dear, my sis :)

It was soooo nice seeing here again since Ben and Celine's birthday bash last year. She reached CS early and sweetly queued up for all of us. By the time we reached CS, it was finally her turn so we were good. FYI, the queues were craaaazy because everybody wanted to watch the premiere of Spidey.
All thanks to Kim :)

Thanks darling, appreciate it much.
Love ya! *mwaaahs*

i like that black suit :)

This is the BEST of the triology.
GO watch it!

We laughed, we cheered, we crapped, we applauded as if it was the red-carpet-opening-with-the-Directors-present. LOL.
Well, it was very memorable...
I enjoyed myself :)

As soon as the movie was over, we couldn't linger any further due to some of our friends' busy schedules and curfews.
So, yeah. Sighs.

Bryan and Danny Boy :)

When I got back, I just knew I was tired and I just sat on my couch, resting.
Eventually, I fell asleep in a sitting position until my boss rang me, saying she was already at my house. Yeap, we've got a BBQ at our colleague's house, Hui Cheng, and she just quit, lol.
We're just having a gathering, yeah.

Hui San, Pui Ching, Mel and Hui Cheng... lol.

.... They really like this asian pose, lol.

She's the best-est supervisor, ever :)

And us, cashiers.
Yeap, Wei Jie's the only thorn among the roses, lol.
Lucky guy, 8 girls to choose from... XD
*ahem, places "X" on self for unavailability* :)

So we talked and we ate, talked and ate, laughters in between, countless camera flashes, ate and ate... LOL.
Geez, what's gonna happen to me... -.-

After cleaning up and everything was done, my boss and I were the last to leave.
Reached home at about almost 2AM...
Slept at almost 3AM... lol.

I hit the sack as soon as I could.
The bed was oh-so-inviting... ohh, I how missed it..

............... Zzzzzz.

* * * * * *

Okay, dead tired at work today.

Thank goodness I was working the morning shift.

I'm gonna be pulling out tooth number TWO tomorrow at 8AM.
Lol... tired lar, hahaaa.
I'll be bleeding a lot again, and I don't like going through this phase again, personally... =/

A lot has happened, I just didn't really had the time to blog, hahaa..
Will update when I can :)
So much for now, my bed's calling me...
And I wanna answer that call... so...

Goodnight! :D


you complete me :)