Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bio Experiment: Mammalian Dissection.

We're ready.
Where are those big fat black rats?

What are these adorable hamster-like mice doing here??
They're so small!
How could we even kill them??


The MOE verified that those black and white mice carry diseases that could be contagious.
So, they sent us these small adorably cute mice that you usually adopt as pets.
And we had to kill them.

Nooo :(

Putting the rats to a deep sleep they won't wake up from :(
Chee Loong had the honours. We just couldn't do it.
From the running and hyper rats...

... To a slow moving and finally, a fainted bunch of rats.

Mickey, I'm so sorry... :(
*mel prays before doing anything*

... How the toot am I going to cut his perfectly intact body open...
.... I don't want to.

All I can tell you is that, I was only imagining what Sue Lynn would do to me when I finished this post.
LOL. Seriously!

People, this is not my will to dissect them.
But I'm a friggin' Biology student.
All of us have to do it whether we like it or not.
If we can't even handle a rat, what more you homosapiens later on in future?

So, these rats are contributing a great deal to us bio students.
And no, I'm not part of the Mars bars people that SueLynn's talking about.
They kill and torture them alive, daily.
I'm only gonna kill them once as they're deep in a sleep they won't wake up from.
Just this one time.

I'm done :(

The intestine's can go as far as 20cm.
Us human bodies, 20 feet or more.

Close up.
I did it carefully without damaging the blood veins and capillaries.
That's why you're having a very clear view without seeing blood streaming and flooding everywhere.

That thing there in the darkest red is the liver. It has four parts.
And yes, the heart was still beating but it's already dead.
It just shows us the myogenic system of the heart that beats automatically in rhythm on it's own eventhough it's already dead. And that orangy thingy that surrounds the heart is the lungs.

R.I.P. dear rats.

That's it.
The end.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This was our souvenir that was attached together with our booklet
for all our guests who attended the event!
Hey, all of them were handmade with love alright..
- credits to lee wenli for this picture :)

is proud to present our...

46th International Understanding Day
Installation Day!

Theme : The Golden Era in the USA
Date : 14th June 2008
Time : 11am - 4pm
Venue : Crystal Crown Hotel, JB [4th Floor, Crystal Hall]
Attire : Smart Casual [concerning the 60s-80s]

Our people came as early as 8AM to get things ready...
This was our commitment just so you guys can have a great time! :)

We expected ONLY 70 people to turn up.
But just one night before the actual day, 150 people were confirmed coming.
In the end, 140 people turned up that day.

Melissa and Alvin - we're your hosts for the day!

V.I.P. guests indulging!

And so was the rest of the one-hundred-and-forty-plus-plus people!
The unexpected guests.

Me over there trying to entertain everyone... lol.

Interactors interacting, haha.

The SMK Ulu Tiram interactors :)

I thank the Lord that the food was just ENOUGH for everyone!
And mind you, everyone took large portions too, LOL.

Being installed as the International Understanding Director officially
- receiving my badge from our past president, Rotarian James Ho who was also the founder of SDJ's very first Interact Club 46 years ago.

Our installed official Board of Directors of SDJ 2008.

Played our theme song, "You Got A Friend".
I'm glad the people liked it :)

Also sang "L.O.V.E." by Frank Sinatra and
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" on the bass guitar.

Our Fashion Show - with our models really going all out to entertain boldly!

The band - my boys ;)

The dance I've been working my ass off to choreograph.
Spent lotsa time to train my dancers too.

It turned out fantastically and the people loved it!

Quoting Leonie :
"I bet they spent ages practising this dance, heheh".

Well, we DID train very hard :)

Quoting Leonie again :
"Mel and Colin, I think that's his name, the stars of the dance floor =D"



My dance partner, Koh Lin :)

We even made all the VIP guests: My principal Mr. Goh Chee Kiat, Penolong Kanan Koko Mr. Armugam, all 4 rotarians and ALL the guests present to dance with us in the front!

Everyone really enjoyed this very much...!

The awarded King and Queen of Pop - Fook Thai and Siew Min! :)
Based on the people's votes.

Alright, let me just tell you the truth...
Melissa Yap got the highest votes for "The Queen of Pop".
LOL, but I really felt that it was only right for me to give it to someone else.
And I did :)

I mean.. come on.
I as the MC would say something like this...
"And the Queen of Pop of SDJ's Interact Club's International Understanding Day 2008 is.... ME :) "

Everyone would go "BOO!".



AND the games that the people loved very, very much!
They had an awesome time :D

The event was lively and moved on constant motion!
The people had great fun :D

My president Linda Low and my teacher advisor, Pn. Vijayaletchumi.
- credits to Linda Low for all the pictures in this entry.

Our president elect 2008/2009 of the Rotary Club, Rotarian Jason Tan.
The rotarians together agreed that this was the BEST International Understanding Day that they've ever attended! EHH, I see myself in the mirror, LOL.

Man... when they told me that...
All the efforts, energy, time, money and stress spent felt soooo worth it.

The event was a tremendous success.

My dancers! :D

With the ladies ;)

Leonie :)

The people who stayed on all the way till the very end :D
We ended right after the games, which was at 3.55PM!

GUYS, WELL DONE - cheers! :D

* * * * * *

Honestly, I didn't think that our event would turn out THIS successful!
Cause these were the barriers that dampened our scenarios further...

Outcome of SDJ 's I.U. day 2007 - One Day in Beijing.
- hardly anyone came and the event and organisation was poorly done by the previous upper six students.
- and when people heard of SDJ's IU 2008, they had a phobia due to 2007's event.
- I didn't know about THIS issue because I was still in SMK Permas Jaya and I wasn't transfered to SDJ yet.
- Therefore, I wasn't THERE to witness it.
- Actually, I'm glad I wasn't there, LAWL.
- people were unconvinced and predicts that the same outcome would happen again.
- Yes that's right, poor Mel :(
- IU director had a headache and called up the people in charge just so to convince them that it WILL NOT fail.

As long as I'm the I.U. Director,
I'm NOT gonna let that happen ;)

The venue - Crystal Crown Hotel, JB.
- previous events that were held there had bad experiences with the food.
- in general, people say that Crystal Crown food sucks.
- people feel that they'll waste their RM18 if they came this year.

But apparently, seems that the chef this year was a new one!
and the food was FREAKING delicious! :D :D :D
Everyone enjoyed the event and the food - marvelous.

* * * * * *

All I can tell you... is that I was VERY exhausted!

I was being the MC, also singing after that, back to MC-ing, and then dancing, MC-ing again, did the fashion show, perform the drama, MC-ing again, present the slideshow, MC-ing...... OMG.

I only ate after everyone had eaten... and there was food!
I was the last one to finish the leftovers lor :)
Let the guests have the first fresh and hot food first.
I treat you guys so good k... *kembang*

Anyways to wrap it up!
I was really, really happy and satisfied that the event was a real success in a whole.
The rotarians had great fun and kept praising us to the skies.
Told us that this was the best I.U. Day they've ever attended :D
I was really flying, lol.

Well... this is it.
I've done my part.
I've played my role.
I'll be leaving school by the end of this year, for good.
Upper Six is far as it can go bila berada di kaki bangku sekolah.

Hopefully my darling juniors can learn from their mistakes and learn how to do their job and take full responsibility in whatever they're doing. I won't be there to help them as much as I did this year, who knows who your future form six leaders you'd have?
I only wish you guys the best for next year's I.U. Day :)

If you boys want to, it can be better than this next year!
Love you guys very much, always.



I'm not sure who else blogged about SDJ's IU Day.
Can anyone tell me if there are more posts regarding the event?? :D


you complete me :)