Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fun & Spoilers

What's fun?
I pampered myself with new stuff I never had!
I think that I deserve it, really.. :D
Since I never really did any pampering on myself with my own money.

So, I shopped till I drop?
That's the first... LOL.

Hahaa, it all started out with me going out to buy a pair of black leather/PVC shoes for school.
Well, in SDJ it's the standard rule that everyone MUST wear those kind of shoes.
So, Mel MUST get new shoes whether she likes it or not.

Instead of getting these ONLY....

I ended up purchasing stuff non-stop till I practically burnt a hole in my pocket, LOL.
Well, RM125 is a big sum for me larr...
It proves that I never really did pamper myself much, hmm =/

Here's what I bought...

Dior shades, a pretty choker and a black blouse...
Mum surprised me with those earrings when I got home.
Thanks mum :)

And people....
I think I've already bought my WEDDING SHOES... XD

Ohh, I can hear the Hallelujah chorus... >,<

It's practically the tallest high heels I've ever bought, lol..
About 4 inches tall.
I really think I may just keep this for my wedding, in future times to come. LOL.
NO ONE can borrow these babies from me! :D

CLICK on the picture to see Celine's point of view about our outing! :)

Sis is happy.

* * * * * *

Well, that was yesterday though.
About the day before yesterday, t'was UTM's Welcoming Night with the theme, "When Pirates Meet The Mafia". It was alright, the skit was the highlight for the night though. The food was good, therefore it vanished very quickly. Lol...

Here's some pics :)

, LOL.

I've read all six Harry Potter books, all credits to Suvanya :)
I didn't buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I'll just wait for Sue who'd be indulging till those very last pages, the very end of the Harry Potter series.

All I got to do was read the very first page in Harris, but that was it.
Sighs, not to mention that some buggers have already spoiled it for me by forcing me down to them shouting the grand finale of the 7th book into my ears by force.
*fumes* You people... !!!
*clenches fist*

Being a very nice person, I won't put any spoilers here regarding the book.
Baahhh, what a spoiler!

Bryan invited me to do a solo performance for FOA 2007.
Hahaa, I've performed in the Festival of Arts organized by EC for the past 2 years, lol!
It all started with Wei Xun and Fareez who insisted on me performing and even paid for me to enter... :)

So, I've decided to accept the invitation once more.
It's on the 4th of August 2007, so do come! :)
I'm having 2 songs in mind, will ask Ben and a friend to help me with the solo performance, sighs where's Benjamin Foo when I need him..
I miss Doggy :( :( :(

I am happy... I think.

I can't help myself from missing him...
I'm sorry, I just can't :(

Friday, July 20, 2007

You're All I Want, You're All I Need...

This is indeed one of the best skit/mime I've ever seen!
This is too awesome to not share with you guys, just click on it and you tell me for yourself.

You've GOT TO watch it from the beginning to the end.
It almost brought me to tears... simply overwhelming, very powerful.

With Lifehouse - "Everything" in the background.
From what I know, this was performed in Knoxville, Tn at WinterFest.

Here's the link to share with your friends :)

* * * * * *
And oh yeah, I dissected insects today... it's just for our lessons.
Later on for the real STPM Biology project, I've got to do that with 25 types of species.
The antenna's can't break, the legs can't break, everything's got to be there except that you've got to take out all it's insides which was a wee bit gross, but oh well....
I'm a Bio student. Bah.

So there we were...

"Sorry insects..."
*kill kill kill kill*

Pembedahan berlangsung dengan penuh fokus, konsentrasi, komitmen dan kegigihan.
Ini turut menguji daya tahan pelajar daripada rasa ingin muntah dengan menarik nafas daripada bahu kanan mahupun kiri, meluahkan isi hati dengan pelatahan, fasinasi terbaru dengan huruf "E", pencarutan dan sebagainya.

After that, we preserved and displayed them which would soon be placed into a warm oven so that the insects would be hardened.


Umm.... the insects kinda look more kesian with those huge big-assed pins...
I dunno why they use such huge ones eventhough their insects are like uber small... lol.
It just makes it looks... mean-er.
Sighs, what horrible death =/

Then, we camwhored with them... lol.
... As a token of remembrance of course.

Chia Pei and I :)


Finally, into the oven they go...
Orders anyone?

PEOPLE, have you ever met new friends who REALLY seem to be like your old friends?
Lol well, I have :)
I'll let you think about it visually...


Hmm, now... who do you think this cute girl looks like?
Ringing any bells? :)
When I first met her, it was like I couldn't believe my eyes, lol...
She's Linda Low.

Now Linda, please meet....


My dearest Anita Ong! :D
Linda is just as tall, as petite, same size, same character.. just like Ann.
They really really resemble each other...
And after asking, they've never heard about or met each other before!
Hahaa, Ann... I've found someone just like you! :D

And I never knew Abel and I shared the same birthday, awww... haha XD


Hmm, what do you think?
Well, this is the only good shot I have of her that looks like a friend of mine.



Chong Jucia! :)
Well, except that Yi Shin is tanner and Jucia's fairer ;)

Danny Boy, myself, Yi Shin and Chee Long!
wOOt! :D

Credits to Chee Long for pictures!

* * * * * *
I've already attended my first tuition for Chemistry in Omega.
Madam Koh was really good, I understood her CLEARLY.
So jakun right? Lol. Throughout the years of my life, I've only attended Add Maths tuition for SPM and that was it... So this is my second time, wahahaaa.. XD
Sebab aku tak banyak duit apa... Sighs.

Will be going to UTM's welcoming night for the fresh graduates at GoodHope Hotel.
With the "Pirates VS Mafia" theme, this is gonna be interesting :)
I'll try to dress up as somewhat-a-pirate, LOL.. XD

Gosh, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is being released tomorrow morning 7AM! :D
The 7th book, the last book... Can't wait! :)

Take care and God bless!
*big warm hugs*

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A new start :)

I couldn't wait for my school to do this school-transfer-process any longer.
So, dad and I was handling this stuff ourselves which occupied us since I ended school till we reached home at about 6PM.
The MOE confuses people and make processes draggy, that's why.

Nevertheless, I finally got the letter, FINALLY.
Made me wait for 2 freaking months for this freaking letter, gahhh.
In the end, I came to know that the SMK Permas Jaya teacher actually DIDN'T WANT to give me the transfer simply because he remembered my appearances on TV two years ago...
It was this:

So that's the trip down memory lane :)

Malaysian Idol - Season 2

"Melissa, janganlah pergi... Nyanyi untuk sekolah, Permas Jaya kan bagus..."
I tried so hard not to barf.
Thanks but no thanks.

It was an exhausting day yesterday, tiring.

Firstly, I'd like to thank Danny Boy for missing his private bus today just so he'd take the public bus with me that I'd know how to get about to school next time.
I didn't even get to say goodbye to my ex-classmates, the only people I appreciate in that school. Some teachers gave me hell, making me want to get outta there ASAP, but I only appreciate some awesome teachers who taught me though. Oh well, you've got to do what you've got to do.

Chan Buan Fei shifts to Permas Jaya from Dato Jaafar.
I'm shifting to Dato Jaafar from Permas Jaya.
It was nice having him around once more after 5 years in secondary school, then Pre-U.
Will miss you :)

I'd also like to thank Chie Hua for fetching me to Permas every morning, eventhough we're always late and we've even gotten detention once, I really appreciate what you've done.
Thank you.

* * * * * *

Finally, a new start once more.
I've finally set foot in SMK Dato Jaafar.
Was pretty surprised to be approached by many familiar faces, which made me feel guilty cause I didn't really remember everyone who did today :(
Was glad to see old faces I know very well too, which didn't make me so much of an alien after all :)
I'm getting the tie for free, getting the school pin-badge for free... so nice to have friends :)
Hahaa... love you guys! :D

And this was the famous sentence everyone said to me today:
The first thing I noticed about you was your hair.


The school's alright, things would be easier for me now.
I've got to start making arrangements for tuition ASAP.

Since it's a boy's school, girls get special treatment, lol.
By the way, we enjoy nice privileges as Pre-U STPM students there:
1) We practically dominate the school, you get everyone's respect, lol.
2) Girls get to sit on the astaka while the guys sit on the floor, hahaa.
3) Pre-U students can use handphones freely.
4) Pre-U students uses the teacher's toilets instead of the horrid secondary student ones.
5) Only we can blast music through the speakers in the entire canteen during recess without complaints from teachers.
6) We'll be excused if we come late to school.
7) ... ETC.

It's only my first day here and I've already done my 1st Chemistry experiment.
I had to learn the entire experiment in 5 minutes because my previous teacher taught us 'nuts' and she went into labour on my dad's birthday, I think. She hardly enter classes, which brought me here. Alas, I did my experiment really well and handed in my report on the spot too, lol.
Handling with a lot of pink-ness as we used phenolphthalein, hahaa.
I enjoyed my day today :)

And oh yaa, Sue, Preetha, my siblings, Sherlyn, Jestyne, Zhi Jian, Anan, Sanggivi and myself caught Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
It's a disappointment to me, I mean the 11 of us.
Sighs, David Yates [the director]... there was NO QUIDDITCH at all!
Where's Ron Weasley who would win the match and there'd be chants of "Weasley is our King"?

Big sighs for this movie.
Transformers had totally beaten them bad.
Feel like watching it again... :D

Anyone who's got MuteMath's Transformers Theme song,

Alright... heh, getting nostalgic already, bleh.
It's a new day tomorrow, adieu!

♥ xoxo

Thanks for the memories...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Australian Boys Choir & The Vocal Consort

These fantastic boys and matured handsome blokes are awesome! :D

The Australian Boys Choir and The Vocal Consort performed in Wisma Tiong Hua yesterday night, for one night ONLY.
Aww man, their voices... every piece they sang...

Ahh, beautiful!
*applauds dramatically*

All credits to Lynette who decided to pick me for the show with the two tickets her aunt bought for her. So, the night show was just the both of us. It was great! :D
And gosh, trust me, we never expected eye-candies...
Those young blokes make girls crooooon! XD

I thought that I may fall asleep, you know, being in a hall where symphony plays their never ending pieces... I WAS SO WRONG.
Their voices were heavenly and captivating!

They even sang TWO malay songs! I couldn't believe my ears!
They just make Nette look really bad with the fact she don't even understand malay, LOL.
They even did these harmonics at high frequency where you think it's actually DIGITAL cause it sounded so real! And their impersonation of the wildlife birds in Aussie in the midst of their songs couldn't be REAL enough! Nette even turned over to me wide-eyed asking if it was a recording she just heard. No darling, it isn't. It's 100% their voices itself.

I couldn't take my eyes off the young blokes choir for one bit! :D
I was glued unto my seat, taking deep breaths each time cause they were taking my breath away... :)

And yes, I met a lot of familiar faces at the show :)
Janice & Joanne with their family, Aunt Alicia, Nessa and many more...

Nette and I enjoyed it to bits!
Definitely memorable :)

But the only thing I couldn't resist shaking my head in disappointment to were our very own fellow Malaysians present last night.

Here's what:
1) I don't think they know anything called a "standing ovation".
- Come on! These guys gave us a bomb of a performance all the way, they deserve it.
2) Dunno when to shut up, dunno when to sit down.
- For crying out loud, these people are coming back up in 5 minutes and the entire hall is still in a "pasar malam mode".
3) Dunno how to appreciate the REAL meaning of the pieces sung.
- When they were singing The French Horn, Lynette and I seem to be the only ones laughing to their witty lyrics in their cleverly arranged harmonics which was really good. And when they're singing sad parts, some of the audiences would be chuckling, or snoring. It proves that they just don't get it -.-"
4) Leaving at the WRONG time.
- Come on dammit! These blokes are still singing their song, bidding you goodbye. These rude people just get up and leave as if they were merely credits rolling down the screen after a movie. "Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight...", as those young handsome blokes sang to us.
How rude of 'em Malaysians... *fumes*

[ Disclaimer: Not referring to ALL Malaysians, please note ]

This is sad.
I feel bad for them boys :(

Anyways, Nette and I went home very refreshed.
And I won't be seeing her until November as she's going back to KL this Saturday :(
Darling, thank you so much for the night.. I can't thank you enough :)
*hugs and kisses*

* * * * * *
I want to take a chance to wish a very special person on his very special day.....

Happy Birthday, Dad...
I love you, cheers :)

Ohh ohh!
Sue, our siblings and I are gonna have a blast watching the premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow!
Owwwhhh.... I can't wait! :D

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Couldn't find a good poster I like, so I edited this :)

"IN the beginning, there was the Cube..."
Even with Optimus' serious voice, it tickles me.

Well, my siblings and I went out on my treat.
Haa, glad they enjoyed the movie.

The movie was awesome... but we could've had better fun, eh?
Right Optimus? Yes.
Heh. Oh well.
Life. Period.

By the way, Megan Fox [Mikaela Banes] is hawwtt.
And somehow... Shia LaBeouf [Sam Witwicky] reminds me of Henry Seeley from Planetshakers!

favourites are Optimus Prime and Bumblebee! :D
Bumblebee is the figure of your best friend and Prime is more of that "man-figure".
Hahaa... watched Transformers since I was a kid, and I hated Megatron, still lol.

It was funny though when Megatron kinda flicked a human with his robotic fingers saying, "disgusting.." and the guy flew to one side screaming. Hahaa...
The "custom-faded-paint-job" joke was funny too, lol.
It's very witty, great animation and effects, great plot, great casts, contains romance, friendship, the good and evil, it's one whole package. So, I won't spoil it for you.

The movie is a MUST WATCH.
So please... catch it with people you love and have a great time.
It's a great watch.

* * * * * *
The movie was actually a good getaway for a while cause I've just been having those 'bad-hair' days... urm nah, maybe worse than that.

Besides some personal issues that kept my eyes swollen, the very next day the City Harvest Church team were on their way to my school for those Friday periods in our Christian Fellowship, but their car brokedown on the highway. Nevertheless, still filled with enthusiasm, they called their other friends to come to their rescue just to make it to my school.

Meanwhile at school, I filled the time with games and some introduction just to hold up for a while. IN the end, Dave and Dorothy managed to their way into school and could just spend 3 minutes with them before everyone had to return to their classes. Well, that's not that bad alright, stuff like these are bound to happen.

What could be worse?
Many malay teachers started questioning how these 2 people could come in for religious activity. And even the Head of the PERTINA [Form 6 Club] came looking for me, questioning me, and I backed it up with facts and approval proofs, so he could just nod and leave.
Our principal, who's a Muslim *duh*, called our CF teacher in charge and told her that he doesn't want "these" people coming in again.


Firstly, the dumb MC didn't announce it to the assembly where the CF was located and made a lot of people who were looking forward to the CF very disappointed. Anyways, this whole thing against the CF brought a lot of spirits down especially after we've seen the great numbers that came for CF yesterday despite the fact many didn't know where it was. However, we've discussed among the CF and will use another alternative with official approval for CHC to come in freely. We'll see.

God, You make a way and be the light unto our path.

* * * * * *
Ahha, it's down time I decided to get a counter!
There you go (:
Established on 07.07.07, 0000hours.

Will be going for band practice later...
Autobots rule! :D


you complete me :)