Friday, April 02, 2010


Hello everyone!
Not sure what to get me? That wouldn't be an excuse now.
Metrojaya's having their mega sale, you can save, lol.
Make any of my wishes come true and I'll love you ;)

1) Mobile phone - thanks hubby for getting me one! If any of you wanna present me phones you don't use anymore, very much welcomed!

2) Laptop/Desktop - hahaha, wishful thinking. It's a wishlist after all.

3) Skirts - black, denim, or white, I'm deprived of skirts. Knee length and above, waistline 34inch, thanks.

4) High heels - 4 inches and above, size 8-9.

5) Great tops - I'm never bored of new blouses, tubes, and tanks... DRESSES are awesome too!

6) Accessories - earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces [I would like a "key" pendant, symbolic for a 21st], belts, hair accessories, make-up!

7) Photo frames - I need new ones!

8) Comforter Set - nice ones, queen and king sizes.

9) Curtains - I've been wanting to get those long white lacey ones, haven't have those yet. If you can't find those, you can get me any other ones :)

10) Lamp Shade - my old one's kinda burnt, preferably white - I'm so domestic right, lol.

11) Purse - I would like to have those long-types for a change. So my cash can fit in flat-out and I can stuff in more cards.

12) Handbags - What's a girl gotta do without it? :) it could be casual or dinner bags.

13) Bikini - Could someone just get me one for fun? It's my 21st, LOL.

14) Lingerie - Jerry said he don't see the point of buying it, so any girlfriends??

15) SIMS 3 - Omgggg, someone please get me this game... doesn't have to be original.

16) Computer Games - I need to kill sometime at home till Jerry gets back. Give me games you think are great fun!

17) Customised Chain/Keychain - you know, iron streaks that are bent into your name? or beads that spell your name? yeah stuff like that. "Melissa" or "Mel" will do.

18) Webcam - I wanna talk and see my friends on the other side of the screen :(

19) External Hard Disk - I need a backup to store all my stuff :( ... but if you can't afford it, a thumbdrive will do good too... so desperate to backup all my data, lost them too way many times :(

This is all I can think of at the moment, will edit later....

MEdSI, brrrr.

God, please let them call me.... if it's Your will.



Gaaahhhh, I need to come back to blogging!
I wanna get active again, there's too many spider webs here... pssshhh.

Gotta make time for this.


you complete me :)