Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's good, it's all good...! :D

Hey everyone!
Things have REALLY been looking up, it's awesome! :D

Sunday was great.. (:
Mighty Kids was funnily weird at some point, but it was okay..!
Ended the day with ice-kacang at makro...
I love you, Bryan! :D

Went to Jusco Tebrau, sis and I went window shopping...
Saw this really beautiful Aracadia dress, RM80...
I want, sniff :(
So went and try it anyway.
When I walked into the changing room...
I noticed a Tropicana sling bag, PAID.
Had the resit attached and all, RM65.90.

I was very tempted to own it... but I just went ahead and tried the dress first.
After dressing back, I took the bag and thought of what I should do.
Went to sis and showed her my discovery.

But anyway as good-hearted Christian, I approached the Tropicana cashier near the dressing room and told him of our discovery. He was rather taken aback of my action..
It was paid for, I could've just walked out without any problem but I decided to be a good samaritian. It was tempting I must say, very. I wanted a bag too :(
But I imagined myself in that dude's shoes, burning RM65.90 for nothing...
He'd probably come back looking for it later on.

The cashier, quite speechless, thanked me with gratefulness.
I walked away, proud. Wee... XD

Dang kind lar, LOL...
Owh come on, I know some of you guys out there would just rather me take it home.
Nah, I don't wanna steal.

* * * * *

Well, Monday...
It started off great! Haha...
Mr. Kee came and fetch me at 8AM together with 2 other ladies in there, and went to the last stop which was Dan's house and we were off to Berjaya, Perling.
By the way, Mr. Kee's Honda Civic... very nice, lol... XD
He's our Berjaya agent who helps us settle everything, hahaa..

And on the way, Danny Boy presented me this gift...
It's a belated Christmas cum New Year gift, lol.

It was two keychains and he drew this really kewl logo that says
"Dan & Mel - Friends Forever".
Really kewl, thanks Dan! *huggs*

Went there and got registered...
On some small card thingy, I already got my own address screwed up..
Forgot to write which Taman I come from... XD

And before that I was like, filling some details and crapping with Dan alternately...
And Mr. Kee was like, "faster, faster... now, now..."
So, I instantly wrote my postcode and state... -.-"
Lawl, dumb lar.

"We've only been here for 2 minutes and you've already messed your own address... especially a gurl who doesn't know which Taman she comes from...", says Dan.
Oh shaddup.

Anyways, Mr. Kee said it's not that important, so takpe.

Our Undang only started at 9 something almost 10AM..
Nor Azhar Bin Haron was his name - our lecturer.
He appeared strict and all... the entire class was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia mainly.

"Everyone fill in the front seats now"
*people don't really feel like it*
"You've got 2 minutes, now!"
*everyone starts scrambling to the front seats*


"Everyone wear their number tags on their clothes"
*Singaporean gurl doesn't understand*
"Hello gurl, I said, where do you wear your tag? And please go outside to counter 6 to change to shoes, no sandals allowed".

Poor gurl, she kept getting marah-ed by him, but not for long lar.
Like, we had to write our forms in block letters but she didn't understand.
She wrote already before I could even tell her.. sighs :(
Kena marah lor.
"Your form kena reject... I don't know, sorry", says Azhar.

But as the class went on, he's actually a very good lecturer.
Kept us all engaged in what he was saying, except for the poor Singaporean gurl.
He made us laugh a lot, interesting dude.
And he could even teach a small session in Mandrin cause majority of us are chinese.
Dang, he's good...! His mandrin was rather fluent really... *salute*
But at times, he becomes too animated and he tend to talk in some sort of 'miang' way... eyes and hands acting that way.

"I may look fierce, but when you pass by me, don't be scared to smile at me, I'll smile back. But girls, please.. no winking. I'm married already. But if you want, I also can't stop you.. don't worry, I still got 3 more places".

What the heck... -.-"
For those who don't understand, malays can have 4 wives maximum,

but with a condition to treat them equally. Ugh.
I'd like my husband to just have me and only me, thank you very much.

We did feel a lil sad that he won't be teaching us all the way.
Cause the next dude, Mohd Zani Bin Mohd Nor... was an obvious freshman.
Geez man, problems with the slides lar, problems with the lights by constantly switching them on and off... made my eyes sakit only.
And with incomplete science facts.

The limit of alcohol that is contained in 100 mililiter of the driver's... :
Breath - 35 microgrammes
Blood - 80 microgrammes
Urine - 107 microgrammes

So, he said, "Simply to remember the order of breath, blood and urine - just remember that you breath in first, and if you drink water, it goes in and becomes blood and then it'll come out as urine.."

WTH, where's the justice of science??
The way he put it was nothing scientific.
It is incorrect.

And about "Hydro Planning", he says "After it rains or while it is, the tyre against the surface of the road would go slower because the water on the road is a barrier in between".

The surface of the road is covered with liquid substance [water] and tends to reduce friction between the tyre and the road, which causes speed to decrease.. -.-"

Malaysia Boleh...?

In the end, he overtimed cause too draggy, ugh.
He ended up elaborating on the non-important subs and ran like a train on the important ones.

The next lecturer was explaining law and penalties, I think.
Towards the end, I remember dozing off... LOL.

YAY, I survived the 6 hour-talk!
Hmm, honestly.. it wasn't THAT boring lar.
Lol, I just know what Lynette and Yen Fah felt being there, especially when you don't really understand Malay... aww, lol.

Oh yeah! In between of our breaks, when Dan and I went for lunch, I turned around to see a really pretty gurl sitting at the end of the table, lonesome and all.
It's Jessica Siow people! Whoo!
Hahaa, was soooo nice to see her there... :)
She was gonna take her practical for the first time, she was very scared, lol.

Hahaa, Dan and Jordan asked me how I met Jess...
Now that I thought of it, I actually met her through the internet first before I met her.
The first time we met was when we discovered that we're actually living in the same Taman and we wanted to go to Yvonne's birthday partae together, so I offered her a ride.
Lol awww... XD

We were so cute then.... lawl.
See, we're good girlfriends now!
I heart the internet! :D

Come to think of it, I met JESS AND BEN on the INTERNET!
Double heart the internet man!
This is fated siot. ROFL.

While engrossed talking to her, I noticed some guy who came and sit right next to me. Sitting rather close to me, I turned left to see what this dude's up to. LOL, what do you know?! It's Jordan Boo!!
Aww, I didn't see him for such a long time already...!

It was nice that we caught up with each other and stuff.
So in the end, it wasn't just really me and Dan, we had 4 people together, nice lar... :)
We just chat, chat, chat... :D

After our Undang was over, Jess and Jordan were done.
Jess passed her test for driving on the road but failed her side-parking, she hit the pole.
Aww, lol..
Poor Jordan, he failed his practical for the 4th time... :(
Dunno whether they purposely making money outta him of him or he memang wrong...

So, Mr. Kee asked us to do this trial test on the computer, he was teaching us what would come lateron... and I failed, rofl.
I got 72%.

LOL, haven't study yet mar and I was rushing, didn't even cared to semak jawapan.
Oyy... it's not that bad lar, lol.
Hahaa.. so we went home after that.

It was interesting.. :)

Went home, Christine, my lady boss from Harris still didn't call me... :(
Got worried.
Went to sleep and hoped for the best, pray that God didn't leave me hanging.

* * * * *

Hahaa, Christine called this morning!
Wee... :)

Asked me to start this Thursday..
Told me to bring the necessities and said that I'll be informed of which would be my off days according to my timetable which will be determined when I get there.
I'll be working 5 days a week!
Kewl :)
Go to Harris early morning at 9.40AM.
Hahaa, yay!

Then I wondered, well.. it's February.

What about Chinese New Year when I must go down to KL...?
Oh no... No angpaus..?? :(
LOL... that is a MUST!

See what happens lar...
I want angpaus..!
Wanna gimme one? :)
It's okay if you're single, it's doesn't matter, lol.

Cooked fried rice for my siblings after they returned home from school...
Hahaa, I didn't even eat my own cooking.
Nah, don't feel like it either, but mum and siblings said it was good... :D

Did my Undang questions till 260+ before I cooked...
Try to finish it ASAP before I start working.

Tell me if you wanna join me for the Undang test k.. I'll be going next Saturday.

I feel a sorethroat coming on.... hmph..
But my spirit's are up for many days in a row now :)
It's a great feeling, instead of being sad and depressed for many days in a row which never seemed to end.

Thank you Lord...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Free Hugs Campaign - Inspiring story.
I'm so touched, sniffx...

Omg.... :'(

Sis showed me this clip and I HAD to share it with you guys, everyone out there.
She shared with me that it reflects life...
Well yes but not really, for me... it's LOVE :)

This touched my heart... so much.
Check this out.


"Sometimes, a hug is all what we need.
Free hugs is a real life controversial story of
Juan Mann,
A man whos sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives.
In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact,
the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.

As this symbol of human hope spread accross the city, police and officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign BANNED. What we then witness is the true spirit of humanity come together in what can only be described as awe inspiring.

In the Spirit of the free hugs campaign,
After all, if you can reach just one person...

PS. The response to this video has been nothing short of overwhelming and touching. Hugs to every single one of you who messaged. There has been thousands of emails from all over the world by people seeking to participate in the Free Hugs campaign and asking for permission. You do not need permission. This is the peoples movement, this is *your* movement.
With nothing but your bare hands you can make THE difference.

Imagine all the people".

Well, this inspirational act has been spred all over the world...
Chicago, Philladephia, Toronto, Korea, Japan, Australia and various parts of the planet!
I dunno about Malaysia though, kinda doubt it.
Malays tak boleh sentuh-sentuh, raba-raba... that's general here.
And perhaps the chinese would think people are just taking the opportunity to mo-mo here and there...

You'd probably get arrested for sexual harassment.... o.O"

But people, if you're searching for something so pure, so real in this dead world...
Someone really do cares and loves you for what you are,
No matter what you've done, no matter what you look like...
and His name is Jesus.

He always has his arms wide open for you.. come to Him and let Him embrace you like a child.
God is Love.

Christianity is not a religion.
It is not about routines, not about duties as a believer...
It is nothing but a personal relationship with you and Jesus.
He loves you and He's always waiting for you to return to Him, just like the pordigal son.
So, what are you waiting for?

I was born a Buddhist....
"Light the joysticks, place them on the altar..."
As I looked at the small statues refered to as gods,
I never knew who they are, how are they ever relevant to me?
All I knew is that if I continued placing joysticks there, worshipped them, place food on the altar for them, I'll be protected and be prosperous.
But I felt nothing for these gods.
It was just a duty as a believer.

I never liked Christiany... as a matter of fact, I despised it.
I thought that it was all fake.
How could there be Someone so great, so powerful, so mighty...
So loving..?

It was not until I discovered and experienced what and who Christ really was,
How REAL He really is..
Oh, how He touched my life, how He touched my heart.
How much He really loved me.
Just as I am, with all I am.

He didn't just change my life, He transformed my once-broken family's life!
Dad turned from his old ways FOR GOOD,
Mum became so ever loving as she regained her faith as she was a Catholic before but got married to dad,
My siblings and I who fought-like-no-one's-business and loathed one another became closer than ever, always looking out for one another...
My entire family is filled with love, God's love.

The 10 years of becoming a Christian were never easy at first...
Cause we had constant trouble that lays heavily on my parents: bills, rents, food, school fees and books, jobs.. Never could enjoy luxuries of life, we even had to go to bed hungry sometimes.
Times were hard, very hard.
Despite our very difficult situations, we praised the Lord and continued trusting that He will provide for He is our Jehovah Jireh.

And praise the Lord, look where we are today... my, my :)
Our faith level could only increase in those times,
and God has blessed us in ten-folds!
He still is... I never thought I could ever go to Poly.
Things are changing.. All things are possible with God.
God is becoming much more real to us day by day as we continue putting our faith in Him.

My relatives couldn't help but notice and observed in awe,
as the changes in our lives became such an awesome reflection of His Glory.
My grandma who's such a strong Buddhist her entire life couldn't help but witness her son change into a good humble man and a loving father.
She even came to church and see how evidently our family has been
binded in God's love as one. Seeing is believing... hahaa.
Grandma and my aunt even asks us to pray for them constantly... :)
People, I can't emphasize how REAL Jesus is..
He is magnificent.

The heavens and the earth together with all mankind will fade away,
But Christ's love is eternal and everlasting.
He will never leave you or abandon you.
That is His promise.

* * * * *

Just got back from band practice...
And on our way back, guess what...
Sighs, this Mercedes with wedding decorations stopped at the traffic light and came up to the Waja next to him to open his car door and started yelling like shieett!
Then he started pushing and all, sighs... bang the Waja's door somemore...
Green light already still wanna gaduh... tsk tsk.
Damn gangster.

And passing those 2 cars, there was actually a woman with her child in the front seat in the Mercedes; and a woman in the Waja's.
I wonder what the women thought... sighs.
Tsk tsk, daddy's a bad model to daughter in Mercedes.
Waja trailed behind Mercedes all the way, probably to find out where he stays.
Merc Guy dipanggil "road-bully". May have minta-ed rasuah sebelum mendapat lesen.

Gaduh gaduh!
Too far... only had my Sony Ericsson T630 with bad cam and a busted LCD.
Who wanna help me pay to fix..? :(
That aggressive dude lack hugs I think... but hey, he just go married.

Anyways, who cares what Malaysia thinks!
Come here you... :)
*big bear hugs*

Friday, January 26, 2007

"Come in for an interview", says HARRIS.. :)

God's really awesome maaannn....!

Well a few weeks ago, I went to Harris still hoping to find a vacancy there..
The gurl sorta liked me so she didn't tell me "no vacancies", I guess, LOL.
She gave me Harris' number and asked me to enquire.
I prayed about it, prayed about my jobs I've applied for..
and God told me this week to call Harris this Friday, which is TODAY :)

So, I called about afternoon..
Intro-ed myself, asked for vacancies.
She then asked me if I could speak Mandrin... [ damn, lol ]
To make an impression, I tried my UBER best k!
Being friendly and fluent as possible... LOL.

Guys, you know VERY WELL that my mandrin sucks to the max!
Like ang-moh, so they say... May not understand what you speak totally even, LOL.
Fine, I'm quite banana-ish lar... psh.
Forget my mandrin, even people have problems saying I speak English with a certain accent.

So we conversed in Mandrin and I answered all the questions as much as I could.
IN THE END, she asked me to come to Harris for an interview! WHOO!
Happie lar...!

So, lemme just tell you what happen, well I just got back.

I went there saying I was asked to come for an interview...
So this girl led me into their office, and asked the boss if I she had any appoinments.
"No", she said. My heart leaped.
So, she asked me to wait.. and she came out looking through the files...
I KNEW IT, like all the other jobs I've applied for, they're gonna gimme that blardy form.
Ask me to fill it up and say they'll call me in one week's time :(

That's not gonna happen today, no sirree!

After filling up the form, the gurl took it, gave it to the boss and said,
"We'll call you in one week's time".
I won't wait any longer, so I said that I was called for an interview.. not to fill this up and wait.
So, she was like the middle person between me and her boss.
After making so many trips between us,
God just told me to stand in front of the boss' office.
As I did, I watched the boss trying to find some documents...

So, after conversing with the girl in mandrin, I switched to English explaining that I was asked to just walk in for an interview.. After the boss heard me speaking in both languages, she just told her employee that it's okay and asked her to leave.
"Come in, come in... please take a seat", as she smiled at me.
My heart rejoiced, YES!

She took my form and asked me loadsa questions, told me their working hours and shifts, asked me about my transportation and when I could start...
"Hmm...", looking at my resume. "I'll put you as a cashier, you can do that?"
"Oh yes, I've done so working for my dad in our restaurant before.."
"Oh, so you do have a relevant working experience... Good, good..",
seeing that I left my history employment empty. Lol.

I didn't wanna push my luck too hard, so I just filled in:
Expected pay: RM800
After talking to me, she looked at my expected pay saying,
"Mmm... okay, okay.. can, can.." and just ticked it in agreement.
Whooo... :D

"Well, I'll call you on Monday to confirm with you.. but we'll most likely employ you, don't worry", as she smiled with assurance.
"Oh thank you! Thank you so much...!"

Hahaa, so practically...
Wee... :)

Oh God, thank You soooo much...
I love You! <3

Guys, never underestimate the power of prayer and keep that strong faith in Him!
Trust Him that things will work out, AND YOU MUST LISTEN TO HIM.
Follow what He tells you to and you'll be fine, even better in fact!
He cares for you, whether big or small matter, he still does.
He cares for you in every detail.

I didn't look for the job this time, I kept failing...
God got me this one :)

* * * * *

ON Monday as well, I'll be going to Undang with Danny Boy! :)
Mr. Kee will come fetch us... hahaa.
This will be fun, wee. Dan's good company.

No more lazing around for me, lol... yay?
Hahaa, I'm just glad I'm earning some money before I go for poly..
Can also help me pay up for my driving-practical lessons.
This is very good.. XD

Alrighty, drop by Harris in Jusco Tebrau City sometime okay??!
And don't keep silent observing me from afar...
Gimme a wave or something ;)

I'll leave you with something SUPERBLY funny!
It's a MUST WATCH!!!!
Damn farniez lar... LOL.
Only in Malaysia... XD

But... so bad lar those two chinese dudes, LOL.
And no, please... I'm not racist.

Courtesy of Ah Boy :) - thank you sweetie!

Owh, God is soooo good! :D

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trust in Him, you must... :)


Yesterday was cool :)
I managed my way to Sunway College, with invitations by my dearie Jess!
Lol, drove in as if I'm one of the students there, no one would know... XD

Anyways, spent time with Jess, Ben and Alven :)
Also met new friends like Deryk and Wanda, really cool people!
As I strolled around campus, I noticed sooooo many familiar faces, LOL...
Saw Trecia, Kid Yie, my ex-schoolmates, some of my ex-tuition pals.. lol.
My bestie Sue will be going there too for the April intake! :)

I felt bad lar that I could only manage to come later,
and Jess had to go to class after being with her for a while... :(
Well, Alven and Wanda didn't need my company really, I'd just be a pain, lol... XD
So, teman Ben lar. Dunno why he has this fascination for this orange drink, addicted I suppose hahaa... [ it's not bad though, lol ]
Wanda joined us soon after and after Ben left with the orange bus,
Wanda and I had a grrreeaat chat! :D She's really nice...

Hahaa, when we were hanging out earlier, she wasn't really talking much...
Yeah, she's a cool babe [ very matching with Alven in fact, lol.. ],
Jess mentioned she'd only laugh with Alven, lol... however, Wanda was practically laughing her head off during our chats... [ smirks at Alven, hehe.. ]
Damn farniez lar. Lol... was great knowing her! :)

It was nice being there and having people you know for company.
So, it was practically one day in college life for me.
It was cool.
But it came to this lar, I know I won't be going to Sunway...
The prices can bite my head off, lol.
I'll just have fat hopes and go fly kite... XD

And just for the record, I made 24 January 2007 a history for some people!
[ more like two, ahem! ]
2... 4... 1... 7.
Two for one, means two special people, joined hearts and became one.
7's for Melissa cause she made it history!
Weee... XD

All the best to you both...
I know I'm just such a charm... ;)
Yes, I'm flattering myself, hahaa!
*mwarcks!* <3

* * * * *

Nevertheless, having my international passport ready last Monday,
I made my way to NANYANG POLYTECHNIC today!
Wee... :)

Seeing the place was like, omg.
I like it! Hee...

I went there to clarify stuff that have been putting me in dreadful depression.
So, here's what I've gotten confirmed over and over again,
and I'm satisfied. :)
1) Tuition grant a.k.a bond, is most likely to be given by the government, especially to Malaysians.
2) I don't have to pay S$6k first, S$1k can liao. Yay!
3) And if I apply to some hospitals, I will get a bursary which means they'll pay you each month! It's practically like they're paying you to study!

Year 1 - S$850
Year 2 - S$900
Year 3 - S$950

Very cool... ;)
Only Health Science courses would get this, hahaa...
They also took me on the nursing tour, it's kewl.
Had a stroll around campus, it's great!
I didn't bring cam, so no pics.... :(

Their Open Day was interesting.
Brought home a goodie bag consisting flyers, and
8Days magazine and this very cool pen cum torchlight, hahaa.

Then followed dad around while he delivered his goods and got home to Malaysia to eat.
Was damn hungry, breakfast only ate one toast... LOL.

Well, at the end of everything.... there's still a catch though.
I have no idea when my SPM results are coming out...
The commencement date for the academic Year is 16 Apr 2007,
the enrolment exercise will be conducted from mid Mar 2006.

But if Malaysia's *toot* government keluar results late,
[ assumed to be in March or April ]
I'm forced to use my LOUSY trials results or worse...
apply for next year, damn. [ that's not an option! >.< ]
Will have to apply online. So, I have no idea when.

And I dunno where to stay in S'pore, need to work things out..
Mmm... that's my only two main concerns for now lar.
Yang lain, settle.. lol.

OH Lord, please make a way!
Hopefully my SPM results are good...
Good enough for Nanyang Polytechnic.

I want this :(

Hmm, other than all this nursing hu-ha...
I came across this in Wanda's blog...
and I felt quite sad and bummed out cause
I haven't watched Death Note 2 - The Last Name.
Sniff... :(
I decided to pass it on.
Muahahaa... *evil*

Wanda wrote:
went to watch death note in the end.

why could Light see Ryuuk if the death note he touched
was supposed to be



Hehee... oops, again ;)

Okay, besos por you!
Que la pases bien!
Ciao ciao.... <3

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lord, I need you...


.... so much.

* * * * *

Gotten rather depressed as my hopes of being a nurse dashed before my eyes.
I was prepared for nursing in future but not this..

Due to soooo many complications
I actually came to an understanding of this:
In order to get my diploma [which would be in 3 years], there would be 6 semesters right?
ONE semester in Nanyang Poly is S$6,000. That would be S$36,000 in 3 years.
Think that's bad?
Wait, let's change that to Ringgit Malaysia.

Done the math?

Sniff... look, I DON'T have that kind of money.. ):
I almost fainted. [ it's an expression, I'm okay ]

So I questioned, what about tuition grant a.k.a bond?
Apparently, it's not guranteed.
That means, if I apply for Nanyang and I'm approved, I can apply for bond.
BUT I've got to pay S$6k first.
If I do get bond, I'd be refunded of my S$6k.

For those who are blur, it means that I'd have to work for
Singapore for 3 years after getting my diploma, I'd be assigned to a hospital.
Plus, I get working experience.
And because of that, my fees would drop from around S$6k to S$1k.
HUGE difference huh?

But what happens if I don't get it?
What if I actually don't get the bond..?
S$6k would be flushed down the drain simply because
I CANNOT afford paying 6k every semester.
That would be CRAZY.

Here's another thing making my chances thinner:
"Nanyang does not take Malaysian nurses anymore". - oh the discrimination! :(

But Zhi Ai and Angeline encouraged me to just apply and see what happens.
God willing, they will accept me.

*drops head*
Sniff.. my chances of being a nurse are soooo friggin' super slim.

Nanyang Poly's Open Day is on the 25-27 January.
I'll go check it out... sighs.

Well, here are the back up plans... :
1) Sunway College - will check out the courses and fees tomorrow.. I'm coming for you Jess! LOL!
2) Matriculation in Local U - which I applied in High School, notification after SPM results only
3) LAST RESORT = Form 6 STPM - nooooooo...... :(

Anyways, I've just made arrangements to sit for my UNDANG this coming Monday.
I don't even have enough to pay for the entire course on my own, yes my own pocket.
I can afford for my undang, my practical would be in question marks.
Will be going with my bestie Danny Boy, hopefully.
Anyone else wanna join me?
The more the merrier.. hee.

Sighs, and I just need to say this...
I really don't like shifting around from one place to another.
This is doing me no good, I may just get me all confused!
Why can't I stick to one place?
But nevertheless, I shall obey the commandments of the Lord.

I love this song... and it applies to me right now, sighs.
Great singer, beautiful voice.

James Morrison

I've been down so low, people look at me and they know
They can tell something is wrong, like I don't belong
Well, staring through a window
Standing outside, they're just too happy to care tonight
I want to be like them, but I'll mess it up again

I tripped on my way in
And got kicked outside, everybody saw...

And I know that it's a wonderful world, but I can't feel it right now
Well I thought that I was doing well, but I just wanna cry now
Well I know that it's a wonderful world, from the sky down to the sea
But I can only see it when you're here, here with me

Sometimes I feel so full of love, it just comes spilling out
It's uncomfortable to see, I give it away too easily
But if I had someone I would do anything
I'd never, never, ever let you feel alone
I won't, I won't leave you on your own

But who am I to dream?

Dreams are for fools, they let you down...

Well I know that it's a wonderful world, but I can't feel it right now

Well I thought that I was doing well, but I just wanna cry now
Well I know that it's a wonderful world, from the sky down to the sea
But I can only see it when you're here, here with me

And I wish that I could make it better

I'd give anything for you to call me or
Maybe just a little letter
Oh, we could start again

Well I know that it's a wonderful world, but I can't feel it right now
Well I thought that I was doing well, but I just wanna cry now
Well I know that it's a wonderful world, from the sky down to the sea
But I can only see it when you're here, here with me

Oh, and I know that it's a wonderful world, I can't feel it right now

I've got all the right clothes to wear, I just wanna cry now, cry now!
Well I know that it's a wonderful world, from the sky down to the sea
But I can only see it when you're here, here with me

And I know that it's a wonderful world

When you're with me

Haaa awww... t'was REALLY nice bumping into Von and Ann together with their cousin in Tebrau City last Sunday!
Didn't see the Ong sisters in a very long time!
Had a short but sweet chat, catching up on each other's lives.
Then daddy came pick them, we bid each other goodbye
and they came up with the term, "MelNursa".
It sounds Medusa-ish, lol.... XD
I lurve you gurls! <3

Money really makes the world go round?
Sighs, still don't wanna believe it..

I've still got faith and hope in me..
God, please help me.

God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see..
He will make a way for me.


If I don't get it,
I guess God doesn't want me to be a nurse after all... :(

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Robbing Lynette Goh out of BOREDOM :)

Hello, I'm bored.
Do you mind?

Check out my darling Lynette Goh.
She's hawt - on fiiirre! For our Lord that is (:
Harm her and you'll get it from me.
miss you... :(

* * *


The requirements:
1. Put your music player on shuffle
2. Press forward for each question
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question (but it seems you can insert lyrics from the song if you want lah... in addition to the if it's suitable, just go ahead lah)

* * *

1. How am I feeling today?
"Irreplaceable" - Beyonce

Comment: Well, I love this song though... :)

2. Where will I get married?
"Ocean Avenue" - Yellowcard

Comment: LOL, yeah... "we're staying up ALL NIGHT..."

3. What is my best friend's theme song?
"Fly Away" - Corrine May

Comment: Ehh... no lar. Her mum's not dead or something... =/

4. What was high school like?
"Once Again" - Frankie Jordan [OST - A Date With Tad Hamilton]
I never thought I would love again,
I never thought I'd let somebody else in...

Comment: Hmm maybe.... but it was no one in school.

5. What is the best thing about me?
"Wherever You Will Go" - The Calling

Comment: "light the shadows on your face"... Do I make you happy? Do I?? LOL.

6. How is today going to be?
"Quando, Quando, Quando" - Michael Buble feat Nelly Furtado

Comment: "Tell me when will you be mine..." LOL... XD

7. What is in store for this weekend?
"Plug In Baby" - Muse

Comment: What the toot...? I don't even know why it's in my playlist?

8. What song describes my parents?
"Dancing In The Moonlight" - Toploader

Comment: Hahaa aww... so nice.

9. How is my life going?
"Far Away" - Nickleback
I love you...
I loved you all along...
I miss you..
You're far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go..

Comment: Sniff.... sniff... no words, need I say more? :(

10. What song will they play at my funeral?
"Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" - Aerosmith
I don't wanna close my eyes
I don't wanna fall asleep...

Comment: Hmm... seems like I could pop out of the coffin soon? LOL, I'm just "eww" cause it's Aerosmith. A lot of straining "eyhhh" at the end of each lyric.
Like wanna shit. LOL.

11. How does the world see me?
"Grand Theft Autumn" - Fall Out Boy
You were the last good thing about this part of town...

Comment: Heh? LOL.. XD

12. What do my friends really think of me?
"Good Day" - Click Five

Comment: Uhh..?

13. Do people secretly lust after me?
"Welcome To The Black Parade" - My Chemical Romance

Comment: WHAT???! LOL... I'm not some goth. XD

14. How can I make myself happy?
"What Hurts The Most" - Rascal Flatts
I can take a few tears now and then just let 'em out,
I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while....

Comment: Hmm, it's possible.

15. What should I do with my life?
"I Believe" - some Korean star

Comment: Hmm, okay.

16. Will I ever have children?
"Keep Holding On" - Avril Lavigne

Comment: Hey, what does that mean?? LOL.

17. What is some good advice?
"Leaving On A Jet Plane" - Chantal Kreviazuk

Comment: Umm, I don't recommend it. LOL.

18. What do I think my current theme song is?
"Kau Ilhamku" - Manbai

Comment: Lol aww. Why everytime so ngam one?

19. What does everyone else think about my current life?
"Ain't No Other Man" - Christina Aguilera


20. What type of style men do you like?
"Your Grace Still Amazes Me" - Philips, Craig and Dean

Comment: Aww... :)

21. Will you get married?
"We Are One Tonight" - Switchfoot

Comment: Is that a yes? LOL.

22. What should I do with my love life?
"Ooh Ahh" - Grits [Art of Translation]

Comment: LOL... the title can be misleading but the song's all about Christianity.

23. Where will you live?
"Heaven Knows" - Daniel Lee

Comment: LOL....

24. What will your dying words be?
"Perfect Situation" - Weezer

Comment: LOL... what?? Well, who knows.

25. When I'm having sex I say....
"Ooh Ahh" - Grits [Liquid Beats Remix]

Comment: ROFLMAO!!!!! The remixed one now??!

26. When I meet a guy/lady for the first time I say...
"One Night Stand" - Daniel Powter


27. When my parents are angry I say...
"Wake Me Up When September Ends" - Green Day

Comment: LOL... nice.

* * *


1. Single, taken, or crushing?
- Single

2. Are you happy with your life now?
- Pretty much I guess.

3. When you meet the right person, will you fall for him/her fast?
- Hmm, you said it's the right person right? How could I not?

4. Have you had your heart broken?
- Hmm, no... more like I break theirs :(

5. Do you believe there are circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?

6. Would you talk to someone back if he/cheats you?
- Well we can talk, dunno the outcome.

7. Have you talked to another person about marriage before?
- LOL yes.. lots!

8. Do you want children?
- Oh yes I do!

9. How many?
- Max 4 I guess, LOL... XD [inspiration from own family] -will consult future husband though.

10. Would you consider adoption?
- Well, I prefer to have my own flesh and blood if possible.

11. If someone likes you right now, would you accept?
- Not like I can accept anyone right now anyway, no approval.

12. Do you enjoy getting into relationships?
- Friendships, yes. Love relationships, only with the ONE I love.
Not into the idea of being some playgirl.

13. Be honest, what did you & your ex did?
- Don't have an ex.. :)

14. Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Hmm, no.

15. Are you romantic?
- What you think? Ask my friends :)

16. Do you believe you can change someone?
- Not I but GOD.

17. If you could marry somewhere, where would it be?
- Those beautifully marvellous churches I see in Europe... tough luck.

18. Do you easily give in when you're fighting?
- Hmm, it depends on the facts involved. Not much of fights but more of discussion.

19. Do you have feelings for someone right now?
- I'd be lying if I said no..

20. Have you ever wished you had someone, who loves you?
- I'm in agreement with my sista Nette, I don't need to wish it. I've got Jesus. :)
But being loved by that "someone", I know that he does.

21. Have you ever broken a heart?
- Yes... nothing to be proud of mind you, it's not fun. Hearts are fragile.

22. One day, if your best friend falls in love with the one you're deeply in love with, what would you do?
- Pray and see what happens...

23. Are you missing someone right now?
- Yes.... :)

Choose 8 friends to do this quiz:
- You! You! You! You! You! You! You! You!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Why do I feel like... crying?


I AM happy, I'm sooo happy cause life has been good, God is always good!
I'm so thankful that I'm so loved by my loved ones around me... tears of joy perhaps?
But I actually do feel sad when I think of my friends I used to know so well...
We laughed, had fun, enjoyed each other's company... now there are just spaces in between us.
Or there's just something in my life which is just really... missing?
I dunno lar, just emo I guess.

Anyways, sighs... the jobs I've applied the past week still haven't call me back.
Sniff... Tak suka aku kot. Heck care lar.
I just applied in WH yesterday [where everyone is beautiful, lol],
I really hope I can start working there.
Hmm, dad actually suggested that I went to Singapore to work.
I really don't mind, it would be a new experience for me. But mum has her worries, haha.
In comparison to Jusco which is just nearby and she wouldn't worry so much.
Sighs, will see.

My weekdays are rather mutual:
wake up late or early..
eat what is needed for the day..
go online...
or help mum with the house chores..
or just go online..
watch tv maybe..
do my workouts..
go online.....
sleep late.

I know, I'm wasted.
I can't even go out! T_T
Now you know why I wanna start working ASAP?
Mm, I need the money anyways. Heh.

Hmm, I grabbed this from Jason.
I never knew that Malaysia had a mamak called, "Friendster".

My weekends would be having band practices, maybe walk around Jusco with my family which is like SO BORING, it's practically my second home.
Church the next day followed by Mighty Kids till we leave which would be about 5PM or so... fetch my so-called-adopted-brother, Carl, back home and
then maybe.. walk in friggin Jusco again.
Please, tukar tempat lar... please lar.

Haih... I think I'm prepared for life in Singapore.
I think I am.
Parents are still not really up to the idea of me being a nurse. Sighs.

carl2 I'll leave you with a pic of me and Carl.
He's adorable but can be a little mischievous.
He's half Aussie and half Iban, hee.. cute.

Lord, please lead me where You want me to go.
With so many opportunities and choices, shut the doors that are not meant for me but leave me the door that You want me to walk through open.
Lead and guide me to the path You want me to take.
Let Your will be done.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Celebrating Hong's Burfdae...

After band practice at church, Ben, Celine and I went straight to Hong's place.
I never knew that he actually lived a few houses away
from a good friend of mine until today.. XD
Honestly, Hong's lucky I could make it kay...
Usually, I don't have that approval to go out.

Thank you Hong for everything!
The food and hospitality :))
Hahaa, kudos weii...
Poor lad's so friggin' tired.

There like 13 of us youngsters [ooh.. and it was 13th Jan, wee..]
The steamboat was like so filling for me lar, I couldn't eat those pizzas they ordered soon after.
Hmm, everyone just seemed to stick to their own clique.
What to do..

Met people like Renshen, his bro Renhan, Jucia, Xin Yi, Wei Quan and Ant for the first time.
Ben and Jon were there too.

Ant's a nice dude, known him for 4 years on the internet but we just met, haha... funny guy.
Pizzas in style...? Lol.

OMG, Hong owns like a pair of the cutest beings I've ever seen!
Dunno, one of them are called Mojo. Hmm..?
Anyways, uber CUTE lar!
Ant was so scared I'd practically kill one of 'em...

oh how adorable!

so cute!

Well, a party DOESN'T have to be happening.
It's the company that matters... :))

I had fun.
Once again, thanks Hong.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Mutual Monday...

Picture(6z)Woke up this morning and I had to instantly hang socks...

After I'm done with my beloved computer, I'll go mop the whole house.


Yesterday after church service and Mighty Kids, and having some ice-kacang at Makro... went to get a haircut, more like trimmed.
Lol, sis kept pestering me to change my hairstyle, something I would NOT do.
"Boring!", she says.
I like the way I am, hahaa...

And lookie here... while sis and I were getting our haircut..
..... -.-"

Benson nak buat lawak pulak... LOL.

Reached Jusco...

Hmm, and then we went to Jusco where the the Gatsby promo was going on, it was the last day apparently and what do you know....
There were hot japanese models at the promo.
*yeah, guys go ga-ga*
At the photo session, "DO NOT TOUCH THE MODELS PLEASE, but the models can touch you if they want to", says the dude in charge.

Benroy.... mmm, tsk tsk tsk.

I guess he can't get enough of these japanese chics, lol...


Off with house chores!


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Korean BBQ with friends and family... <3

It was great yesterday night.

Despite the fact that it was very hot,
the fans were working but the fans inside were NOT MOVING.
So it was rather funny yet scary looking at the fans moving side to side without the fan spinning inside, weird.

Wheee.... :D

Chloe, BK's daughter....

We had fun anyways.. :))
It was so nice to see all my friends again, didn't hang out for a very long time already...


Well, I just got back from band practice earlier...
Hahaa, dunno why so tired.

Hmm, anyways...
Dad helped me apply for Citibank, hopefully I'll get the job.. :))
Will work hard and get some money in the mean time.

Regarding my future, I've made up my mind to take up nursing.
Yes, nursing.
No, I'm not kidding.


People just CAN'T seem to accept the fact that I'm gonna be a nurse.
They expected me to go into mass com, business...
more into the creative line because of my God-given talents.
"Be a singer, actress, DJ, business woman..."
Anything but a nurse, lol.

I'm gonna try my best to have enough $$$$ to go to Singapore poly...
Well, nurses in S'pore are high on demand and they get well-paid, wee!
Hahaa, it's not entirely about the money lar, I know I CAN be a nurse.
I like helping people, patient and kind. I've personally know I've got what it takes.
Zinvi told me I've got a kind face, at least I won't scare the patients off, lol.

..... I guess being a nurse isn't bad at all, don't you agree? XD
Yeah yeah... I can see all the boys nodding. Get a grip, lol.

Watch your back...

Lame doctors like this boleh... boleh BLAH!
Miang gilerr... *barfs*

I'm glad to hear that nurses in Singapore don't have to wear that ridiculous hat.
They believe that it's not practical.
I couldn't agree more.
Pathetic. Annoying... Urrggh.

Mmm... mutual today.

That's beautiful...

God bless y'all.

Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm satisfied... I think.

I think I've done much as a new start on Blogspot.

Also coming to realise that I don't need all those fancy designs,
it's nice the way it is here.

And I just can't tahan some of those layouts that are only take up 1/2 or 1/4 of the page...
with UBER small fonts.

What kind of blog is that??
Wanna read what?

so cute... and peaceful
Slept like a baby yesterday, so nice....

Family and I will be going to a Korean BBQ later, hope it'll be fun! :)
A dear sister of mine in UK has a Scottish boyfriend now! He looks alright...
Hahaa, I wish them all the best.... :)

cute cute babies... :D
Men in kilts, watch out...

Anyways, siblings are all back to school while I'm just sleeping, help mum with some house chores, going online... wee!!
They're all fretting, why?
Simply because of this...

Benroy = UPSR
Celine = PMR
Benson = SPM

I'll just go LMAO in their faces...

All of 'em cakap besar in my face when I was struggling for SPM...
Banyak korang...! Hmph!
Tengok tengok! Who's laughing now??

*clears throat*
Weii... as your ELDEST sister arr... I tell you all to urrm... study haarrd....
UPSR, PMR and SPM all kacang only..... *ho ho banyak tu!*
Anyways, don't lemme see your butts at the computer.... XD

Aihh, school's over...
I'm not really missing it yet, except the people
but I know that "missing-feeling" will come to me eventually.
Just not yet. *wrinkles nose*

i gave the idea of the unbreakable circle, but didn't expect it like this..
Our class t-shirt's not all great though... :(
I gave the idea of the unbreakable circle, but didn't expect it to be like this.
The names are supposed to be in a fingerprint form with "The Unbreakable Circle" in the middle...


In the mean time...
Let's look at some student's great work shall we? :D

Blondes, sighs.

Terrer arr this person.

Right... lol.

LOL... Yeah, in malay is "had".

This boy nak cari pasal ni.... as if he tak evil pulak!

And the best one here.....

Have a good day y'all!

"Do you wanna go out on a date?"

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Yeap, it's an import from my xanga blog...

Well, yesterday my best friend, Josh* [identity protected]
invited me out for a new year movie, so he says.

Lol, honestly...
I wasn't even sure if my dad would even let me go out despite the fact that school's over and all.
In fact, I was quite sure that dad would say NO.
So, I just told him that I'll give my dad a ring and will get back to him as soon as possible.

So there I went...
"Hello Pa, Josh wants to treat me out to a movie..."
"Oh when?"
"What time?"
"Just you?"
"JUST you?"
*asks mum in background, Mum: Go lar..*
"Go lar, okay" - hangs up.

For me, that was unbelievable. Dad has been restricting me from movies eventhough SPM was over. Heh, perhaps it was just the fact that Josh was the last person dad would ever worry about. So I called Josh up to tell him that said yes, he told me when he'd pick me up, 7PM, it was done.

"Oooh jie!!! YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE!!", my siblings would tease me non-stop.
"What are you gonna do if he holds your hand??", my youngest brother getting all excited too. Mum's getting hyped on teasing too.
Alright, that's it.

Hah, a date? No, this is NOT a date.
More like a best friend outing.. yeah, that's what it is.
Anything BUT a date.

Nevertheless, got ready and dressed up.
No pics, lol. I didn't think it was necessary.
Hahaa... XD

Sis was getting all excited and thrilled at the idea of me going out with the guy who HAD a crush on me since primary school, but I simply didn't feel the same for him which was sadly heart heartbreaking for him but he eventually got over it. There she being so confident that he would come out with an umbrella for me because it was pouring cats and dogs outside..

Boy, she couldn't be psychic enough.
"I know Josh", she claimed. "You know he would too".
Damn, fine.

There he was standing outside my gates under the pouring rain with a red umbrella, dressed REALLY casual. Mum handed me over to him and he was being a gentlemen opening the car door for me and stuff.
I felt... awkward, lol.

His mum sent us to Tebrau City and after she left, Josh couldn't help but notice how I was dressed that night.
"High heels..?", he smiled as if I was not for real.
"Well, this would be my first seeing you like this..".
Hahaa, he felt so intimidated.
Apparently to him, "we weren't compatible", LOL.

I wanted to watch Eragon cause I didn't get the chance to. But Josh wanted to watch some comedy, so I was fine with that.
Indecisively, he said what about "Love Wrecked"?
Ooh, all I knew that Amanda Bynes was in it, should be fun, so Love Wrecked it was.
Just so you know, I knew nothing about the movie, its sypnosis and all, nothing.

Time was planned in such a way that everything was just smooth, the minute we bought the tickets without any hustle of any queues at all, it was apparently only 4 minutes to showtime.We got our popcorn and drinks and up we went to Hall 4. Hey, we had the best seats in the house, right in the middle and there was hardly anyone around.

"You know, you're one lucky man cause my dad wouldn't allow me with anyone else when I asked.."
"Oh wow... God has favour with me then..!"
"Ohh shut up.. lol"

We talked a lil during the long previews of trailers and then it started. Alright, in case you've watched the show or either read a review about it, perhaps you would understand what I was going through. It was just too awkward for Josh and I cause it was as if we were watching our lives flash through that huge screen.

There were just simply too many similiarities, very cliché for us both.
Too cliché as a matter of fact.

"God, what are you trying to do? What are you trying to tell me..??"
As I adjusted myself in my seat and Josh shared his popcorn with me.

Some of the very cliché scenes...

"What about Ryan?", Jenny's mum asked.
"Eww, kissing him would be like kissing my own brother...", Jenny replied.
I laughed in my heart cause I couldn't agree more.

"Umm, I hope that you're not worried about the fact that...", Ryan said nervously.
"What? About you and Jenny being roomies?", said Jenny's dad completing Ryan's sentence.
"Well, umm.. yeah.."
"Ryan, you're the last person I'm worried about. I'm more worried about that boy Lenny..."
I snorted.

For the sake of those who were like myself and knew nothing about the show,
it's about this 2 best friends [urgh, of all things] Jenny (Amanda Bynes) and Ryan (Jonathan Bennett) just ended high school [oh, what a coincidence] and they're working at this same inn before furthering their studies. In the process she meets her oh-most-adored popstar Jason Masters (Chris Carmack) and tries her luck getting his attention and his love, leaving Ryan on the sides.
IN the end, the best friends ended up as lovers.

After the movie, hahaa... we just started talking about what we were experiencing in our hot seats earlier on.
"It was... awkward", I said.
"Yeah, it's just that... the ending wasn't the same", Josh replied.
I could just look at Josh to see if I could really read what he was thinking.
Heh, 7 years of friendship now.

We were very open to one another cause we were the best of friends, so we shared what we felt and thought. Well, true enough, he has really gotten over me and has already accepted that fact.

After buying a couple of Papa Rotis, we just sat down and catched up on each others' lives.
At 10.30PM, we walked out to the other exit and waited after Josh's mum called to say she's coming.There we were under the starry sky and a full moon after the rain.
Yes, the setting was romantic enough I have to say.
It's just that we were just... best friends.

I asked Josh how he'd feel if he hadn't confessed that early 2006.
"I'd be flying...", that's all he said.
I knew what he meant because the entire night was simply... perfect.
Everything fell into place, planned in an early agenda.

When the familiar vehicle approached, Josh once again being a gentlemen opened the car door and this time he didn't sit infront but followed in after me.
I was wondering why until I saw that there were two people infront now.
Both his parents.

So, his parents were watching both us walking down towards them, mm hmm.In that car, I somehow felt interrogated eventhough we didn't talk much.
Hahaa, perhaps it was because Josh did tell me that his mum felt that it wasn't really alright going out alone with me.
She said it wasn't right, lol. That it wasn't time yet and all.
Josh had fun and enjoyed himself anyway.

And before I reached home, I passed Josh a belated christmas and new year present that I've prepared for him.
Well yeah he felt guilty, but it was his night that night.
He had a rough holiday, things didn't go his way...But that night, I guess it made up for everything else. Well, I hope so.
He was very happy.. :))

Hmm, I could just think to myself that perhaps Josh deserved this...
He had always being seeking for my attention, being so ever caring, leaving me
Honestly, I knew that Josh liked me since primary but I kept our relationship as best friends and that's as far as it went. I knew that he had to come clean and during a phonecall after Planetshakers' Conference 2005, he confessed. With much love, I lovingly told him that I didn't have the same feelings for him and I could just see him as my best friend and brother. He kept quiet for the past 6 years because of the fear of rejection and that I would be an aquaintance to him. Hahaa, I assured him that things would not change between us best friends and I'd never avoid him and be an aquaintance. He was relieved that I reacted in that matter but he took quite sometime to sink in the facts and now, he has moved on.

So right before I get on with my working life and furthering my studies,
he had the perfect opportunity given by God...
A date with me.
"This would be my first date..", Josh said smiling.

I'm sure it meant a lot to him, one way or another.
God is good. He really is.
I guess it's a good start for Josh this 2007.

I reached home at 11PM and my parents didn't lecture me or anything cause I kept them updated with phonecalls.
Hahaa, showing responsibility alright... ;))

Right after dad went to sleep...
Here comes the rest of my family members.
"How did it go??"
"Did he hold your hand??"
"Did anything happen??"
"What happened???"

"No, no, no...!"
In fact, we didn't have much body contact except when we passed the popcorn, that's it.During our walks, we weren't close either, rather far apart in fact.

Well, I had fun. It was great.
It was a date with my best friend.


Anyways, today my OTHER bestie Sue and I went on a..........

Sue and mum came and pick me up at about 2PM to Tebrau City [recalls last night's date, lol]Hahaa...

Urrmmms, after this whole hunt thingy,
I just realise how racist some Malaysians are...
Sighs, saddenning lar right?
We're supposed to live in HARMONY...
Hello, you're in MALAYSIA for goodness sake!

We walked into some shops and the minute they saw me with Sue, they instantly gave a no.
Down right RACIST.
Beh tahan betul.
I wouldn't even want the job if they accepted me and kicked Sue one side because of racism.

Well, Sue doesn't wanna say it but... I know she felt very a little bad...
Sniffx... they're mean!
Sue was glad that I was with her, she was SOOO nervous!
I'm glad that I was there with her too...

Anyways, thank goodness that NOT ALL Malaysians are that sort...
We've applied in... [according to preferences, ahaks!]

1) Tanjung Golden Village! *whoo!*
2) Pizza Hut
3) Sushi King
4) ... The arcade? *lol, we won't go even if we were accepted! I'll have a migrain sitting there for 8 hours...*

The pays are not bad at all! Well, for us fresh graduates of course... hahaa.Well, the procedure in Tebrau City is we've gotta fill in these forms and then wait for their phone call, so yeah.As for Pizza Hut, we'll have to go there on Monday.

We wanted to work in HARRIS, but it's FULL, sighs.
Giordano was gonna pay anyone RM1400 but they're what I've said earlier on, so they said NO.

Kenny Rogers were paying good, but it's FULL too.I guess that we were sorta contented with what we've applied for, so we'll wait and see.It was about 6.30PM when we left.

sue and i
iloveyoumydardardarlinggg!!! *mwarcksmwarcks!* <3

Urrgh, had a bad sleep yesterday nigth due to very bad headache...Hopefully tonight wouldn't be the same.Ah well...The past 2 days have been good.No wait, they're great! :))
They make up for the tears at night, ahaks!

Thank you God...
You're amazing.

Farewell 2006....

Monday, January 01, 2007

Doing some entry-importing from xanga... bleh.

In another one hour, 2006 will be another chapter at its end.
How was 2006?
Well for me, it was bittersweet, mixed and jumbled up with so many things...
"Just like ice-kacang" quoting Benson, my brother.
I had some today, hahaa.

It's the year I went through SPM, ended my high school life and realized that my lightyears are getting short. Lol, time passes by us so quickly we hardly noticed it. Making us live behind times.

At the same time besides the ups and downs, I've learnt many life lessons, be it tough, easy, delightful, painful - experiences in life. It's part and parcel of life, having no regrets but accepting that it's a lesson well learnt to prepare us for something more ahead.

- Many great achievements in school academically and leaving a "legacy" before leaving, lol..
- Delirious Concert in Singapore
- Festival of Arts
- First mission trip to Banting
- THE CORE performing at Jusco Tebrau City
- Nights of Fire, JB
- Volunteered at MS Doulos
- SPM- Planetshakers' KL Conference
- Packed schedule Christmas
- and sweet memories :))

- manyak-manyak stress and pressure
- My pathetic lonesome 17th birthday, lol..
- Freedom on a halt
- Often misunderstood by others
- Dull and boring New Year event
- and simply bitter and painful memories :((

Oh well, anyway....I can just hope that 2007 will be sooo much better.This year was okay, yeap.Hmm, well... I still love "Sweet 16" :))

- Figure out what the heck I wanna be in the future ASAP! [ so lost... :(( ]
- Get my driving license early January
- Get a job till I continue my studies, earn some $$$$- Do well in my studies
- Lose the fats...? LOL...

Can't seem to think now... Sighs, the pain in my mouth is hurting like nonsense man.It's swollen and all.. hard to talk, hard to think [serious], hard to drink, hard to eat [can be a good thing, lol].. Simply moving my jaw hurts the crap out of it.Thanks to that nurse who forced that metal into my mouth, hurting the insides of my mouth, causing my wisdom teeth to be having a lot of friction with the walls of my mouth, making it swollen with excess skin. Yeap, ouch. Plus, it sends "PAIN" waves to my brain...So, I'm just... in pain. Help.Just for the record, just because I'm going for braces, the pain is NOT supposed to even start YET! Sighs, dumb government nurse.


Yesterday, we were at Steffi's place for a pot bless and also to celebrate the new year in a way. Hahaa no, it's not a new year party, just a pot bless.We had fun. So sad I couldn't really enjoy the food there... my mouth was still in agony.At least it was WAAAYYY better than last year..I was tormented at the fact that the youths we having a blast while I was at an adults' dull new year gathering... Siblings and I could just stare at the stars while rocking in the swing, not bothered if 2006 arrived or not, it was so sad.. :((Our hearts were longing to be there but due to come complications, we could not.Sighs, another teary end but it's past.
OH well.. :))Thank goodness for this year's end then, hahaa!

Before going over to Steffi's place, we were still busy with the Red Cross Flood Relief Donations at church... was there practically the whole day, tired kay... We're done finally!! Wee.. For practically one week doing this. Hey, hey! BBQ! Mel hearts marshmellows like this... <3 Oh look! We end up at the swing under the stars again... :)) My darlings...! :DI'm tired already, lol... sighs.

Thanks to Steffi and family for being such good hosts and good food... that I can't enjoy much.*sniffx* but hey, it's great! :))


At church today, we had a great worship...Great to end the year with, very spirit-filled.After church service, I stayed on cause we had Mighty Kids, church's children's programme. Went back at about 5PM something though it ended at 4.30PM cause we were waiting for Andrea's mum to come... hahaa.

andrea and i
Andrea and I... yes, she's a cutie.

And yes, my mouth's cacat-ed cause it REALLY HURTS... *sniffx*

After that, we went to Makro to have some ice-kacang.Parents love the ice-kacang there, it's really nice.And then we went to Tebrau City to watch Night At The Museum.Hahaa, it's a REALLY GOOD movie! You should catch it!Funny part was, my family and I sat at different seats in the theater, lol.Parents didn't want the later one at 9.15PM, went for dinner nearby after the movie.

So, here I am... Waiting for 2007 to arrive.
Lord, I commit 2007 into Your hands cause I know You've got great plans for me.

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the LORD,"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..."- Jeremiah 29:11 [NIV]

To that, I'll hold on to.

Farewell 2006.
Hello 2007.


you complete me :)