Thursday, March 06, 2008

Checkmate, Noob.

*evil laugh*

Well, what happened after that leap day?
The Chess competition of course! :D

So it went like this.

I was on my way to school... till I fell asleep on the bus.
I went ahead by one stop, which was heading towars City Square, lol.
Pressing the buzzer quickly, I HAD to take a friggin' cab to school.
Ripped me off my RM4, lol, though it's so near...
WTH man.

Reached school and headed to the canteen, only to find a LOT of boys present.
Well, I'm studying in a boy's school, lol, DUH.
But I was waiting to see if there were any other form 6 girls competing.

And so I waited.
And waited...
And waited...
And... waited.
Well, I just waited.
And, I kept waiting.

Till I accepted the fact that NO girls were gonna come.
I won?

"Teacher, if that's the case, I won already... right?"
"Hmm, we were expecting 6 more girls so that we can make you girls a trophy but since you're the only one... I don't think so"
*Mel stood horrified*
"Huh, teacher... if that's the case, I don't think it's gonna be fair now, wouldn't it? As in, I have to compete against the boys...?"
"Mmm... I'm afraid you have to. Aww, I'm so sorry Melissa but things just happen. Just take it that you're just coming to compete for fun!"
*yeah, like, throwing in my RM5 only to get kicked in the bottom by boys... joy.*

And so we competed....
The guys are really all out for the game, and they are really good.
3 wins and 2 losses for me.

It was a tie for me and Shaun...
I know Shaun's a really good player but he was rushing and wasn't cautious.


Mel got 3rd place man.

Aww, I wanna have this!
Or those really nice kind of chess sets.


Today's also the last day of my tests!
Those horrid white-black-flats.
Geez man, I promise you.... most of us form six-ers kinda died.

MUET was okay, as usual.
Biology and General Paper was still alright, but careless.
Chemistry, I think I let me Madam Koh down, lol.
Maths? What about it?
But I'm so glad it's all over!

After the holidays however, it's back to physical torment and training.
Heh, being a school's triathlon isn't easy, huh?
It helps me lose weight though, hahaa.
Competition's after the holidays, teacher says.

GAH, leave 'em behind.
For now....


Checkmate indeed.

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