Saturday, September 20, 2008

Public Speaking Competitions.

Today's BB's day to shine.
Well, he won as expected.
This was under Karnival Rancangan Khas,
meaning all the first classes from JB were picked to compete here.
Can you believe that my brother owned all the forms there,
including Form 6?

- Joke of the day -
[taken from a participant's impromptu speech]
mistakes are not corrected.

"We must work hard to sucsex (success)...
Like Albert Einstein who drew the Monalisa, invented helicopters and created computers..."


Yeah yeah - seen it, been there, done that.
It runs in this family.
Starting off with me, then Benson, Celine and now, Benroy.
Benroy truly owes it to me and Ben for helping him prepare his prepared speech.
"Smart Citizens Lead To A Civilized Nation".
What a lazy bum who's glued to his computer games.

Anyways, well done - you listened to me and isn't it useful when I told you about Bill Gates?
Hahaa... the impromptu speech was "Success".
It was held in SMK Johor Jaya 1, by the way.

Then we went to Jusco to get some groceries, and me some testpads and model STPM papers.
And guess who we met? :)

Sumin, at Guess as usual.
Lol, actually I didn't know she went back to work for another 2 months since it's her holidays now. So happy to see here again :)

And yes, it's her first time meeting my vainpot and talkative brother.
Hahahaa, she seemed entertained much... xD
We spent some time with her till we left.
I consider we made her day, yay! :D

I gotta get ready for Maths tuition now.
Gotta go! :)


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The National Debate - KL Trip.

Hahaa, I didn't buy any... no money.

Xin Xiang, my bus mate :)
Sweet girl...

The badminton players :)

The teachers.

Ain't she cute? :)

"You can't suck the joy outta me!"
Hahaa, nolarr... actually they asked for a cool pose...
I guess I didn't fit their theme, LOL.
Cause I didn't know being "cool" was depressing... xD

As the sun rose higher in the sky...


Text, text, text.... lol.

After reaching the place, we got ready and had lunch.
We were gonna go shopping, wheee :D

Mid-Valley Megamall :)
It's been long since I came here.
And I love the giant chess pieces here!

Shopped till it was about 9PM, almost 10PM maybe..
We girls really grew closer :)

Imagine this.
EIGHT girls in one room.
ONE bathroom.


What a horror!
Lol, but it's okay... we planned our bathing schedules systematically.
And use teacher's bathrooms if they're vacant, so no complaints from us :)

The next day.
The badminton match against Sekolah Sains Alam Shah.

Can you believe that we drove out of our centre all the way to town, and suddenly shocked us when we reached the wrong place, it was deserted. Then only we were told that the match was where our centre was, you could even walk and you'd reach in no time. Waste our time man...

We girls were screaming, shouting and cheering for our boys like mad.
Sains Alam Shah's spirits were so low, they told us.

We won every category... lol.
Screaming has power...
This was the result! xD

Each hamper about RM100 or more?

Later in the evening.... here we were, finally.

This was our row of girls.
The row of badminton boys at the back.
At the corner of this big, big auditorium.

We just finished witnessing the malay debate.
Now my girlfriends just kept giving me support cause I was just so low that day.

Won't repeat the story here, go refer to my previous post after I returned from KL.

Stand by.

See all the yellow people?
Yeah, the Sains Alam Shah people are flooding in and filling the auditorium.
Now, do you see what I was telling you?

The nice observant hosts who knew what was called "biased".
The lady was the judge for last year's debate okay.

And so, we begin.

I'm the prime minister for my opposition team, considered.
LOL, first speaker lar.
I was so glad I didn't flunk anything, perfect I'd say.

That's the guy that everyone's calling "bapok", "pondan" or "sissy".
They say that they couldn't stand his broken-wrist syndrome and his bimbo-ness.

Mr. Ang, our last speaker.

So many yellow people.... lol...

The reply speech session.

The only lady on the stage.
Ahem ahem, lol.

And then, this shocked the world.
Big sighs. Oh well.
You should've seen them leading some cheer with all the yellow people involved.
Very well choreographed.

And so, there we were. Unjustified.

But suddenly without expectation, I was announced the Best Speaker of this National Debate.
Received extra trophy, cert and money.
Awww, I owned everyone.
I didn't know I'd own Mr. Ang too, lol.

Depressing night, the biased decision was so clear.
Even people who watched it already told me so.
Anyways. What's happened has happened.
We were on our enemy's ground.

Goodbye KL...
With so many unjustice and problems, we left that night itself too and most of us couldn't even take our shower.

So mean, bad organisation and going against promises that are printed black and white. It was dangerous k. Again, refer to the previous post for the story.

And some bears we snapped at Mid-Valley...

Sadly, these bears can't hug you back.
But sometimes... they're all you've got.

Ahh, just wanna sleep on them right now...
I finally finished this post, argh.
G'night :)

An Update of Recent Events.

Children's Sunday!
The puppet show was really cute and nice :D
By my beloved FGC pals, so surprised to see familiar faces.

Our own children's drama... :)

The Mighty Kids band!
The keyboardists, pianist, drummer, tambourinas and singers.
All children, this is the day they dominate ;)

Hey Nette, miss these days?
I thought them well I suppose ;)

Jump, jump, jump! :D

Jusco celebrating the Mooncake season.

Gorgeous mum :)
Come to think of it, I hadn't eat one full mooncake till now.

* * * * * *

Sarah Tam! :D
Was so surprised to see her at Nat's place.

I love, love, love Nat's house :D

I'm inspired to get my own next time :D
We were playing games.

Simon Suntana.
Not Santana, lol.

Leo handling the games.

And then I saw ABEL. TAM.
Omg, I was with him in school all these while and I never knew he was Sarah's brother -.-"
And by the way, he's a superb golfer!
Went to SUKMA kay :D

Group pic. Feeling very pink, lol.

The guys seem to really have an issue with their armpits.
Too much Rexona till it hurts?

We're all one SDJ clan :)

* * * * * *
Last Sunday, served as the keyboardist.
Felt very glad when people were really touched by the music.
Pastor came to me and told me that I played very well, and it was beautiful.
Awww :)

It's great to receive encouragement.
Praise the Lord for these great gifts :)

And after service, we were craving for some Burger King...
And guess who we bumped into??

The Tweedies! :D
Jolisa and me being retarded, lol.

And that's adorable Joshua :D
They were there celebrating Josiah's birthday.
Happy birthday dude, you're twelve! :)

We had a great time chatting the hours away.
Yeah, hours.
The adults had a lot to catch up on :)

I just love the weekends :)


you complete me :)