Saturday, March 29, 2008

Girl Rangers and Guides - Thinking Day.

I don't know about you,
But I like it when I enter an empty bus.
Early in the mornings with that cold, cold air...
Ahhh :)

Hahaa, I'm finally here.
For the first time, serious.

They were the school that rejected my application after UPSR.
I got 3A's but another girl who had 2A's got in.
Unfair? Tell me about it.

I've always seen it across the field from the main road...
But never this close, she's beautiful :)

Well, this was the theme for Thinking Day this year.
But honestly, we hardly talked about water.
Cause the speaker who was supposed to come had another function.
Sighs. But. Good also lar.

Those 2 empty spaces there shows the absence of 2 more schools.
But there were many of us girl guides and rangers.

A performance from SIGS.
So bad, they were laughing at the girl who couldn't really keep her balance.

By a Convent girl, well, she was mainly shaking her booty, lol.
It wasn't that bad... or good either.
No offence okay, just my point of view.
She's a pretty girl alright :)

People didn't really appreciate their performance but I DO! :D
This requires skill okay, and it sounded nice.

Truth be told.

Organisation was a mess.
Most our time spent here were singing songs.
The main purpose was to delay time for the arrival of the speaker initially.
But in the end, news came that she wasn't coming.

Thanks to Dr. Rani and Puan Tan, they kept the show moving.
Otherwise, it would've been really dead.
But it was undeniable that the messy organisation was very visible and everyone felt that they were wasting their time.

But I REALLY like Puan Tan, Convent's principle.
She's really nice and sporting!

I ALSO loved the school's choir which I competed against 2 years ago.
It was more of a "mother theme" today and it rocked!
I liked it soooo much, that I forgot to take pictures, LOL.
I was just captivated.

And I performed a "Heaven" by Bryan Adams while playing their piano.
It was impromptu and wasn't part of the agenda actually, lol.
Not too well mind you. My voice wasn't warmed up, and my hands were cold and stiff, LOL. I take it as a practice for tonight's wedding reception and Rotary's Alumni Dinner. Hahaa.

And ohh, when I get the pictures from Linda, I'll post it here.
She's got the shots.

Representatives from SMK Dato' Jaafar.

Will get some rest.
And when night falls...


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