Monday, March 24, 2008

Organization Skills Boo-Hoo.

*applauds for Majlis Sukan Johor*

This is what they did.

When my other juniors and I gathered in school with the competition spirit, we went to Leisure Mall only to find out that all the other schools were asked to come too.
And I mean, ALL categories.

MSJ was so unorganized, that it was only TODAY they decided that the Primary school shall compete today.

What is this?
I looked around and most of us were 15 and above.
Big sighs.

All of us who came all over JB totally wasted our time.
We missed school, and those valuable lessons especially when it is our examination year.
It was already 11AM when everything was decided.

In the end, Alvin, Gregory, Jeremy, Ben, Victor, Shaun and I headed to Daiman Bowl and trained with 2 games.
Wahh, I'm getting worse by the minute!
96?? Koyak mannn.

I'll only be competing on Wednesday.
So, wish me all the best :)


Will do that Interact flyer, Biology, Chemistry and maybe Maths homework.
Au revoir.

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