Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Starz LG.

I would never imagine myself doing this again.
This soon -.-"

It was pretty packed.

The "upstairs" audience.

The budak poyo.

Singing Jordin Sparks' "Tattoo".
The song I never fancied.

Why that song you're asking?
Mainly this was the songlist.

English Songs for Females:
Hero - Mariah Carey
Because Of You - Kelly Clarkson
When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
Tattoo - Jordin Sparks
Irreplaceable - Beyonce Knowles
No One - Alicia Keys

Okay great, there are A LOT of other choices I could've made yes?
I actually wanted to sing Mariah Carey's "Hero" or Kelly Clarkson's "Because Of You".
I just found out that they will not change the minus one's tone for anyone.
It'll be in the original key.

Okay fine.
Change of plans.
I listened to all the songs and my closest bet was "Tattoo".
Yeah, the song that I never fancied and always critiqued on radio.

I just learned and memorized "Tattoo" in two hours before the competition.
Sucks right?

So, there I was.
Barely prepared.

As I was singing, just before I could finish the first chorus...
The judges stopped me.
Omg lar. My heart stopped too. But I continued smiling.
Suddenly, they just showed me the GREEN CARD.
Which means, I passed the audition! :D


And so, they gave me their "golden ticket" except that it wasn't gold.
Did some interview and bla-bla.
I dunno when they'll air it on TV3 though.

Asking me questions and stuff.

Yada yada yada....
Whatever Mel.

Oh, they mean congratulations?
Hmm, to be honest.
This wasn't as hard as Malaysian Idol.

The producer asked all the contestants who passed the audition to come back again at 4PM for a second round. This time they'll record your performance [full song] and decide later on after they've auditioned the whole nation. JB's the first stop, Penang's next, then Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and so on. They'll call us regarding our results about one month later.

Only 2 chinese girls made it among the other 16 malays.
Man, I was so tired.
I rushed back to Jusco after EC's IU at about 3.30PM.

Among all the contestants there.
I felt so, so, so, so superly overdressed!
Yes, too formal for my own good -.-".

The second round.
It was "Tattoo" again.
But this time, singing the whole song.

And disaster happened.
I didn't get to hit the highest note! :(

The judges this time were the producers of Warner Music, Malaysia.
Earlier, it was the senior producers of TV3 that worked with all the local artists.

WHY must I screw up now?
Of all times, now?
At the high note, I forced my voice to come out like it always did but this time, it DIDN'T! I was so upset, lol. Macam, malu lar... paham? Big sighs.

The big guy in red was like...
"Macam suara awak tak boleh keluar ye..? Takpe takpe, tapi ada banyak ruang untuk meningkatkan lagi potensi anda..."

SNIFF, is he trying to say that I can learn and grow more from the competition, or is he just saying I'm not ready yet, lol?

"Dan awak sangat berani ye untuk menyertai pertandingan ini, sebagai seorang bangsa cina... Saya boleh tengok awak telah berusaha dengan banyak sekali untuk menyanyikan lagu ini ya..."

LOL, worked very hard for the song?
More like, NOT REALLY cause I just learnt it in two hours!
And he made me sound like I worked my ass off for this song, only to sound like a disaster.
Gosh, I feel like I'm such a lousy singer! :(

However, while I was singing... I saw that their main camera ran out of tape.... LOL.
I hope they didn't get to record my bridge, waahahaa.
Tough luck, huh Mel?
Always having shadowed hope -.-".

Dad taking candid shots.
This lady is the senior producer of TV3.

Big sighs.
I dunno what to say man.
See lar if they bother to call me back or not.

If I continue to KL, then...
My STPM gone already lar, lol.

Everything happens for a reason.
We'll see.

Another Malaysian Idol Competition...?

Ever heard of My Starz, by LG on TV3?

Dad told me about it.
It's already Season Two.
And today's the last day for auditions.

I'm gonna go audition today at Jusco Tebrau City soon!
Wish me all the best :)

And right after that, I'll rush to Mawar for EC's IU.

I suck in passport photos.
But I thank the Lord for great and patient friends like Jacqueline!
Which is why this turned out pretty well ;)


Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's Up, Mel?

Let me ask YOU a question.
Don't worry, it's pretty simple really.

"Does these bunch of brinjals look red in colour to you?"

Look carefully.

Oh, no you said?
You're making a face now?
Ohh, you said they're purple?
Well, that's what I said too...

But TESCO's label proved us wrong.
Check this out.

Or rather they're colour blind.
Can't they tell it's not freaking red???

* * * * * *

Hullo you :)
Thanks for being such a faithful reader of this blog!
I could tell by the number of hits per day, lol.

*ceh bangga-nye*

And ohh, have I ever mentioned that I'd feel a lil' nervous being in a public bus, alone?

S&S buses are not really popular with the people here.
They'd purposely wait for MAJU or Translink-The Smiling Bus to come about.
Maybe it's because of their dirty and smelly conditions.
And ermm, with white substances here and there.
Well, there have been cases where girls get sexually harassed on public transports.

I felt nervous this round cause I was in the bus alone for about half of my journey. I was wondering why the driver wasn't stopping at any stops where people DID hail him down. I got a lil' more tensed when this fierce-looking indian driver kept staring at me through his mirror.

Whatcha looking at punk?!

But when I was almost reaching home, some people got on the bus, FINALLY, cause he decided to stop. Felt some sort of relief if you asked me, lol. Ahh well.

* * * * * *

I'll be attending EC's International Understanding Day this Sunday cause I've got a FREE TICKET! Mwahaahaaaa. But I'm not too sure if I can make it to SSI's this Saturday cause I've got something on too.

Hopefully I can make it.
SSI-ians should forgive me k.
*fingers crossed*

And it's my school's Hari Koko tomorrow!
Our Interact Club's handling a food stall selling cocktails and other delicacies.
And yes, a "Rumah Hantu" as well.
LOL, yes, my hair and a white cloth would do the trick!
But I already lost my darcula fangs thanks to my braces, hehe.
And it's also because we've got a massive supply of "hantus" in the club.


I really hesitated but I was yet forced again to perform.
Yeah, singing while playing the guitar.
It's really a hassle to bring it up and down if you ask me.
Especially when I live soooo far away from school.
And I HAVE TO take the public transport home... -.-"

MY PRE-U STPM TRIALS are on 8/9 September!
Honestly, I am sooooo not prepared :(

Big sighs.

Anyways, I shall take my leave now.
Leaving you guys with pictures that I recently took before I got serious in losing those fats.

Alfred and I at City Harvest Church, KL.
Awesome service by the way, Pastor Melvin rocks!

A bunch of us eating some "harmful fast food" [this applies to Mel only]
after dancing sessions. Bob, Benjamin, Bryan, Benroy and me.
LOL, all the "B" boys... I mean literally xD
But notice their names too, lol.

That's right Bryan, you get him!
Tell Colonel to stop invading my dreams no more!!!


And so, we bid you adieu.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mel's losing weight..?

She's proud to say that she lost 7kg in the past 2 weeks +
Mel's on a very, very, VERY strict diet.
Plus, some workout ;)

Cause she was never slim before in her entire life and has very low metabolism. She has very high water retention which means she's filled with water that combined with her fat cells which makes her very puffy :/
No wonder she could still be so active in sports and be the school's athlete.

She was freaking 8pounds the minute she came into this world for crying out loud!


I was enduring the times where I watched my family indulge Burger King, friends munching on Mickey D's, ex-colleagues asking me out for KFC, soft drinks offers by schoolmates and other various temptations. Not just avoiding those fast food products, anything that is oily, fried, fat and sugary is out of my list.

I just forced myself to say "no".
And ate healthy and balanced small portions every single day regularly.
With lotsa H2O.
Hunger strike's not a solution for me.

She's never been happier! :)
And she's gonna keep pushing on.

BUT she just gave in to temptations of durians -.-"
She's far too weak when it comes to those creamy little things.
Especially when it's currently the Durian Season!
But thank goodness they were in a controlled portion this time.

I can do this.
Come on.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mel's Date.

"It takes a real man to become a maid of honour".

This was kinda long ago, but I'll blog about it now
since I just received the pictures. Haha.

So, I rushed all the way from school in such haste so that I wouldn't make Hin Loong wait again. IN the end of the day, he ended up coming pretty early (I think, lol) and he was already waiting outside my house.

I didn't even get to put on some touch-ups!

Anyways, we headed to Jusco Tebrau City to catch "Get Smart".
Heard that it was some great comedic-action-pack.
But then the movie had horrid neck-breaking seats and the next show was on pretty late.
So, we resorted to this movie, "Made of Honour".

Giving no spoilers, all I can say is that I seriously enjoyed this movie, really!
It REALLY took me flying through romance and it was fabulous!
It was really, really, REALLY good... :)

If you've ever read a romance novel and closed that book with a very satisfied "awwww", this movie totally brought it to the screens!

Especially when Patrick Dempsey's the main actor and the main actress, Michelle Monaghan rock the screens together. It is simply beautiful and they're perfect to play the roles.
Go catch it!

And of course, Hin Loong was a great date, as always :)
Thanks for the dinner and movie darl, I really had fun!
I needed this break, hahaa.

He presented me this gift he bought in KL!
Supposedly he intented to buy me a bottle of perfume.
But due to some "misunderstandings" [LOL],
he came back to JB to find a bottle of perfumed-shampoo... xD
No thanks to the assistant who got it for him.
Awww :)

Honestly, I had no problem with that!
It's still a great gift, thanks again Hin Loong :D

So, that was my date :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Chapter Closure.

Trying to pull myself together from this petrifying incident.
For those who don't know, read this post.

The food that you never got to finish....
We even got you a new big pack just before you left...

The brooms that were standing straight against the wall
that weren't lying flat on the floor anymore.
You couldn't try sweeping again for the last time.
That funny skill that you picked up from me :)

The gates that were now open to nothingness.
Cause you're not there to greet us anymore.

The bloody gate that happened to be insecured when the murderers came.
Timing couldn't be perfect enough for that unfortunate crime.

Gates that were no longer secured by you.
Corridor's that you no longer slept at.

Your wall of fame where you left your paws on.
While you tried to catch those lizards, but you did anyways.
We had a headache everytime you messed up the flower pots.
But we were glad that we still had you around.

The rose pot that you always ran around in circles.
Even a dragonfly rests there without moving till now.

The incomplete and empty porch we now have...
Everything happened all too fast.
You left me so soon.
When I wasn't ready.
I wasn't ready for goodbyes yet.

Dear readers,

It is clear and very obvious to my family that it was the malay neighbours that surrounded my entire house who requested that our dogs were taken away by the truck.
How cruel could they get by killing our pets.

It's like asking people to assassinate on your behalf.
You're still THE murderer.
Shame on you.

The SPCA actually asked dad to make a police report and make a big press conference but dad decided against it as the dogs were already dead and it would not serve any purpose for us except make it more difficult to get over.. Apparently, we were not the only people whom they broke into their homes to snatch their dogs and later killing them.

Many have tried to report this very same case to the police but without solid proof, other various accusations would be diverted back to us instead
[e.g: your dog attacked people, you never controlled it]
and WE end up receiving a summon, with our dogs already dead.

Where's the justice?
You tell me.
We're living in an unfair world.

Dad reasoned with me that such a complaint right now would be useless and we'd end up with an unreasonable fine. Our dogs are already gone forever anyways.

Let it be.

Sighs, as much as I'd like to hunt these "worse-than-animals" down, I know that I can't do much now but tell the world about this.

So guys, please be cautious.
Don't let them take your beloved pets away... they've already taken mine.

So, this is where I'd close this chapter...
I need to do this for myself, I need to move on.
My beloved pups, I've always loved all of you so very much.
You didn't even get to say your goodbyes.
Cause you never intended to :(

Dearest Bread, Peanuts and Sugar.
Please rest in peace.
God will take care of those people.

You'll be dearly missed :(
Very, very much indeed.


you complete me :)