Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tony's Wedding & Rotaract's AlumNite

The newly wedded couple,
Tony and Shimi :)

Nice wedding gown :)

The reception.

The groom's brother, the PA man and my bestie, Brad.
Lol, I didn't know we'd turn up at the wedding so matching, LOL.
Besties think alike I guess, hahaa.

I sang only one song, "Heaven", cause the was a LOT of technical problems.
Brad felt that it was such a disasterous chaos.
It's alright Brad, don't feel bad... not your fault.

After I was done, I packed my keyboard and Brad took me around introducing me to his relatives and friends, macam aku dia punya makwe, LOL. But firstly he took me to the YB's and Dato's table, all malays only because Brad's a son of a politician. So we took pictures! Brad will give 'em to me once they're out.

AND then, I rushed off to Rotaract's AlumNite.
Reached RJCC at about 9.30PM.

SHAKE it, Sharveen!

The boys ;)
My leng zhai interact juniors, hehe.
Except Sharwin of course who's also a leng zhai senior, lol.

Also performed, sang "Heaven" and "Everything I do".
I'm pretty satisfied with my performance, hee :)
AND then we had some dancing!
LOL, but it was all indian songs... tak syiok sangat larr, lol.

Ben Chia and Sharwin :)

Will get more pictures from Linda, again.

In the end of both events, I ate NOTHING.
Didn't eat at the wedding because the queue was very long and I had to rush off. Didn't eat either at RJCC cause my dad was already waiting downstairs for me, didn't wanna keep him waiting.

I enjoyed myself really :)

You bet.

Nothing beats the bed! x)

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