Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mel Hits Twenty :)

There's no more "teen" in my age!

Ahh well.
It had to come sooner or later, didn't it?
I feel older as I keep aging year by year...
I'm definitely not gonna be some "aunty" and I wanna keep to that! :)

What happened this year?
Well... I didn't celebrate my birthday this year.
Yeap, no celebration... big or small, nothing - zeusch!

... no cake or candles, sniffle...
Not even a cupcake! :(

Nevermind it doesn't really matter this year actually.

Anyhoo, I hope history doesn't repeat itself when I turn 21 next year...
Because it's the BIG TWENTY-ONE! :D
You know... entering womanhood, receiving your "key", and all that jazz :)
I really hope to make it big somehow.

To my dearest readers who's reading this right now... :)
You've got a chance to cheer me up! Hahaa.
Yes you've got it, get me a gift :D
That would really cheer me up.

SO let me give you some ideas of what I would like to have :D
If you've got other ideas, it's fine too!
But I'm just putting up a wishlist here, hahaa, so here goes.


Melissa's Wishlist!

I have been wanting this kind of name necklace for a long time! :D
Anyone knows where I can actually get this..?
Or better yet, you get it for me! :D

Or this kind of necklace :D
Actually I was trying to find a picture of a small diamond in the middle instead, but I got lazy.

And a turquoise eye shadow! :D
Of course not this brand, any brand will do for me.
I was just being specific, if not turquoise, any other colours will do too.

A stylish DIGITAL watch! :D
Don't worry, I'm not superstitious being all horrified and jumpy thinking that you want me to die sooner.
Well... do you...?
Lol nay, just messing with cha ;)

And stylish photoframes too!

Hahaa, just suggesting :P

A queen sized comforter and bedsheet set :D
I wanna feel like a queen in bed, mwahahahaa!

This kind of sexy dark red lipstick!
Or darker?
Wanna try something new ;P

* * * * * *

I'm not demanding really... :)
Come on, don't go "yeahh right" at me!
Except for the fact that you MUST have to get me at least something, yeahh?

This is all I can think of for now.
I'll get back to the wishlist when I've thunk a lot more about it.

Ohh, I'm getting my CD license tomorrow!
No more "P" driver, HAHAHA.

And by the way...
Yeap, I'm an Easter baby, woooot!

Ciao ;)


you complete me :)