Monday, December 31, 2007

As 2007 draws to its closure...

Brad's Christmas Open House...

Sniff... we're all fading away.... :( :( :(

And it just came to light that Daniel Tan has quit Form Six and will be proceeding to UTAR in Perak for business admin.
Will miss you sitting next to me Dan...

Sue will be gone to Inti Nilai too, doing commerce.
So both my besties will be gone far away from me starting next week.
Both Anan and Brad are in KL too... everyone's gone except for me...
I'll miss you so very much Sue, sniff :(

Like this shirt? (:
Let me know!
Limited stocks left - RM22 ONLY.

Then we just came back from Eunice Wong's surprise party...
Hahaa, she was pretty surprised alright...
To find about 13 people cramped in her bedroom.

Well, like my other besties...
She's going away to KL too, Sunway College.
So we planned a surprised party for her.

The jamming sessions with uncle!
He's really good okay...

Benroy, Ivan, Philip, Mel and Soon Khit...
All squeezing our butts together!
Hahaa.. :)

Stella, En Ai and myself - had a great time catching up :)

Credits to the Tans for fetching us to and fro too!
Special thanks to Yen Fah for that white shirt I'm wearing (:
Love you guys :)


I've got a finalization discussion with my classmate for our Ecology project tomorrow.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Summary of Trip Back to KL 2007

I loved it so much :)

Warning :
Long entry ahead.

To all my friends that kept demanding for this entry, here you are :D
Whey, I needed time k...
I still got assignments to do after I got back.
I literally slept at 8AM trying to finish it okay. Pfft.


So, here are the pictures that speak a million-gazillion-bafawowllion words!

This is the famous 10-storey-tall christmas tree in KLCC.
Even I can't take the entire tree though I was practically kissing the floor.

That's just a rough picture of the real thing.
Haha :)

Pizza hut baby!
Finally met my Beng-eey!

Awww :)
I know I'm a good photographer.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia endorsement :D

Yes, I'm a good photographer.

The candid moments I caught on cam. Hehe.

She's the apple of my eye :)
The vegetable shouldn't get jealous, hehe.

Hehe. Evonne, Mel and Cells. Guess which is which?

Besides the very comfy bed I slept on for only three days, sadly...
I missed it badly in camp Evonne, lol.

Bradley and I hung out at OneYou, KL.

Whoot! :)
Wish you were with us Dan.

Yee Hua, Cells & Isabelle.
By the way, Yee Hua looks like Eunice Wong and Isabelle looks like Jeslyn Lim.

Look closely.

omg lar... i found da clones! :D

Group pics!

For me, One Utama's decos hit #1 this year :)

The largest drummer boy has a moving head.
And those little drummer boys arranged along the staircase in the form of piano keys!
Ooh, love it!

And those drummer boys over here are on moving piano keys that goes up and down randomly. So cute!

There's a story to this picture:
In the first place, I'm not supposed to be there.
Brad dared me to. It was pretty tempting too.
Secondly, the shopkeepers around know who's the real pianist who usually comes at the fixed time, but they were also asking themselves if I was a new pianist.
Thirdly, I played well - christmas songs.
Fourth, people started to gather, couples in love are amidst the circle.
People applauded and I carried on, for 15 good minutes.
Got out with much poise and grace and left.
Brad told me five authorities passed me by but thought I was a newly hired pianist.

Boo Chong!
He looks like Bruce Lee man... really!

Sis, me and the rest of the boys went and catch The Golden Compass.
Was kinda like "What?" at the ending when she suddenly said she had to help her dad...
Which means there'll be a sequal. Ah well.



This is where we eat, sleep, train, bathe, play and everything else... :)

My fabulous dance trainers: Qian in red and Erin in white :)

Made new friends! :D
Hey, the playground is uneven okay. Lol.

My family group: Kindness
Doing our devotion...

Ahh... our havoc gang lar. Lol.

Girls breaking it down ;)

Team B presenting in church first before doing outreaches in the old folks home, children's home and shopping malls. I'm in Team A - and we ROCK! WHOO! :D

Celine, Miriam and blue eye shadow :D

All set to hit the malls.
Two thumbs up to Swen who designed our camp shirt this year.
Take Root, Bear Fruit.
Hmm from far, it could be mistaken for ...root beer... hehe.

Girls just wanna have fun :D

Awwwww....! :D

Daniel Chai and Derek :)
Yes lar, they memang tall.

The poseurs. Lol.

Don't mess with us. Nyah-hah.

Yes, we love her :)

Erin and Jovenne :D
Jo reminds me of Lynette Goh.

Sugin! And Dan and Rek appeared from behind.
Cell call them "pop-ups"! LOL.

There she is... it's blonde!
My Lydia Miller :)

She looks like Cheryl Fox in person.
No joke.

Ish, tak malu betul... -.-"
Picking noses in public.

Performing the two hip-hop dances, two sign languages, plus a skit :)

IOI Mall.

Daniel Singh, great preacher!
Love his sessions.

King George's Old Folks Home :)
Looking at them tore my heart apart. Sighs.
That's why we're here to spred the Christmas joy, they deserve it most this season.

Sisters :)

I think I saw...

We performed inside after eating at the fountain.
Pictures are not with me though.


The people on the bus go up and down... janji rock... round and round...

Jonathan Yap! a.k.a Joker (obviously)
I miss him so very much...

And my darling Evonne! :D

The Our Saviour's Church, Salak South peeps! :D
A very enthusiastic bunch.

Aaron Pereira and Yogan, who has the voice of Josh Groban.

It was also AFC's 11th Anniversary! :D

Both Melissas - except that the other one is a greater pianist! :D
One with a Lai in the front, while the other one with a Lai at the back.
And I'm not tumpang-ing glamour okay, kita memang ada LAI dalam nama ape...

The last night at camp.
All comfy in our PJs now...

Girl shot.

Despite the fact that all the campers were physically and soon mentally lethargic, they refused to return to their rooms, wanting to exchange numbers, e-mails and chat away. So, their alternative was to sleep on the hall table.
It was almost 4AM.

Lydia Millier, was the sleeping-ho-ho-queen.
Just give her a pillow or Melissa Yap and she'll sleep off, just anywhere, in any position.


It happens to be a tradition in AFC apparently to spread colgate or shaving cream on your fellow campers on the last night, or day. Leaving you a very refreshing sensation, indeed.

Sighs, they actually entered our room to kena some people.
They wanted to kena us sisters but they were afraid that we might instantly wake up.
So, they passed us first.

When we got up and sis went to brush her teeth....


Cell just got shaved!

Then, Mel went into hiding.
Damn, they were searching for me man, nasib I was locked somewhere.
Lol. I got saved by the whistle. Everyone had to assemble at the hall.

Oooh, can you guess what happened next?

After devotion....
We had to pack our bag and bring everything down to the hall.
So, the leaders would ronda one time to see if anything was lost and found.

Then, there'll be a penalty.
For those who were late, and lost their stuff.

Joseph was late, the last one to come down, so...

"Don't move! Don't move!!"
*Joseph wailing and screaming*
Poor Joseph.... Lol.

Nice legs... sexaay. LOL.

Then he had to do his catwalk of shame. Lol.
Disclaimer: Joseph Ong was not physically hurt, perhaps excluding his pride. Lol. It was all done in the name of fun and he was a good sport.

Yogan lost his shirt.
Dance and write his name with his butt. LOL.

Joseph Ong lost his stuff again.... so...

They forced on him a leotard.
Honestly, he got pretty comfortable in it.

Joker lost his stuff too... LOL.

OMG, so cute!

So they all had to do their penalty.
Dance the hip-hop dance in those too-toos. LOL.

Dorothy and Jonathan Yap.
I love the siblings!

Melody and Ruth - the cuties :)

My beloved Joseph Ong, my lil' bro.

Then we all split our ways, our camp ended.

But then because sis and I were still in KL, the AFC dance trainers invited us to come and join them to perform for one more day at three more locations: The Weld, Subang Parade and Times, Pavillion. They said we make them look good, hehe.

Ooooh... aaaaaah....


Joseph Lai! :D

Subang Parade's decos were #2 for me, after One Utama.
Very nice.

Mum and dad were always very supportive :)
Thanks ma and pa.

Last performance, so we bid Adrian Miller farewell :)

After it was all done, we went to stay over at Amma's house.
Took care of her, spent time with her, helped her around the house :)

We also got a chance to meet Ken Wei and Shawn!
Finally meeting Kagenn for the first time, and Kye again :D

We played foosball and pool!
Ken Wei and I won, mwahahaaa.

Aww Shawn Beck :)

Ken Wei's filled with life, hahaa.

No edit, the cam shook but it turned out pretty cool :D

We had a great day!

We also had a visit to my mum's side in Seremban.
My, looking at all our cousins, we've all really grown up.
Everyone has changed.

Cousins from mum's side.
A few aren't here though.

Their grandchildren :)

Sharon, Mel, Michelle and Celine.

Chan Wan and Ah Sun jie.

Popo :)

Uncle Peter's sons. The youngest there is only 13 and he's so tall.

Ohana Portrait :)

So we head back home...
Where it was Christmas, and also Mun Yi's birthday.

Sweet 16 :)

Ehh, siapa ambik nie.... mesti Bengkel Ban Soon tu.

Can't you see how happy she is?? :)

And as usual, it must always have karaoke...
*rolls eyes* where I'm always forced to *coughs* sing.. *coughs*


I wanna stop now.
Gosh, so long.



you complete me :)