Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tagged Again??

This time, by my all time Delicious-CorNetto! :D

Lynette Goh.
Love you babe :)

One after another... it a vicious cycle! xD

* * * * * *

Real name: Yap Kah Lai
[I was called Melissa before birth but grandma objected to putting it in my birthcert, that's all]
Well, that didn't stop everyone from calling me Melissa anyway, lol.

one of a kind,
mel-ting my heart!,
melly welly,
mellow yellow,
rocker chic,
mel-icious/malicious [LOL],
the Malaysian Idol [I'm not! see how misleaded people are?? lol],
miss famous/popular [I disagree],
that girl-bassist,
'she-plays-everything'.... -.-"
that-girl-who-can't-speak-chinese [HELLO, I can lar you dungu!],
.... geez, the list goes on and on.

Married: Nope... Not yet, haha.

Male/Female: "I'm every woman, it's ALL in ME!!!" :D

High school: SMK Desa Cemerlang.

College: PRE-U STPM in SMK Dato' Jaafar.

Short or long hair: It's a hybrid of both, lol.

Are u a healthy freak: ..... look at me, and then YOU tell me. LOL.

Height: Very short, about 156cm :(

Do u have a crush on someone?: No.

Do u like yourself: Hahaa, yeah?

Piercings: One on each ear.

Righty of lefty: Righty! :)


Surgery: I had a Cesarean birth.

Piercing: 5-years-old I suppose, hahaa. Walked dizzily after that dude shot the earrings into my ear, lol.

Person u see in the morning: Mum, most of the time... cause I can't wake up! x) LOL.

Award: I'm not really sure... maybe in singing and academics during my primary school days?

Sport you joined: Netball, Chess or Bowling.. I think?

Pet: Organ, LOL. Weird names I have for my dogs, huh? ROFL.

Vacation: When dad took us to Penang or Genting I'm not too sure...

Concert: My kindergarten one... But if you mean a REAL concert, it's gotta be Planetshakers and Hillsong :D

First crush: Mmm, I think it was my childhood friend, Daniel Tan. LOL.


Eating: No... didn't even have dinner, lol.

Drinking: Longan drink earlier, lol.

I'm about to: Sleep early for tomorrow's Bowling competition after this..? Hahaa.

Your future...

Want kids: YES.

Want to get married: I DO! :D

Careers in mind: Something that has to do with biology and technology, physiologist, or the entertainment industry? Wife and mother would be later on in life, lol.

Which is better? Lips or eyes?: Eyes, but if you love someone, you'd love everything they have and are :)

Hugs or kisses: I'd like to have both! :D

Shorter or taller?: Definitely taller.... wait, I WANT TO be taller! LOL.

Romantic or spontaneous: Both!

Sensitive or loud: Balanced please :)

Troublemaker or hesitant?: Uhh none.. unless you're talking about the bed, whoops! LOL.

Have u ever....

Kissed a stranger?: Hmm, well, adorable babies and kids! Random people on the street, no way. LOL.

Drank bubbles: Well I suppose so, especially if you're slurping bubbly or frizzy drinks.

Lost glasses/contacts: Don't have neither :)

Ran away from home: Thought of it before, but I know what's best and that's not it ;)

Liked someone younger: LOL, guilty.

Liked someone older: Most definitely.

Broke someone's heart: Yes, not proud of them :(

Cried when someone died: Can't help myself.

Do u believe in...

Yourself?: Yes, especially if I have a competition tomorrow. LOL.

Miracles: Without a doubt.

Heaven: Yes!

Santa Claus: I used to, hahaa. But I came to know of someone much more wonderful on Christmases, and He is Jesus Christ, my best friend and Saviour :)

Magic: No.

Angels: Yes!

Answer truthfully..

Is there someone you want to be with right now?: YES, hehe ;)

Do u believe in God?: With all my heart, mind and soul... most definitely! :D

Tag 5 people:
LOL, here I go again...

1) Daniel Tan
2) Suvanya Sukumaran
3) Hin Loong!
4) Shan Li!
5) Soon Khit! :D

Don't make me say "I told you so ".


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