Thursday, February 22, 2007

Never too late... (:

Howdy people!
Wow, it has been about a week since I've blogged.... lol.
I've been working my butt off, that's why.

[ I know I'm fleshy, duh. LOL ]

Dad and my siblings had a "gala-time" in KL while mum and I stayed back in JB.
Yeap. They came back last night, about an hour before I ended the day at work.
And I've got angpaus delivered to me still!
Awww.... :D I feel so loved!
Man... the peak hours in Harris are crazy okay.
Well, my job's okay though :)

Guess what?! I had visits from people I love again!
Lol, it's always nice to see them lar...
Zhi Sheng, Di Sheng, Long Sheng and family came down from Ipoh and the first the brothers did was to visit me in Harris! Aww... :D
I received an angpau from their parents too.
D and G had finally given me the pringles and ice-cream they promised me.
T'was soooo nice seeing y'all again! I love you guys!

Also had visits from Eunice & Philip Wong, Mun Sin and her sis, Pei Shi, some CA students and many more! :D

Dudes, I've been having... uhh... problems.
Is it called problems?
Whaddaya call it?

Hmm, I'm a new staff and... I've already had some of my colleagues asking me out.
Omg lar, he's my supervisor lagi... and he's very persistent which makes it sorta scary :/
He's chinese-cum-malay from Malacca, he's okay lar, but.. no lar.
I hope he finally got the reality of things after the call last night...
Sighs, he wasn't giving up :(
And people, the security guards too... =X
They claimed that I'm.. uhh.. cute?
They're looking at me everyday cause they're guarding at the entrance.. :/

Here here, let's look at some gifts I received this week... :)

Beautiful jacket!, long-awaited-necklace-from-Australia-from-Aaron Ong and it's real Opal!, earrings, scrunchies and a bracelet from mum and sis, a beautiful watch...
Ooh, they're so pretty! :D
I guess I'm easy to please?

To my darlings who showered me with these gifts:
Thank you soooo much!
I love them, I love them, I love them! :D

I was doing my driving lessons again earlier on...
Did the standard slope, side parking and 3-point turn.
I stalled here and there, eventually lessen the stallings, and overall it was okay lar, hahaa.
Working hard to pay for my own driving tests... mmm.

* * * * * *

Got this forwarded e-mail, I don't like 'em except for occasionally meaningful ones only.
Here you go...

God Said NO!

- I asked God to take away my habit.
God said, No.
It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up.

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole.
God said, No.
His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary.

I asked God to grant me patience.
God said, No.
Patience is a byproduct of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is learned.

I asked God to give me happiness.
God said, No.
I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you.

I asked God to spare me pain.
God said, No.
Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow.
God said, No.
You must grow on your own, but I will prune you to make you fruitful.

I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life.
God said, No.
I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all things.

I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as He loves me.
God said...
Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.

* * * * * *

Happy Chinese New Year to all!
Gong Hey Fatt Choy! :D
Angpau na lai?

I'm lovin' it!
[ refering to gifts received ]

Besos por you!

I'm missing you... ):

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day...?

Sad... isn't it?

Some human beings tend to express their feelings through drawings... art.
Children expresses it on drawings blocks with crayons, colour pencils or magic-coloured pens.
Great legends like Picasso and Leonardo Da Vincci did more ellaborated paintings using various types of artistic equipments on canvas, sculpture, etc..

Cashiers like me....
Expresses them on receipt notes with normal ball-pens used
to sign receipts through credit card payment.

The result of the picture above and below is when a cashier's too bored at their counter...
But yet, that picture still says a lot eh?
Hahaa.... *lalalalalaa*

Sighs, Valentine's Day was a lonely one for me... as always.
After finishing my job, I was told that dad's still in Singapore so I'll have to wait,
cause mum doesn't allow me taking the bus home.
So, I had to wait.

It was pure torment for me.
Simply because the entire Tebrau City was filled with couples, chocolates and roses.
Need I say more?

Yi Ping, my colleague, is the only one I had lunch with so far.
Actually, I prefer my lunch breaks alone, lol.
She's really nice lar...
We've got a lot of similiarities, but she just can't say my name right :(
Often called "Ma-lay-sia", ugh.
My job's good, I've been having perfect accounts which is very good.
So bangga, hehe.

Sighs, at least I received nothing for Valentine's..
My guy colleague who've been staring at me
[yes, the one who kinda freaked me out],
secretly came to my counter and gave me a chocolate! :D
Aww, how sweet :) but... too bad lar.
Then 2 Crispy chocs from my gf Hui San,
also my colleague from the cashier line too :)

Hey, we had florists coming through the entrance sending flowers to some of the staff in Harris..
So sweet lar their boyfriends/hubbies, lol.
Sniff.... where was mine? :(

Anyways before the lonesome 14th of February,
had lovely visits beautiful people I know and love! :D

Alven and Wanda a few days before... with a huge discovery I never knew!
OMG, Alven we're gonna be related!
How odd! LOL... XD
Hahaa, no larr... love ya Alven! :)

Visits also from Ann and Von right in the morning!
Jess, Ann and I planned to go looking for Valentine gifts for their beloved people,
so I thought of tagging along since I'd be having my break.
Aww, Ben... you're so lucky lar :D
Ann and I were saying that we don't even spend that kind of money to smell soooo good.

Yes, we were at the Body Shop and helped Jess in her decision after walking around a while.
FYI, Italliannies had such a romantic setting, beautiful.
Also the first time I met Ann's dear, Eric.
Met him on ModBlog first actually, lol.
Whatever ModBlog, I love Blogspot :)

Felt so sad that I couldn't spend more time with Ann and Jess, we all had our own schedules,
and I had to go back to work.

*clears throat*
No, I did not have any mirror with me in case you're wondering.
I just imagined myself.
Sama tak?

* * * * *

I got back from driving school earlier.
It was such a hustle this morning because
I TOTALLY forgotten that I had to go to Berjaya today!
Mr. Kee was honking outside when I was about to get dressed!
DANG - how teruk.

And to my pleasant surprise, Sue also did her practical lessons today!
So Dan, Sue and I got to be together through the whole process today :D
We're lucky this time, dunno about the next time.

Hahaa, my first time driving for real, on the circuit lar.
My agent said that I was better than he expected, it's good :)
I'm slightly a better driver than Dan, mwahahahaaa.... XD
Sue got to drive on the roads today, which is great!
She drives so well :)

Besties forever!

Melissa's out!
God bless...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tahniah, anda telah lulus menduduki Undang!

Yeah baby!
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh....

Ohhh man! So happy lar! :D
I was studying till 2AM+ though.... lol.
Well, I personally felt so insecured cause I've been working my @$$ off till I've got no time to study. So studied lorr...
Never knew I'd only get 3 mistakes! LOL... XD

Omg, I was so worn off that I woke up late and Mr. Kee was on his way to pick me at 8AM!
Quickly got ready and I the minute I got dressed, he started honking outside already, damn.
I ran downstairs, gulped down my cup of milo and off I ran outta the door.
I didn't even see the sandwiches mum prepared for me, sniff... :(
Sorry mum..

Ended up wearing my socks in Mr. Kee's car, tak sempat mar.
We got Daniel and we were off to Rilek, Perling.

Wakakaakaaa.... XD

It's rather ironic that the place we sit for our Undangs was called RILEK.
I was so friggin' scared lar, seriously!
Ask Daniel, I was so nervous... I wanted to barf, ROFLMAO.
I had an empty stomach also, lol... so it didn't really help.

Dan got number 44, lol super ironic.
Chinese means "die die".
Wahahaaaa... XD

And when I went to their pathetic toilet, look what's the first thing you'll see...

Picture courtesy of Alven.

But to cut it all short, we both passed, so did Alven and Sue! :D
Danny Boy 86% ; Alven 88% ; Sue sat for it earlier, 90%.
Yay... lol.

Will go for my theory again this Thursday which is my only off day.
Will be working tomorrow so no church, sniff.
Will not be joining rest of family who will be off to KL for Chinese New Year and own themselves many angpaus... sniff.

My beloved siblings...
Benson, Celine and Benroy.

* * * * *

My job as a cashier has kicked up a notch in responsibility wise.
I now have my own post, so whatever happens to the money, I'm responsible.
Yes, finally handling it on my own after less than a week, wee... :)

While working yesterday, Jessica came visit me in Harris! :D
Haahaa, was soooo nice to see her again!
But after my job was done, I went to the supermarket cause dad asked me to look for him there.
Bumped into Jess again!
LOL, poor gurl really... She was there for like soooo long!
She was like saying she wanna die already, lol.
We ended up going to the same counter *bump into each other again* LOL.

Ann and Von came too! :D
Hahaa... thanks to me, Ann managed to find something really 'shweeeet' for her darling... ;)
It was also then I discovered that the Ong sisters weren't in 2 digits only but 4!
Plus a brother, FIVE!
Goodness me, their jie jie 'veli hawt' kays.. lol.

Ooh yeah, after work while going outta Jusco, I couldn't help but notice THIS...
Tell me what you think.

Wright Orchestra..?
Hmm... let's go upclose.

WTH! My clone??
What the toot am I doing in this chinese orchestra??

Mmm, that's about it :)

Oh wait!
Sighs.... lemme tell all my buddies here arrr...
If you guys see me, PLEASE SAY HI.
Janganlah go away and then come to my blog saying you saw me... sniffx! :(
Okay? *huggs*

Sighs, sis went out with friends to watch Death Note 2 - The Last Name.
Oh yeah, you guys should see her... she's dressing up more 'ah lian-ish'.
Daddy said, "Birds of the same feather flock together".
*shakes head* I'm sooo... speechless, lol.
Anyways, so saaaddd lar! I sooooo wanna watch it!
Someone wanna bring me? :)

Talking about sis... I was so caught up with work that I didn't know this was happening in my very own taman!
A copy of this entry from sis' blog, check this out, freaky man!

* * * * * *
Hey..Lots been Happening..Haha..
Weird stuffs..xD...Anyhow...
Like..Got Some Results already..
HAPPY WIT EM!!! except sejarah though..
No A..=/ Nvm..I shall work harder! wahahha!
So far everything got A except for Sejarah..
So yesh..Mush work Harder! Yay!
hahahaha...Ceehh..I like so hyper now wey..
It must be the chocolates..Hahahahah...=D!!!!

Besides school!
Ahha..Let me tell u a true story..

There's this guy..who have HIV..
like HIV as in the sickness..
Then he Crazy alrdy..So he like stole a lorry..then he came to my Taman..
Then he went to the Factories area..Where my dad works..
And took dunno iron rod or sumthing else..whtever it was..
and started smashing all the cars there..

Then near the factory area is a Police Station.
Near the Police Station is one Traffic Light.
That Crazy Fella stood at the traffic light and started smashing any car that was at the traffic light...I dunno he use lorry or wht to smash..whtever...
all I know was that he was smashing all the cars that came by..

So FINALLY the Police there saw and then they started to chase him..
So he drove the lorry sumwhere near my hse area there..
then he saw this Indonesian guy..He was sweeping the floor..Because thats his JoB. Then this MAD fella..Drove right and him..And Bang him.

That poor Indonesian guy flew over a dunno how many feet wall and fell down there. His brains and head and everything was like a total Gone Case.
Smashed,Squished up. Aihs..
That poor innocent guy..

So anyways..The Police got to catch him and now dunno what happen to him...Hmms...TV3 came here to interview people..

Hehs..My taman is a corrupted place man..
Well..Most of the people here are corrupted..
Blarh..This area is like..Filled with..
Bad People and crimes and all..
A very Black Area..And its famous..
Famous for the wrong reason..Hehs..
Weird things happens around here..
ALOT! lolx..

Last month got ppl kena murder
at the CC behind my hse..Now this..
Swtss...Alright..I should go bathe!
Ta~! Hugs! <3 Y'all!

* * * * * *

People, this is true...
My area is freaking corrupted.
It's actually blacklisted, great.
Sighs... :(
Oh well.

Aww... Just had a video call with Daniel Raj in Russia...
He wanted to show me the snow outside but it was too bright... :(
Miss him very much...

Aww, he's still keeping the cross I gave his before he left...
It has travelled through Thailand and to Russia :)

Love this dude, a very good friend...
Love ya Dan! :D

Alrighty, Mel's out!
God bless y'all... :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kerja, kerja, kerja...

Work, work, work....

My hardwork this month will pay off with
my very, very handsome salary.
Hee hee.

For Chinese New Year, I won't be going back to KL... :(
Will be working my butt off.
No collecting angpaus for me... sniff.

As for my Sundays, I'll have to miss church twice a month.. :(
Mmm, my church may not have a keyboardist for service.
So would the Mighty Kids programme too... sighs.

However, I CAN go to church on Sundays but I've got no transport.
If anybody wanna bring me to their church and it ends before 12PM,
Desperate here.

Sighs, very busy lar....
For my noon shifts, I have to be there before 12.30PM and
make my way out of Harris at 11.20PM.
Tired lar.
So late... :(

And I had to miss Singapore VS Thailand's 2nd Leg match.
Sighs... sooo wanted to watch it.
You know, just to have something to laugh about.
Tomorrow FULL shift somemore, before 9.40AM till 11.20PM... T.T

This place is beautiful...
Especially in April when it was in bloom last year :)

But this place can get ugly when it's dark especially when I come home at 7.30PM by bus.
That's why I won't go through this path at night.
Darlings, it's not a good idea unless you want bad stuff.
The dumb Desa Cemerlang people dunno how to put street lights here.
Ini hanya menggalakkan perbuatan jenayah.

Cashiers go home the latest... :(


Use the main road where everyone can see you :)

Haaa.... so many friends I've seen today!
Ananthan, Sue, Preetha, Adelia, Andeline, ex-schoolmates, and so on.
Sorry if I didn't mention more names.
Brain can't really function now.
Also made very good friends with my colleagues.
People like Hui Ching, Yi Ping, Jia Ling, Pei Chng, Hui San and so on...
I like Hui Ching, she's really nice :)

Attention to anybody who's looking for a job:
We need part-timers at Plaza Pelangi's BookFair.
Please come to HARRIS, Tebrau City for a walk-in interview.
Mondays - Thursdays, 10AM - 7PM.

.... Well, yesterday was TOO interesting for me.
That's all I'll say.

My undang test is this Saturday.
And I've not finished studying....!
Ohh, I hope I don't flunk :(
Off days only on Thursdays!

Alrighty, FULL shift tomorrow....
I need my rest.

But before that, I'll leave you with this beautiful clip.
I was sooooo moved when I watched this episode on Channel 5.
It's worth sharing - courtesy of Steph Tay.

People, the man.... Sherman Pore.
I'm sure his beloved wife would be so proud of him.
Well, I would if my future husband did this for me when I'm gone...

Goodnight :)

See The Pyramids
Along the Nile
Watch the sun rise
On a tropic isle
Just remember darling
All the while
You belong to me...

See the market place
In old Algiers
Send me photographs
And souvenirs
Just remember
'Til your dream appears
You belong to me....

I'll be so alone
Without you
You'll be lonesome, too
You'll be lonesome too
And blue

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When its wet with rains
Just remember
Till you're home again
Or until I come home to you
You belong to me...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Singapore VS Thailand

What a joke.

Every 5 minutes or so, you'd see the Thais rolling all over the field.
Benson said, "whimps"... XD
Couldn't stop laughing throughout the match..

Personally, I felt that Thai was really childish.
Where's the sportmanship?
Friggin' play the game lar!

Anyways, it really did make some sense that the Thai player - Niweat Siriwong, pulled Nor Alam Shah down backwards. The camera angles showed it very convincingly.
They deserved the penalty but they walk off pulak.

Unnecessary and lame drama.
Kena pujuk pujuk... retire lar.

Bebudak paling bu shuang.
Thai coach.
[hey, the dude at the back looks like Jonathan Leong!
Singapore Idol 1st runner-up! LOL

Malaysian referee pulak dibuli player-player Thai.

Decision final lar, live with it.
Cari pasal pulak.

After they returned unto the field with much persuasion..
[which caused the news at 9.30PM to broadcast at 10.15PM and American Idol to be delayed]
Singapore scored the goal anyway... padan.
All thanks to the ang-moh who's called Mustafic Furhanuddin!
Yeah, I know what you're thinking... I was surprised too, lol.

Singapore VS Thailand : 2 - 1.

Yay for Singapore...
I'll catch the 2nd leg, it'll be interesting.
Thailand totally loathes Singapore now cause well, they played rather aggresively.
Okay fine, very.
And they're going to Thailand for the next match, wee! :D
Wonder how the crowd would be like....

* * * * *

After punching in, the beginning of my day at work was me realizing I forgotten my locker key, which was at home.
My lunch break at 2PM are always lonesome, wanna join me? :D lol..
Then the rest of the day was okay...

Tired though.

Will do my morning shift again tomorrow.
Off on Sunday for this week but I've gotta follow the timetable they set for me starting next week.
Oh well.

Took the bus back today...
Parents were so worried, lol cause dad's in KL, mum can't drive..
So after getting the bus, reached my taman's stop, walk another kilometer,
I reached home at about 7.45PM.
I think I'll need to take the bus to work too, so gotta wake up early.
Don't wanna miss it and get to work late.

On my way back, was quiet and dark lar, was quite worried when a Proton Wira stopped and let down 2 malay men who walked fast to catch up with me
and start being a those typical kacau-ers lar...
Maybe they're playing with me or something, whatever.
I don't wanna risk it, so I walk fast too.
I'm alone mar... a lil scary k.
Won't want anything to happen to me.. :(

Okay lar....
It's almost 2AM.
I need my rest.
Working tomorrow and need to catch the bus, early.

Goodnight! :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Day At Work... :)

Four words people :

Oh no, seriously! :D
I love it, I love it, I love it!

Woke up at 8AM, got ready...
Received a good morning call, hahaa :)
Dad fetched me to Tebrau City at 9.20AM.
After walking all the way to the other end, reached there about ngam-ngam, lol.

Never seen TC this quiet ever since I first visited it when most of the shops weren't operational yet.

Reported self, punched in, got my details and documentations done...
Got intro-ed to every staff in their daily briefings..
Bargained for weekends to be my off day, soon to be known, lol....
Managed to increase my pay to RM850, YES!...
Got my shirts and tag..
I'm off with my job.

Well in the entire line of cashiers,
I'm practically the only one who speaks English and Malay fluently meanwhile sucking bad in my Mandrin.
It's vice versa for the rest of the ladies.
Nevertheless, no communication breakdown... mmm, not really.

Got close to gurls like Hui Ching and Angelina.
Yeap, really nice gurls.
But I mean... they can't even say my name right... sniff.

"It's Melissa"
"Mer-lee-sha? Can I just call you Malaysia? Got chinese name or not?"
"Jia Li [Kah Lai]"
"Ehh... don't call her chinese name lar! Use the English one! More cun!"
"Uhhh.... just call me Mel"

Altogether in chorus, "Miaow??!"

I'm now the cat in the cashier line.

Anyways, the beginnings were observing how my colleagues operate and slowly I picked up with the cashier-ing. Have to know how to operate this "touch-screen" cashier and how the other stuff operate. Yay.
In fact, I'm considered the person who made most of my customers apply for the membership card. I'm very convincing and friendly they said... my colleagues were impressed, be it my first time.

So, cause my good colleagues will catch my back when some customers talk complex chinese which makes me go "huh?", I'll nudge them and they'll help me out.
The same for them when a malay, indian or english-educated customer starts speaking fast which makes them go blurr, I'll be there to catch their backs.

It's funny when you know so many people... and they come right to where you are in public.
Hahaa, many people I know came to purchase stuff and came to me.
My colleagues were like, "Wow, you seem to be very popular...".
Honestly, it's nice to be in my colleagues midst when I'm actually not.

I had some of my buddies going,
"Mel..! *stares at me in my Harris shirt* what are you doing here??"

My pastor and family dropped by, lol... XD

A number of my ex-schoolgurlmates whom I don't know,
came to my cashier whispering in mandrin...
"Omg, I think she's from our school!"
"Are you sure..?"
"Nehh, that's famous one!"
"Hey... she really looks like her! It's like her clone!"

Hello, I've only been gone for a few months, what has changed??
I look like her cause I AM her!
Like, what's your prob...

Another group of ex-schoolguymates...
"Ehh, don't you think she looks like that gurl from our school...?"
"Hey yeah, it really looks like her! Nehh, that famous one! Very talented in many things..."
"I think it's her lar... don't you think so?"

........... -.-" ugh.

Ahhh yess..
Alven and Wanda paid me a visit!!!
Aww, I love you guys... :)
So nice to see them again after that Wednesday in Sunway College.

Anyways in between work, I knew long ago that one of my colleagues who was also my ex-tuition mate worked there. He was like so upset I didn't join his department.
"Why cashier...? Sighs..". LOL.
Then met people like Eric Ho who thought I studied in CA cause he'd seen me before, so he says.
His sister Jasmine studies there though, he studied in Permas Jaya.
Met Fadrizel from Desa Jaya, cool dude :)
And this weird guy who's the promoter, keep staring over at me at the cashier...
I ingat I perasan... but seriously, it's getting freaky.

I ended my day at 7PM+.
Punched out, and walked out around... bumped into more friends I know. LOL.
Like Chen Mean with her bf, Delia in TGV, ex-schoolmates here and there...
Also Jasper and family at Kopitiam, then finally met up with dad.
Only to know that dad bumped into Michelle and Emelia Wong who followed him to look for me.
LOL... but I was with Jasper at Kopitiam. They left after dad found me.
Shopped for groceries and headed for home.

I'm happy really...!
"Ohhh happy day...".
*gets gospelic*

A little tired though.
Legs stood all day..
Sighs, I may have to miss church 2 times a month..
I hope my supervisor will gimme off days on Sundays... but I sorta doubt it.
Harris paling busy on weekends.
"You wait long long...!", says colleagues. Sighs.

They suggested me doing the 2nd shift which is before 12.40PM so that I can go to church.
But in my church, worship ends at about 12.40PM, how bout that..? :(
How am I gonna fly my huge rear end back to Harris?? -.-"
Go to Full Gospel Church? Transport problem pulak... sniff.
Oh geez, how am I gonna study my damn undang??

And my family confirm going back to KL for Chinese New Year...
I wanna stay back to work, RM100 for those 4 days
but I dunno what my parents think :(
They can't bear to leave me here in JB alone. Who'd lemme tumpang their house also?
Everyone balik kampung...sighs.

I still love my job :)
Esok morning shift again.

Reminder to self :
Credit sudah expired, pergi reload esok.

Mark sent me this.
Really cool, I mean like...


you complete me :)