Thursday, June 28, 2007

Delays. Period.

Hey y'all... :)

My transfer to SDJ is still not complete.
Can you believe it?
Sighs, thanks to my teacher who seems to very busy bla-bla-blah... right.
So the process gets long and draggy.

Nevertheless, this period of delays had allowed me to do many things.
I managed to revive the dying Christian Fellowship in my school by God's praise, which is really great! Since I'll be leaving, I want to have some assurance that it'll stay aflamed, so I invited City Harvest Church, JB to come host it every Friday. It's so much fun!
Awesome :)
If you guys want them to come to your schools, you let me know ;)

I managed to stick around long enough to help my ex-classmate for the past 5 years who is also now my classmate, Chan Buan Fei who got transfered from SDJ to get used to the new school. Lol, he came here and I'm going there, what larr. And I was soooooo happy to finally be with Abigail Ong after 4 years+ who got transfered from SIGS! We did a lot of catching up, I missed her so much! We got to hang around school during recess since we're in different streams.

I've got to go for a steamboat dinner aka farewell dinner with my ex-colleagues since a few colleagues and myself are not gonna be working there already. So yeah.

Sighs, I've been sleeping like a pig recently...
Dropping dead on the couch after school, wake up to do something and I'm back on the bed...
Lol, tired I guess?

Yes, I do...And... I'm missing him :(

Sighs, I didn't even say goodbye and wish him well before he left for college earlier because...

I fell asleep.

Alright, I need to get ready.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pertukaran Lokasi.

Hey y'all :)
I'm getting transfered to SMK Dato' Jaafar.
Well, SSI and EC are full, so that's my other alternate option.
SDJ it is.

Heh, I'm gonna be Danny Boy's classmate for 7 years in a row now.

Why does God have to put us together in the SAME class without fail for 7 years?
Primary 6 till Form 5... and now Form 6, lol.
Bio class somemore, wahahahaa.
Anyways, hope it'll be great.
It'll be easier for me to go for tuition too :)

I'll be leaving SMK Permas Jaya pretty soon.
Sighs, I like the people, but not the school and their pretty dumb rules.
Ohh well, perhaps I'll be seeing some of them in tuition anyways :)

So, we had some photo sessions, lol.
Here are a couple of pics... [will edit more when I get them]

Hwei Hway :)
She's really nice.

The boys... hahaa.

We can go Bollywood ;)

Hwei Hway, Mei Huey and Phei Yin.

Well, we weren't too sure where we should look at with the couple of cameramans...
So, I just had to blink -.-"
Sighs, great, lol.

Big cheers! :D

* * * * * *

After school today... [sighs, and it's a Saturday for crying out loud...]
I quickly got home, changed, rushed my lunch and Sue's mum came to fetch us to Danny Boy's house. We gathered to hang out with Brad who just got back from KL for a while.
So, we catched up with one another... after a long time :)
Also played a lot of basketball like crazy, lol.
It's good to sweat it out, hahahaa.

And I also redeemed some pics Sue and I took when we caught Shrek 3 last month, lol.
Here they are...

Hahaa, we had fun over at Danny's place.
Brad will only becoming back on the 26th of September.

On our way back, the junction above my street was packed with people and the road was blocked.
Apparently, there was a dead man lying in the middle of the road covered with newspaper. I had no idea what was going on...
As we drove down my road, the entire neighbourhood were out of their houses, talking about the death that had occured.
I dunno what was going on, Ben and I had to go in.
Sighs... :(
Whoever you are... R.I.P.

I'm the keyboardist for tomorrow's service, so will have to go to church early tomorrow.
Sighs, no credit.... somebody reload for me? :D
Hahaa alright, au revoir.

[ Far right picture: We're besties with braces, mwahahaaa. ]

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ponteng sekolah...?

Notice a difference between this picture I just took and the other one I took about 6 weeks ago?
Pretty fast eh? :)

Nah, I had my dental appointment today.
So, mana boleh pergi sekolah?

Well, I really have to start studying my ass off right now, can't slack if I want good grades whilst taking STPM right?
Heh, the 4th hardest paper in the world. Heh.
School's kinda okay, except for the fact that most teachers MIA most of the time.
So, we're kinda on our own. I'm trying to figure a way to get to tuition as soon as possible.

Haha, recently my bro, Ben entered this Yamaha drum competition.
Well, mainly you have to hit this drum as many times as you can in single strokes, no doubles - in one minute.
So... pictures please...

The man, Whita Teo :) Yo! Lol.

Benson showing off testing the drums, lol.

Ben's adorable supporters from our church's children programme! :D
The cute Khoo twins and Isaac Yap.
So happen they were hanging around Jusco, hahaa.

And, of course, we're the best supporters lar, lol.

You can do it Ben! Go go!

Phew, he's exhausted.
He managed 748 hits in one minute.
Good job :)

He didn't win the first place but 2nd.
It's alright, and he walked away with a RM300 voucher :D
Wonder what he's gonna buy... hmm.

And after that, we went to a restaurant where I bought dad and the entire family a nice dinner.
To celebrate Father's day of course, the bill's on me :)

Happy Father's Day, Dad...
and I bought him a gift too,
I'm sure he loved it.

Getting him that gift was so farnie larr.
Okay, what would you be thinking if you saw a girl in her school uniform buying liquor?
Well, I am 18 and it wasn't past 9PM yet, and I'm not a muslim.
The cashier was in a state of shock.
That's all I'm saying, lol.

And while Ben was walking back from school, an aunty called him and pointed towards something and this was what he saw...

"Don't touch him!", she said before Benson could approach the man to check if he was unconscious or dead. "Get your parents with you before you do".

People, I couldn't believe what I heard from Ben when he reached home.
It was raining, people passed by and YET no one helped :(
Actually, that aunty could've called the police or something.
She was scared of being accused if he was dead or something.

Apparently, that man 'pengsan-ed' while walking back to his house, and he was just up my street where the junction was. We informed the police but they didn't show up.
So, dad and Ben went to the police station to report this case themselves.
And guess what? That policeman gave the excuse that he couldn't come because there was no vehicle available at that moment.

W T H ?
What if there was an emergency?
How could Malaysia's police force behave like this?
It ain't right =/

Guess what's next?
My dad had to 'tumpang' the policeman to the scene.
What a joke.
Soon after, the ambulance came.
Great job to the Police force, I applaud you.

Anyways, Yen Fah's puppies courtesy of Macy are sooooooo cute!!! :D
Here are a couple of pics!

:D :D :D

Awww.... the cuteness! :D

Okay, that's all for now.
P.S: I love you...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Their rules stink worse than my socks...

Sighs, can this school give me anymore problems?
Rest assured I guess.
I tried liking their school, seriously... it just ain't working okay.

First, they tell me baju kurung are not allowed for the non-muslims.
Okay fine you know, whatever.

And now?

After wearing the long beige skirt for about a week, a teacher called me saying, "Eh girl, come here I wanna talk to you...". I'm like soooo not anticipating this one.
Then she started commenting on my hair, my earrings, my badge 'which are you school from huh?'... ohh fine. And then she said I cannot wear long skirts.

W T H ?

"All SMKPJ students have to wear short skirts only, you're a student here so you follow the rules".

For the first time in my life, I've entered a school that doesn't encourage long skirts but want us girls to shorten them.
Oh ho ho for laughing out loud.
So I just told her that I'll be transfering school soon, and told her who was in charge bla-bla.
"In JB students can wear long skirt?", in a strict tone.
"Of course, most definitely! Long skirts are allowed... [baju kurungs too! you people... :P]", I answered in disbelief.

As far as I'm concerned, I've bought my uniform. It is not a taboo in the PPD but your pathetic rules. You think I can just spend money on uniforms like this? Think again. Like it or not, you're gonna see me in this long skirt as long as I'm studying here.
I've got one long skirt and one short skirt, I alternate them lar. Want to make my mother suffer to wash one uniform everyday meh?
Siao arr?

Sighs, how much more and how much longer do I need to get this kinda $#!T from these people? :/

Well, studies are okay actually, I think.
Except for Chemistry, ohh the teacher... *shakes head* :(
I can read from the book too you know..
I like Maths T so far, Bio I think I can still understand but it's slow, MUET's not on my mind, Pengajian Am is still okay but slow.

I've got about 27 students in my class:
8 chinese girls, 5 indian girls, 8 malay girls...
4 chinese guys, 1 indian and malay guy, lol.
They're alright :)

Umm, just a couple of days ago, HARRIS called me.
I was pretty surprised.
I thought I quit? Lol.
Well apparently, the big boss of Harris was surveying the sales of the Popular cards and thought that I did very well... So, the big boss told my supervisor to look for me and ask me if I wanna come back, but this time not as a cashier but...
A Popular Card promoter.

And she did, she told me everything I needed to know..
So, I'll be working 8 hours a day on Saturdays and get paid in cold hard cash on the very same day, and it's not bad :D What do ya know? Mel took the offer.
Well, I need it lar cause I have to pay for my tuition fees that I'm going to take soon, I hope. Don't talk abouut tuition lar, I don't even have enough to buy my STPM reference books :(

ANYONE who wants to give/lend me STPM reference books, PLEASE let me know.
Desperate here :(

Will be starting tomorrow.
Actually... It's kinda like a relief that I'm not going back as a cashier, lol.

Oyy, I'm beginning to put on weight A G A I N! XD
Gaah! Sighs, lost so much weight when I was working, and then put on again... :(
Big sighs.

Gahh, I'm off.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Church Camp 2007, Genting

Ehh yo y'all, I'm back! :D

Ha, Genting was fun...
But it would've been better if someone came along too, eh? ;D
*wink wink nudge nudge*

Anyways, just one day before the Genting trip, I invited sis out for a small shopping spree.
Hah, decided to pamper myself, along together with sis, just us sisters.
Well, for the four months I've worked in Harris, I've not spent ANYTHING on myself.
Therefore... hee :)

It's time.

Aww, look at those fats... XD
And sis looks emo, lol.

Makk Ciikkk.. RAWWWRR!!! Wakakakaa... XD
[inside joke, please refer to previous post]

We had fun.
We had new clothes, wee :D

* * * * * *

The very next day, we went to church at 9AM for the bus.
So off we went.

Bryan, Celine, Benson and Melissa.
"We rocked the bus".

We hoped for a smooth trip, but you see... I guess there has to be some drama somewhere.
Well you see, I was sleeping despite being super bumpy because I was sitting at the furthest back seat. And suddenly I felt the bus swayed really fast to one side, so I woke up.

You want drama?
Okay, the bus broke down.

See the long tyre mark?
That was how hard the driver swayed :/

The tyre punctured, the air-cond wasn't great, they opened the door to see what's going on with the bus and people had to go down for emergencies...

Little did any of us know, we were next to a plantation area, so....

Tonnes of these flew in.
How I got the pic?
Mel's a great photographer, that's all, haha :)

And you see, most of the old folks couldn't really hold their tanks, so we had to escort them safely to the bushes and drains and make a toilet out of umbrellas and shawls.
Sighs, it was a sad situation, but I have to say, the old folks were really brave :)

Three hours waiting in that contaminated bus for the spare tyre to come.
But then later we had a normal school bus to bring us to the nearest stop to just get away from that place finally.
Ohh, so glad I left that bus.

We rested for a while in Shalalala Coffee house, loved the air-cond.
After a while we've rested, they announced that the bus was back.

When I reached the place, my hair fell out cause it was the very same bus we left earlier.
I went in making new friends with flies like George and Sally, I just slumped back into my seat.
It seems that many of the old folks and young kids were really good at killing flies.
The windows next top them were their record holders, literally.
Even flies that were in the process of mating next to me died in that position getting smacked by Bryan. How sad, lol.

Eskimos after the flies.
Us girls in between 2 Bryans, Yong and Ho.

Afraid I'd open my mouth when I fell asleep, I used his jacket as my shield.
It made things better and I went to sleep.

When I woke up, it seem that all the flies flew into the curtains on top, so they weren't bothering us no more. And soon after, I saw this...

*angels' ahhs*
Wahahaaa... XD

Slowly but surely, we reached Genting View Resort.
11 hours in the bus, can you believe it? Heh.
Honestly, the resort's pretty fine.
Way better than I really expected it to be.

I'll let the pictures and captions do the talking.

After the first morning service :)

After the whole camp photo session.
Didn't get to get that shot.. :( thanks to Celine, harumph.

Then we had free time.
People got to go up to Genting Highlands were the fun is.
Mum didn't let us :(
So what did we do?





It's c-c-cold... it's colddd...
Wahahaaaa.... XD

So when people ask me what did I do in Genting?
I'll just honestly say, "I swam".

Hee... :D
*shivering* ooh.. s-s-syiookk feeling h-huh..??


All smiles :)

-.-"..... Lah, sorry larr.. lol.
I just like this babydoll a lot! :D
Yeah, recently bought when sis and I shopped.

The apartment's great!
My family and Bryan Yong shared the same apartment.
It looks better than this lar, too lazy to take pics of the apartment, nanti card full.

We played funny, funny games... lol.

Teens and kids at the command of adults, lol..
The left, the left, the left, the right, the back... XD
Oh Lynette, you know your sis :)

Battling, lol.
Sway those hips! XD

And since it was the last night, we went partying at Nicholas' apartment :D

Let's go :D

Wee... :D

Becky Jie, ROFLMAO!! XD

So, we said our goodnights and went back to our apartment.

Our congregation :)

Our camp's speaker, Rev Timothy Ewing-Chow.
Very funny lively guy! With a hilarious laugh, LOL.
Nette, I didn't know that he was the same speaker we had for DYC '02 in Cameron Highlands!

Esther Doding and us! She's really nice :)
Camp's over, we're going home.

Snapping some pics on the way... :)

Heheh... :)

I know I'm a good photographer ;)

* * * * * *

The trip back was smooth and safe.
Thank God.

Overall, camp was fun.
I loved the resort.
It was great, and something I'd like to remember... except George, Sally and friends :)

P.S : Sis blogged about the trip too! Read her views and see more pics!
... Cause aku malas upload, lol.


you complete me :)