Saturday, November 01, 2008

S T P M H I A T U S .

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for keeping up with the visits despite how dead this blog is becoming to :)

I shall now declare this hiatus, as I will be taking my STPM examinations from the 18th of November all the way to 3rd December.
I'll come back to blogging when I do.
No promises.

In this tough phase that I'm going through, please pray for me - health wise emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Please pray for my family, that we'll be okay in every area - that we'll be filled with love especially that conquers everything else.
Pray for my dad especially, by God's grace and mercy, every sickness will be removed and he'll be healed completely by the stripes of Jesus.

I can only go through these tough times with God's love, strength, grace and mercy. Which is why your prayers are very much appreciated.
For those who are already praying, thank you so much.
Keep them prayers coming still! :)

I love you guys...
Thanks again.



you complete me :)