Friday, March 28, 2008

Mel the Wedding Singer?

Not kidding.

I guess there's a first for everything.

Mel's gonna be singing at her bestfriend's brother's wedding.
Tomorrow night.
My friends were kinda shocked to hear the news.
"It blew me away!" - Daniel Tan

And just for those who kept asking me what I'm gonna sing,
I'll be singing 2 numbers from Bryan Adams in my rendition.
'Heaven' and 'Everything I do'.

Ahhh, don't you just love weddings?
They're just so beautiful :)

I'm not gonna stay for the dinner though.
Right after I'm done, I'll be rushing off to RJCC for the Rotary Club's Alumni Dinner.
I have a feeling that it's gonna be great! :D

Hmm, with the theme "East Meets West"...
Sheesh, what am I gonna wear...
What am I gonna wear??

Tomorrow's a full schedule for me.
Gotta get outta the house at 6.45AM.
Wait at the bus stop for Linda who'll fetch me to Convent for the Ranger Puteri thingy.
May have band practice after that.
Get ready for Tony's wedding reception.
Look pretty and perform, lol.
Rush off to RJCC.
May come back at midnight.

Hahaa, terrer right? -.-"
All happening on a Saturday.

I don't think I mentioned!

Benson's already in National Service.

Hahaa, he left a day before Good Friday.
But he came back after one day, LOL!
I guess he can't take it, lol, he complained a lot.
You can check his blog and read his rants, lol.

Actually, all Christians got to request for a leave due to Good Friday and Easter.
He came back bald, hahaa. He's back in camp in Mersing already.

So, there's only 4/6 of us at home.
Dad, mum, BB and I.
Celine in KL, Benson in NS...

The house seems empty but I don't seem to feel lonely.
Hmm, maybe because I'm just SOOO occupied.
But I do miss them though :/

* * * * * *

All right, I need to practice my keyboard playing and singing for tomorrow's reception.

Take care and God bless :)

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