Monday, April 28, 2008

The world is not gonna be saved from the evil taggings.

Sighs, Mel failed to save the world again.
Well, simply because it was Hin Loong who tagged me.
Why you people lurrrve tagging me huh?
I look very free is it??

*notices contradiction*

Whey, actually I'm very busy okay...
Especially with the I.U. project.
It's just the people that matter to me, that's why I'm doing it.
Sighs, but don't blame me if I don't do your tags kay?
My online time is getting very "rare", lol.

So, I hope I can save the world after this tag.
Tolong lar, ye?

* * * * * *

001. Real name : Yap Kah Lai
Grandma didn't want "Melissa" to be in my birthcert, but parents called me Melissa since I was born, so... walla! :D

002. Nicknames :
one of a kind,
mel-ting my heart!,
melly welly,
mellow yellow,
rocker chic,
mel-icious/malicious [LOL],
the Malaysian Idol [I'm not! see how misleaded people are?? lol],
miss famous/popular [I disagree],
that girl-bassist,
'she-plays-everything'.... -.-"
that-girl-who-can't-speak-chinese [HELLO, I can lar you dungu!],
.... geez, the list goes on and on.

003. Married : Single and not looking :D

004. Male or female : DUH.

005. High School : SMK Desa Cemerlang, and now SMK Dato' Jaafar [Form 6].

006. University: Unknown, yet.

007. Short/Long Hair : Hybrid of both, lol.

008. Are you a health freak : Well, I don't have the 'kechiing' to buy health products, but I sure look damn "healthy", LOL.

009. Height : 156cm only, short I know, sniffles.

010. Do you have a crush on someone : Hmm, no.

011. Do you like yourself : What's not to like? Perasan-level shooting sky high, LOL! xD

012. Righty/Lefty : Righty! We're right most of the time :P

013. Surgery : I had a Cesarean birth.

014. Piercings : One on each side. Since I was 5-years-old I suppose, hahaa. Walked dizzily after that dude shot the earrings into my ear, lol.

015. Person you see in the morning : Mum, most of the time... cause I can't wake up! x) LOL.

016. Award : Errm, let's just say my cabinet's too full... xD

017. Sport you join : Bowling, netball, swimming, chess, cross-country...

018. Pet : 1 dog - Bread; and 5 puppies - Oreo, Milo, Cookie, Sugar and Peanuts. But... I've already sold Oreo, Milo and Cookie, breaks my heart still cause I had to, sniff... :(

019. Vacation : I hope I'll have one after this friggin' PRE-U STPM :)

020. Concert : Planetshakers, Hillsong and Delirious - awesome! :)

021. First Crush : Hmm, when I was primary one maybe? It was just puppy love.

022. Eating : Nothing.

023. Drinking : My saliva... want some? LOL.

024. I’m about to : Roll my eyes at this question.

025. Want kids : YES.

026. Want to get married : Of course I DO! :)

027. Careers in mind : Something that has to do with biology and technology, physiologist, or the entertainment industry? Wife and mother would be later on in life, lol.

028. Lips or eyes : Eyes, but if you love someone, you'd love everything they have and are :) The eyes to drown in and the lips to stop superfluous bablings! x)

029. Hugs or kisses : I'd like to have both! :D

030. Shorter/Taller : Definitely taller.... wait, I WANT TO be taller! LOL.

031. Romantic or spontaneous : Both!

032. Sensitive or loud : I'm pretty balanced I'd say :)

033. Trouble maker or hesitant : Uhh none.. unless you're talking about the bed, whoops! LOL.

034. Kissed a stranger : Hmm, well, adorable babies and kids! Random people on the street, no way. LOL.

035. Drank bubbles : Well I suppose so, especially if you're slurping bubbly or frizzy drinks. Or, your saliva, ROFLMAO.

036. Lost glasses/contacts : Don't have neither :)

037. Ran away from home : Thought of it before, but I know what's best and that's not it ;)

038. Liked someone younger : LOL, guilty.

039. Liked someone older : Most definitely.

040. Broken someone’s heart : Yes, not proud of them :(

041. Been arrested : I'm innocent, enough. LOL.

042. Cried when someone died : Can't help myself :(

043. Yourself : You tell me :)

044. Miracles : Without a doubt.

045. Heaven : YES.

046. Santa Claus : I used to, hahaa. But I came to know of someone much more wonderful on Christmases, and He is Jesus Christ, my best friend and Saviour :)

047. Magic : No.

048. Angels : Yes!

049. Is there one person you want to be with right now : Hmm, that might be you ;)

050. Do you believe in God : With all my heart, mind and soul! :D

051. Tag : NO ONE - Save the tag surveys, save the world.

... Ohh, for goodness sake.
We're talking about the world here!

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