Friday, April 25, 2008

The Annual Haircut.


My dearest Macy See Toh once again present her birthday gift to me in the form of haircuts!

So, comparing to my haircut last year's in September...

The bob haircut.

... and this year's April before I cut my hair.

It grew very fast, don't you think lol?

It's finally time.
To have a new haircut, again.
But this time, I couldn't say much regarding the haircut I wanted cause...

Macy wanted to cut it the way she wanted to.
Lol, cause it's HER gift to me.
And so, I look like this now....

It's much, much shorter.
And goodbye to my "long curtains".
She gave me a fringe... *cries*

But the thing is, when I go to school...
I've gotta tie my hair like this...

OMG, I feel so "lala"!!!

... Kah May.
You were just waiting for this day, WEREN'T YOU?

So, I'll just keep telling myself...
"My hair will grow back, it will, its got to... it better!".

My boys juniors don't seem to like it when they saw it.
They prefer my previous hair.
But for the others, some say I look like a doll, some say it's cute, some say it's disasterous...

Comments? :/

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