Sunday, April 27, 2008

Convent's International Understanding Day

Can you believe it....
This is my FIRST TIME attending an I.U. Day.

Yeah, yeah... go ahead and laugh... whatever.

Yes, it was my first time.
Everyone was telling me how awesome Convent's I.U. always were.
And with much credits to my junior Ben Chia, he bought me a ticket.
Awww, so sweet :)

So after school, Benjamin Goon and I tumpang-ed Wilfred's car and headed to Benjamin Chia's house, which is very nice by the way. Hahaa. Got ready, makan-ed, crashed his piano and met his family, very warm people :)

And so, kita bertolak sebelum pukul 2pm.
This would be my second time going to SMIJ Convent.
Hmmm, I applied for Convent after UPSR with 3A's but they rejected me while my 2A's friend got in, lol. Ah well, too bad. I'm glad anyways :)

With the theme of Germany, I found it very Harry Potter-ish.
Hahaa, it was nice though.

The SDJ Clan - our people, woot! :)

Trust me, none of us expected meeting each other there, lol.
Because of them, I had a great time :)

Their play - and it was good!

But the only setback for me was the short scenes with the closing of the curtains so many times, while it moves rather slow to close.
Other than that, kudos! :D

The band.

And of course, the highlight for the boys.
Can't you tell? Lol.
The girls were dancing, and shaking everything, haha.

And they had some games....
I'm a "squirrel", I think, LOL.
A HUGE one! xD

And suddenly I became a "tree", lol!
With Melvin from SMK Aminuddin Baki.
LOL, Sue Lynn just HAD to take shots of me like this, gahhh.

Meanwhile I'm busy with the games....
Where are my girls??

I see.


But I still love them to bits! :D
And I got to eat Sue Lynn's muffins!
She can sell them lar, there's potential ;)

Sara Ong on the violin!
Woot :D

My boys and I :)
Not all of them here though.

Eric and Jeremy from SMK Sri Tebrau.

Darling! :D
She kept lamenting on how I was being such a "social butterfly", lol.

So glad that we were together :D

LeRoy... hahaaa.

The sisters :)

Ahh, there she is! :)
She was so panic-ky!
But hey Sara, things turned out alright see?

Adeline and Karyn! :D

Overall, I shall give some constructive comments okay.
So dearest Convent darlings, please don't take it personal.
I'm just being honest.

The starting of the event were the speeches.
And regarding the PA system, urmm, it wasn't really good :(
We could hardly hear all the speeches, but Shar Linn's and Rotarian Elendran's was clearer than the rest. Sighs, I couldn't hear what Rotarian James Ho said at all eventhough I was only in the 5th row from the front, lol. The rest at the back couldn't really be bothered after a while, lol.
I was so glad that the girls acting in the play wasn't carrying the mics around, thank goodness :)

The props and decorations were beautiful!
The girls were very nicely dressed too.
As usual, they've got a perfect 10 from me :D

The performances.
I've already mentioned about the curtains, besides that, very good!
Did you girls really slap each other...? Man, lol.
The band - good music, keyboard was a lil too loud, lol. You girls should've practiced more with the vocalist especially, like transposing the songs to a key that she's comfortable with, not too low till we can't hear her much.
The dance - well, the boys loved it. Haha.

The food.
Aww man, you guys hired a really good caterer, should've cost a bomb?
But the thing is, when everyone, like myself, take our food and accumulate them on our same plate, each of the German dishes have a distinguished taste of their own. And when you mix them together on that one plate, with most of them having sauce and gravy, they kinda get mixed together and the taste kinda becomes... well, yeahhh. That's why I saw a lot of people throwing their food away. Wasted yes? :(

Girls... I was on the verge of puking, lol.
BUT hey, I finished EVERYTHING I had on my plate regardless of the very, very odd taste. LOL, y'all better come for my I.U. day huh! x)

So, that's pretty much for my 2 cents :)


SDJ's I.U. Day cum Installation Day
is on the 14th of June in New York Hotel!
I'm the I.U. Director this year, so you girls and boys better come and support us!
The theme's "The Golden Era in the USA".
Consisting of the 60s, 70s and 80s ;)
It's gonna be really fun, so DO COME! :D

AFTER NEXT FRIDAY, it's gonna be RM20.
SO, hurry up!

The interactors left at about 6.30pm.
Many went home earlier.

With muffin crumbs from us, we bid you abschied [farewell].
Auf Wiedersehen
[goodbye in German]!

- credits to Sue Lynn for the pictures :)


Sara said...

sorry for tagging you again. you must be getting irritated already. (:

just wanna see if you're okay with me grabbing pictures from your blog. i'm gonna compile photos from you and sue lynn for my upcoming iu post. if you do mind, let me know aite?

thanks heaps and sorry for any inconvenience. (:

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

hahaa, no prob love! :)
and no, you're not annoying!


you complete me :)