Saturday, April 12, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

On the 10th of april, I WAS feeling kinda gloomy and sad.
Due to some reasons and also the fact that my birthday was the day after tomorrow.
I knew I wasn't celebrating. I knew I wouldn't have or do much.
I was prepared.

But not for this :D
11th april.

I went to school as usual.
And as usual, we'd be having our Christian Fellowship every Friday morning.
So, I entered the classroom. Hmm, nothing unusual I thought.
Nevertheless, I was happy to see all my dear brothers and sisters, like I always do :)

So, then we started.
"All right! Let's have our ice breaker...", said Ronald our emcee.
"Melissa, come! You'll be one of our volunteers!"
Okay - I thought, so I went.

My mind wasn't expecting anything.

"And can we have Janice to volunteer as well!"
Hmm... well, it was her birthday on the 11th.
I blame myself for being too smart, I was getting suspicious.
LOL, but I didn't want to perasan, so I played along.

We were seated on two chairs in the middle of the Christian Fellowship.
*Janice and me clueless now*
*in my heart, I was something like this... xD *

Being blindfolded, I could hear calmness, and soon followed by an unintentional presence of excitement.
The fans went off.
And I smelt something very familiar.

Both Jan and I could hear a trying-to-control-excitement-but-failed atmosphere surrounding us. But we were very excited too.
"Hmm, what you think is laid before you?"
Janice said that she doesn't know, not wanting to drag time I instantly said, "It's a cake, I can smell it".
"You can take off your blindfolds now".

And revealing our eyes to that lovely cake of assorted fruits that lit the entire darkened room, with everyone smiling happily, focused to the centre of the classroom.
To me, it was such a joyous moment.
I was so touched, felt so happy :D

They instantly sang us the "Birthday Song" in 3 languages: english, malay and mandrin.
I was so blessed by the Christian Fellowship that I've been striving to keep burning even more avast, and I felt that satisfaction somehow. Truly, they loved me just as much as I love them! :D

They planned all this since Wednesday, forked out their own money to buy us the cake that they went seraching for, and they're ALL only in FORM 3!!!
Goodness, bless their wonderful souls :D
Aren't they such sweethearts??

And to end the surprise with a highlight, they FORCED us to do something for them in return.
Being the birthday babies, at first they asked Jan to sing, I had no prob duh, but she didn't want to.

THEN, they appointed Kiron to kiss Janice and Shaun to kiss me.

LOL, on the cheek they say.
Still OMG okay. ROFL.
Jan and I didn't want, so Kiron and Shaun being the gentlemen they are, did not forced themselves on us.

Then they asked us to do this and we could not refuse it this time.
We have to choose any gentlemen from the classroom and dance with them.

And they put on "The Unchained Melody", LOL.

So, since Ronald was being so hyped up trying to forfeit us with such things, I made, I mean, asked him to dance with me. LOL. "Are you sure you want me?", he asked me. "Of course! So will you dance or what?"
MAN, that guy can dance when he denies it, lol. And his eye contact does NOT break.
Lol, don't worry guys, they recorded it. I'll post it up on my blog when I get the video and pictures from Linda.

Our CF ended, and we divided the cake among ourselves. I was very blessed indeed.
Y'all really made my day :D

It was after everyone left that I found out that the Physics class next door wasn't there.
They were nextdoor in the class, crying and mourning.
Apparently, their classmate who suffered Brain cancer died yesterday.
I was in shock too... they didn't wanna tell me till I had the cake.

Khoo Boon Hao
I don't know you much but, thanks for being such a good friend.

Your memories will last with us.

He was undergoing his 2nd chemoteraphy, he coudn't take it and just died on the spot.
Life is fragile indeed.

We're celebrating our birth while another dies.
Sniff :(

Life, must go on.

* * * * * *
ON that very same day, Janice Phua was having a birthday BBQ at her place, and I was so glad that my parents changed their mind and allowed me to celebrate with her. So relieved. We really had fun.

Made new friends like Veronica, Wing and ohh-no... yeah she's next to Janice.
SNIFF, I'm so sorry, I'm suffering from amnesia :(

Zi Fong, Sherwin, Kiron, Veron and Wing :)

"... Happy Birthday to Allen and Janice and Melissaaaaaa....!"

April babies! :D
Allen was born on the 10th, Janice on the 11th and Mel on the 12th.

We're NINETEEN, woot! x)

LOL, they sunk the broke the candles shorter by half, stick it back into the cake and forced us to take them out using only our mouth. Allen kena pushed his nose into the Secret Recipe cake, lol.

I went home half-an-hour before the clock stroke midnight.
Hahaa, Cinderella-ish I know.
* * * * * *

ON my REAL birthday though, yeah, I didn't celebrate.
First thing was getting up early in the morning for my first Maths T tuition.
So happen, my teacher's son is my friend's friend. Small world, lol.

Then, instantly after tuition, I rushed to church for band practice.
Where I REALLY almost dozed off while playing the keyboard, ROFL.

And when I got back, I went out with my family for Pizza Hut :D

I hadn't ate Pizza Hut in ages!

Courtesy of friends working in Pizza Hut! :D

BB got me this "I ♥ You" teddy bear with one set of silver-purple
necklace and earrings wrapped around the bear.
Hahaa, my younger brother can be really sweet :)
Thanks baby bro, I love you!

Seafood lasagna... oooh, so creamy and NICEEEEE! :D

I wanna thank everyone who gave me presents!
I'm really happy that you guys took the effort to get me gifts, I'm so thrilled about it still.
Don't worry, you can still give me presents now, hahaaa.

AND ALSO, THANK YOU for the smses and calls!

Also through MSN, friendster, facebook and my beloved blog.
I appreciate each and everyone of them ;)

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