Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Heyy Twenty-Oh-Eight! :)

Golly, it's the new year!
It seems to me that twenty-oh-seven had swept by too fast... too fast.

Gee, I'm gonna be 19 in 4 months!
Hint hint ;)

Come to think of it, 2007 was actually pretty smooth going, kinda laid back, not many heartbreaks and hurrendous emotions, I got to show myself as a fulfillial daughter and big sister by supporting the family financially, supported myself entirely in Lower Six: fees, tuition, transportation, food, uniform, reference books... proved myself in many aspects, gained many new experiences, strengthened myself in the Lord and developed the many gifts I was given, met so many new wonderful people...
It's awesome :)

Highlighting some of the many things I had done in 2007, just a brief review.

Got a job
Go driving school
Valentine's Day :)
Chinese New Year :)
SPM 2006 results
Good Friday
Happy Easter
JPJ Driving Test
My AWESOME birthday! :D
Get driving license
Labour Day :)
Extract both teeth
Put on braces
Lower 6 begins
Jess' Birthday :)
Quit job...
Church Camp 2007!
School Holidays
Besties Hangout
Quit part-time job
Get school transfer
Attend Omega's Chem Tuition
When Pirates Meet The Mafia, CHC
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Festival of Arts 2007
Finalize Hip-Hop Dance 4 EMERGE!
BB's Birthday!
Librarian Luncheon
Let Macy chop off my hair
Danny Boy's Birthday
Celine's Birthday!
Goodbye Holidays
Setara Exams
MUET 2007
Mum's Birthday
Benson's Birthday
Special Day :)
Jack's Birthday
Trip To KL!
AFC CAMP 2007 - perform all over KL
Eunice's Surprise Party :)
New Year's Eve :(

Hmm, on New Year's Eve, I was just celebrating with the old television set, clicked to Mediacorp's Channel5 watching the countdown at VivoCity. Yes, I was sitting in the hall and realized that only mum and I were in the living hall, dad was out to buy some groceries, both brothers were upstairs gaming (no life), my beloved sister was no longer staying with us cause she's now in KL to study and to take care of my grandma which became our sole purpose for allowing her to leave...

We were actually, pretty incomplete.
Something I've gotta get used to.
She might never even return home after getting back to the KL life.

As the clock stroke midnight, cheers and loud fireworks could be heard, our phones were constantly beeping in vibration... it was still pretty empty actually, for me.
Well, even if I couldn't be with my friends, at least I had my family?

Sis was probably having a good time counting down I'm sure :)
Hahaa, I could tell through her very noisy phonecall blasting through my poor-pathetic-blasted-speakers-that-sound-like-fart-and-hurt-my-ears. Glad she's having fun. I'll miss her. Now that she's no longer sleeping next to me on our king-sized bed, as she's being replaced by my brothers who rotate in turns - cause my bed's really comfy, haha.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!", as Auld Lang Syne was sung throughout the crowd. Wow, it's already a new year... I can't help feeling that 2007 went off with a blink of an eye. I totally surrender 2008 to the Lord, and with hopes that it'll definitely be better than 2007 :)

So after waking up on New Year's, my parents, bb and I went to get him registered in SMK Desa Jaya. Apparently it's full, so dad sent me to Abdul Samad for my dental appointment first and then they headed to SMK Ulu Tiram where he's actually signed to.

Guess what?
I got the SAME trainee doctor again.
[ refer to this previous post for the full story - click here! ]


ONCE AGAIN, the wires tak boleh masuk again, so she used force again.
But thank goodness she didn't do it as horribly as she did the previous time, a little gentle... I think? Each time she's about to cut my lip with those plyers, I'll jerk or push her hand away...

"Ehhh tak kena kan? Tak kena kan?"
So what??! I have to do that for my own protection purposes... dammit.
It ended alright, I was just got scared at the part when she kept forcing the wire in but kept missing... Thank goodness none of those misses end up as a jabbing into my mouth, phew. I was just holding on to those dental-armchairs for dear life... gaaaahhh.

This time they put double wires on my lower row, sighs.
It's very tight... wuwuwuwuuu.
Have difficulty eating at the moment, it would actually hurt.
That's new. LOL.
But it'll be okay after a few days :)

After dad picked me up, he sent mum and I somewhere and we made up for yesterday's sad new year's eve by shopping! WHOOT. I'm so happy that I've got new tops, shoes and my very first handbag to kickstart 2008!
Hahhaa... :)

* * * * * *

Woke up early to register myself in Dato' Jaafar today.
Gaaah, Upper Six starts tomorrow!
Sighs... so fast :( :( :(

Man, it's my PRE-U STPM year.
That's dreadful :(
I've really gotta buck up now, no excuses.
It's my last shot.

I'm also already assigned as this year's IU Director.
So to EVERYONE out there, do come when I send out the invitations alright!
Should be approximately mid June.
Support me arr... ;)

Let's do "Ze Rezolutionz".
Since I'm gonna be 19, let's make it 19 resolutions.

1) STUDY DAMN HARD AND SMART, it's a win-win scenario.
2) Do daily devotions regularly with him :)
3) DON'T SLACK, too much.
5) LOSE WEIGHT, wanna have a good figure and for health purposes lar.
6) Sacrifice leisure time, goodbye happy hours.
7) Do CCAs till half of the year then completely STOP and focus on STPM.
8) Make this year's IU Day the best one ever had by SDJ.
9) Get BAND 6 for MUET this year, don't wish to retake :(
10) Take up tuition for all four subjects IF POSSIBLE.
11) Try to cut other activities and study more... *sniff*
12) Practice self-control and patience.
13) Form an effective study group.
14) Polish my personal character and make my weaknesses my strength.
15) Make parents and friends proud, I try my best.
16) Get dad's blessing after STPM examinations.
18) Grow taller..? Hee.
19) Let 2008 be the BEST year yet! :D :D :D

That would be all :)

Au revoir!


PY...Penyu... said...

Hi Mel,happy new year!
Reading your blog is certainly uplifting my spirit!haha(",)
IU Day?I am curious about it,especially when it is directed by U!May I just go and see?or it is limited to your current schoolmates only?If people like me is allowed to go,don't forget to invite me ya...gotta support you for sure!=)
from junior Poh Yee

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

hey gurl! :)
thanks for dropping by.

hahaa, don't you worry!

i'll try my very best to make the price reasonable :)
it shouldn't be more than RM25, standard lar.
if can, i'll try to go lower k...


you complete me :)