Thursday, January 10, 2008

How's it going?

What's up??
It's the Maal Hijrah holiday today.
Will be going for tuition soon.

Yes, Mel's back to school.
Many things has changed for this new year.
The school's painted afresh, my librarian duties are on again.
I only left school when it was almost 7PM okay, sighs.
New teachers are teaching us for Upper Six, Christian Fellowship starts tomorrow, homework are starting to flow in...

I'm taking Chem and Bio tuition for now, wanna take Maths next week.
Geez, I'm gonna be operating a pig's heart tomorrow... LOL.
I'm excited yet like... eww, lol.
We'll see, hahaa.
I'll try to take pictures... be ready, lol.

I miss Sue and Dan too!
But I know Sue definitely doesn't miss...

My bitch.
Sue swears it's evil, and that it'll come back for her, lol.

BB is now studying in SMK Ulu Tiram.
He's enjoying himself, cause all his friends are there :)
High school life's his first experience this year.
He has grown, wonder when he'll be shooting up anytime soon.

And I especially miss her.
My blood sister.

I'm heaven sent and she knows it (;
Very well.

The things I do with her hair... lol.

How we dress up together... xD

I know she misses me, lol.

Miss you too mei...

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