Sunday, January 27, 2008

Larian DJ

Well, these "larian perdana"s are something we can call cross-country lar.
This happened yesterday.

Initially, they planned for the boys to run 10km while the girls ran 6km.
In the end, they eventually found the routes pretty dangerous and decided to plan a new map.
So, boys and girls the same, ran only 4.5km.

Yeah, as we ALL know, my body's breaking down lar for this week.
I'm aching all over, head to toe, I think that my spine got sprained.
My strength and stamina has literally gone down the drain...
Not so powderful anymore.

Nevertheless, I still came for this Larian DJ.
Just to test myself, lol.

We were given only 45 minutes to make it back to school to get medals, haha.
So, I ran and ran and ran, and ran.... and only managed to get the 13th place.
Saadah who got 11th and Janice who got 12th were before me.
Used to get the 6th before, but now my rank dropped lar, aihhh.
My competition this year is also very strong, needless to say :D
All my girlfriends are very good runners, kudos y'all! :)

She's a brilliant student and a fast runner.
Catch her if you can ;)

It was kinda nice for me that I wasn't on duty for today's Sunday service.
Got to chill a bit, but we had our children's ministry as usual.
I love, love, love, love all my brothers and sisters in our youth gang.
We love each other very much :)
Hmm, I felt that all my efforts of working out this entire week went to waste when my dad brought us to Burger King, LOL.

I feel a lil' sad for my dear brother whom I talked to yesterday...
He's a such a loving, loving, sensitive and caring lover.
Always there for her, always standing up for her, always by her side, always closing one eye to the things she does, never say things to hurt her, loves her so damn much.
But he's facing some problems with a girlfriend of mine - he just can't let go cause he loves her so much, that's what.
Sighs, after talking to him on the phone, I was doing a lot of thinking and eventually fell asleep, and woke up again at 1.30AM to get to my bed.

Which leaves me questioning, why can't he be the same sometimes...
He's more interested in playing Nintendo Wii -.-"
Damn, I lost to a block of technology... sighs.

I don't think he'd read this anyways.


Back to more assignments and homework.
One more week of school and it's another new year.

Man, this french singer Vitaa, who sang "J'oublierais tout" is so good lar.
But she's singing such a sad song, which doesn't help this situation lar.
Cause she sang it so well.

Au revoir.

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