Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sukantara Part Uno

Hahaa, it was a bittersweet day for me.
For our sukantara part one, it was fun :D
Well, it's not the official sports day, sukantara is where every student have to try every sport and earn points for your house.
It doesn't matter if you're good or not.

We had 100m run, 400m run for everyone and tug-of-war for the guys.
Our shot putt and high jump points were already taken down last week.

Now that I look back, I can't seem to believe that I actually used to do high jumps then, but I slowly lost it after not participating much anymore.

BUT come to think of it, with that weight and height, how did I do it??

And I will be representing my house in shot putt, heh, no surprise there.

Girls and guys getting taklimat before we start.

The thing that wasn't really pleasant was, our school field is kinda under construction.

So, to save our school shoes from being smuddered in mud, most of us decided to go bare-footed.

The running was very refreshing, didn't run for such a long time since form 5.
I kinda lost it, lol, I've done better.

Get set, GO!

400M - SECOND lap.
Can't believe it ya?

Natural-spa treatment?

Everyone got kinda shocked when they saw me running at such a fast speed, hahaa.
Honestly, I'm not fast but I've got stamina :)

Tug-of-war only for the guys today.
It'll be the girl's turn this Thursday :)

Lol, I dunno whose hands are those, but it's just funny the way the green house peeps just collapse after their victory, lol.

Yi Shin :D

Khatijah aka Cat! Sweet sweet girl :)

And the birthday girl today! :D
The lucky star, Su Peng.
Ohh, yes she's blessed indeed!
Boy, she received lots of really nice gifts...
But only one gift of her's made me go "hmmm".

. . . . . . . . .
Dunno what to say ya?
It's Mr. Pee! LOL.

It's a fan, so you kinda have to urrm, squash that orange dude's whinny to get some wind.
"Press to receive some good blowing", LOL.
But, I guess this encourages her to overcome her fear of sick men today?
Or something else?
LOL, whatever! xD

Yes, for sukantara, every student must participate in every sport,
no matter if you're good or not...

Except for Chee Keong and Shariff I suppose.
And Steven ponteng-ed.
Benson told me cause they talked in Jusco while Ben was working, haha.

The view from my class, windy too :)
It's nice, well, only up to the tree-ish greeny areas, haha.


Our exit, lol.

Yeah, had to stay back after sukantara somemore cause I had my librarian duties.
Man, damn tired. Kept sleeping and dozing off at random places, LOL.
Sighs, there was a lot of drama today during my duties, enough said. Haha.

So I came back, watched the Tyra Show for a while till Ben called to pick him up from work.
Got some groceries and I fetched him home :)

Happy Thaipusam for the peeps out there, which is tomorrow.
Yeah, it adds another holiday to the calender but I've got Biology tuition in the morning anyways. Might be operating that pig's heart that we had to postpone.
Hahaa, eww.

And Larian DJ will be held this Saturday.
6 kilometers I think. 10km for guys. Haha.

Ohh man, there's still that silly pile of homework to do.

I feel like running again :)

To who knows where.

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