Friday, January 11, 2008

I fell outta my bed :/

Wahahaaa, geez!
That didn't happen ever since I was like, four or five?
That one was kinda bad, I fell down from my bed banging my head against the side table.
Ouch :/

This time, I went down with an awakening agony on my left side.
Especially my elbow and knee :/
And Mel oww-ed to sleep... so dumb.

Anyways, we didn't get to operate the pig's heart today - cancelled.
Teacher's caught up, somewhere.

But nevermind! :D
I've got more time to do that silly pile of homework and get ready for worship service this Sunday, managed to call all of them already (:

School was aight today :)
The morning started with us preparing for our school's Christian Fellowship, Day 1 for 2008.
About 70 students showed up, awesome :D
We really had fun and we kept to the time, kudos to our commitee members!

Ooh! And I didn't mention that I got my brother Benson a job last week! :D
He's now working at SONY in Tebrau City, good pay okay...
Actually, he went in earlier to ask for vacancies but they rejected him.

So, he started pushing me out of the shop telling me not to waste time, bla-bla-bla...
That was so agitating, urgh.
Ignoring Ben, I just walked up to one of the many guys there and asked him nicely for vacancies and he gave me the forms immediately!

Benson's jaw dropped.

That nice dude passed me to his supervisor, and so as he was explaining the job to me, I kept nodding in approval... and suddenly passed the forms to Ben who appeared by my side.
LOL. That supervisor looked lost. LOL.

But anyways since he already gave the forms, might as well let Ben fill them up anyways.
Immediately after that, they decided to give him a go and interviewed him!
Hahaa, so that's how he got the job :)
He started last Monday.

Sister's homesick.
Poor girl.
Hang in there aight?
We'll see you on Chinese New Year :)

The weakdays are over, so now for the weak-ends! :D

C I A O !

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