Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sukantara Part Two

The last day for Sukantara, wOOt.

First, I went to compete for the shot putt competition.
Hahaa, yeah I got it.
Berita yang tidak mengejutkan.

Shawn says that he can't wait to see me perform since last Tuesday.
But he couldn't stop bribing me from competing in today's tug-of-war against his Green House.

We played against the Green House first, we won the first round.
Our anchorwoman [the last one in white] got really tired.

But then our downfall came when our anchorwoman was losing it.
She couldn't take it :(

Our team fell - so we had a draw.

Teacher then decided to switch positions.
Predictable of what's gonna happen next ya?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Mel became the anchorwoman, lol.
And we won! :D

Actually, the previous anchorwoman had more advantage than me in terms of size and strength, but she kept saying that she can't do it... perhaps she didn't have the strength?
I dunno.

And so the war went on proceeding...

The Blue House went down, awww, hahaa.

The Red House who were stronger than the other teams also shared the same fate, LOL.
So that means... :D

Congrats ladies, we're number ONE! :D
Kaki aku putih siot, lol.

The best leading houses are very good friends! :D
We support each other regardless if we're against each other.
Red + Yellow = Orange :D

Whoooohoooo! :D

The Yellow House still rock anyways! ;D

For many years, the Yellow House was always LAST okay.
Now that, is about to change.
Now that we're here, hehe (;

Only the TWO leading houses will battle it out at the Larkin Stadium :)
But the other two houses will compete in school.

Sniff, my body is aching all over since Tuesday after all those running without warm-ups!
Sighs, teacher didn't slot a time for warm-ups at all, just events, after events.
And it's still aching today... actually, today's event added on to my agony.
I competed SEVEN rounds of crazy "tug-of-wars" in one go.
My body may break being this "anchorwoman" - having those ropes tied around my body.

Then we got back to our classes and everyone who sat for their MUET in SDJ received their results. It was rather emotional for some who tried really hard but didn't do as well as they expected to, sighs :(

AND this stooooopid website....

They're such liars man.

First they announced that they will enable us to know our results via SMS by 12.01AM today.
I smsed twice at 2.30AM and the blardy results are not sent but they charge us freaking 30cents for asking and 30cents for replying.

Then, they also said that we can get our results online through by 9.00AM today but it's still not posted up.

What crap is this man.

Chie Hua will help me take my results for me from SMK Permas Jaya.
I'll just break it to you now that I didn't get Band 6 lar, so I'll retake again.
Nothing to lose wert, it's only in May and it's the last time for the old syllabus.
So why not? :)

It'll be the new syllabus by the end of this year though.
Quite hard, I've tried before - so, I won't bother even if I get high Band 5 again after retaking.
Wasting my 60 bucks for nothing :/

The anchorman and anchorwoman, lol.
The Green House won the guy's category of "tug-of-war" cause of this dude okay :)

Anyways, after school dear Shaun brought Janice, Chun Lei and myself to Stonegrill to get some good food :) which made me and Chun Lei late for tuition, lol. We got caught in the rain somemore, and had to share this small umbrella, LOL.
Takpe, it was worth it!
... I meant the food lar. Haha.

I was soooo tired and aching all over that I couldn't focus today :(
Kept praying for my STPM, so hard, LOL.

I love Madam Koh still, she's so good.
But our class is too crowded lar, 70+ students :(
And Omega announced that they'll have a 7 days holiday, so no classes during CNY, yay! :D

Alright, I'm off for dinner.
P.S: Yes mei, I love you too :)

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