Thursday, January 31, 2008

Champion, lol?

Melissa Yap
- Champion -

Melissa Yap
- Need I say more? LOL -

Hahaa, yeah... I won the shot put competition yesterday.
It was my first time playing javelin today though...
I've not played or tried it before, hahaa.
YET, I am asked to compete, no choice.
Oh well... that didn't matter now, did it?

Melissa Yap Kah Lai

Felt a lil' sad cause I had to miss one and a half hour of
Chemistry tuition which I have to pay RM60 monthly.
I feel... sam tong [heartsick] lar, lol.
Only managed to slot myself into the tuition for the last 30 minutes.

That's what you get for being athletic.

Man, our Yellow House turned from zero to hero larrr.
Always ended as the last winning house but now the LEADING HOUSE!
Woot, cause we're here... hehe.

E X H A U S T E D .

Sighs, still feel tired lar.
But I'm glad all the sport events I participated in are now done with :)
So tired cause of this, which added on to my very hectic schedule lar.

Hahaa, today was really nice too cause I had lunch with the Arts class, 6AA1! :D
They're really nice people okay, one big family in fact.
We went to this Taiwan restaurant near Kerry's, which was nice but a lil' pricy, just a little :)

This morning.... sighs.
I admit that I did something stupid and whacked lar.
I chased the public bus.... on the main road -.-"
Sighs, was I really that desperate to look for that "Ummmph!" to life??
Now that I think of it, I really didn't know why I persuaded myself to do it.
Or why I reasoned with myself that just because the traffic light was red and traffic was moving slow, I could make a run for it.
That was just, so dumb.
Big sighs.

And, last night... was sad yet there was some humour to it.
Especially when Ben and I had to push dad's Volvo for about 100m.

Gaahh, I'm outta credit!!
Money, money, money.... lol.
Alright, I need to finish up my MUET and Bio assignments for tomorrow.

It's already the end of January...?

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