Friday, November 23, 2007


Last Wednesday, I had to go to the dentist for my monthly appointments.
Of all days, I had to get a trainee dentist AGAIN.

That dungu was trying to force that wire into my braces, cause it doesn't fit, so it's NOT gonna get in there. So just change the blardy wire to a thinner one, like anyone can't figure that out.

Ohh... bear the pain I did.
She had been trying to force that sharp strand of iron for a good 30 minutes.
In the process, she'd be accidentally poking the wire into various areas of my mouth, which hurt. And you know those plyers that are meant for cutting wires?
Yeah, she cut my lip.
The repeatation of "Ohh sorry, sorry...." is definitely NOT gonna cure that pain, you freak!

The Last Straw :
She finally plunged in another plyer meant for pulling out your teeth, and tried to force the wire in with full force. What happens when you do that, and you miss?
Where else can that plyer go, hmm?

It's still in my mouth, so she practically jabbed that plyer into the ends of my mouth!
This time, in terrible agony, I pushed her hand away.
She started scattering for cotton, I knew I was bleeding.
Boy, could I taste my tasty blood....


Tears ran down my eyes, fast.
After the agonizing half an hour, she said, "Doktor, saya sudah cederakan pesakit".
As in : Doctor, I've injured the patient.

Then only the doctor came and tried gently with much expertise to fit in the wire. The minute she knew it was not gonna get in, she said, "Change it to a thinner wire".
Wow, even I figured that out! I should be the dentist then -.-"
Then only it FINALLY fit and she gave me back to the trainee doctor.


She tightened my teeth, tied up loose ends, and she had to make sure that no wire was sticking out that would hurt me in the next one month to bear with.
When I got up, she pretended as if she did a great job, didn't even bother to apologize again.
"We'll see you again in 6 weeks".

Well I hope I'm not seeing you, you tak-layak-jadi-dentist person.
I didn't bother to thank her, what more say goodbye.
Tears still remained on my face, red-nosed, pushed myself into the waiting room away from that toot. Left people waiting outside wondering and got scared.
Mwaahaa, you should be! - if you get that kind of trainee dentist that is.

Got to the toilet only to find out that the left corner of my mouth was badly bruised, plus the cuts in my inner lip and inside my mouth.


*rubs mouth*
I'd go private if I could, sighs.
Guess that's not an option for me.

With that pain, I went to school for my librarian work.
Rajin, huh?

Tell me about it.

P.S: Forgive me for my use of language. It was just so tormenting :(

* * * * * *

Yesterday was the LAST DAY I had to do my librarian duties.
So at 2PM, I quickly rushed off to tuition, on foot.
Yeah, all the way from SDJ to Omega.
Made it on time, thank goodness.
Sighs, felt bad for kinda dozing off here and there.
I'm just so tired this week.... staying in school till 5PM the whole week.

As I was about to get up a bus to go home, Dan and Haikal asked me to meet up with them at Kerry's. So heck it, I just walk back up and met up to get Haikal's comics.
It was kinda inconvenient cause we were carrying a "60 x 60+" wooden box for our insect project. A little heavy, but having to travel by public transport, that'll be a little bit of a nuisance.

So there we were again at the bus stop.
About to get up the bus, until Haikal said,
"Mel, where's your roll of plastic wrappers that I was holding for you arr...?"
$#!T HAIKAL! WTH? Where is it lar???
"Uhh, I think I left it in Popular..."

So, we detoured.

As I was about to get up the escalator, I saw yet again a very familiar girl whom I watched entering Popular earlier while waiting for the boys outside Popular.
So, I approached her and said, "Suphier..?"
She looked at me puzzled for a second and called me by name and we hugggggeeeddd! :D

So while the boys went of a wild goose hunt, Suph and I talked and exchanged numbers.
Haa, showed her my collection of insects too.
Well, if there was no detour, I wouldn't have met Suph :D
Was so nice to see her again after so many donkey years since FOA.

It's always so nice to be with your besties on bus rides home, crapping with them as you watch those horrendous crappy long-hours-traffic-jams go by, fast. I always enjoy my bus trips with Haikal and Dan. We'd laugh our guts out, making people surrounding us laugh with us, though they don't know what we're talking about.

The day would end like sugar, just like that.
How sweet is that? :)

* * * * * *

I'm gonna meet Suey in another 2 hours time! :D
Can't wait, it's been ages.

And this song has been stuck in my head like forever.
Sue says it's gay. Oh well.
Check it out.

If that's okay with you - Shayne Ward

Hate those squeaky voice parts though. What a spoiler.

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