Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart

Ahh, the post everyone had been waiting for...
It's finally here.

Especially to those who can't stand the sight blood,
I suggest you skip this entry.

So, I woke up early to get to tuition with Mr Liew Chee Loong.

We did some revision on the photosynthesis chapter.

And after that, we got down to business.
*evil laughs*

Made sure we knew where the parts were.

And whatever we've learnt in form 4 to 5 was a little disappointing because the various parts they never mentioned and the way the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood flow was a little new for us today.

Sheesh, the MOE should let us know those details earlier and didn't need to prolong us from knowing till we're form 6 wert.
I felt that it wasn't necessary to do so, could be misleading.

Here's the clearer picture. I like this diagram :)

So.... we're done doing theory, let's get practical.

Omg.... yikes.

You know what we learnt in form 5 was, the human's heart was the size of our fist?
I dunno, after holding it and looking at the picture, I'm not too sure anymore.
Or perhaps this pig had a big heart?
Aww too bad, it could've been the next Babe.

The comparison. Hmmm.

Blood clots in the channels.
The aorta's channel is huge, that's why our heart can pump the blood well to our entire body.
See, our fingers can go through.

Cut, cut, cut....
I wonder how people eat these hearts. Disgusting.

Take out those blood clots so that we can see better.
A lil' eww.

The valves and chordaes. Man, those "rubber bands" are strong okay.
And the blood clots on the side look just like period.

Blood, blood, blood...

Check out those cardiac muscles. Very tough and strong.
Still very bloody.

Dr. Melissa Yap, the heart surgeon.
Hahaa, man, this pig had a big heart lar. Kesian.

And after getting cleaned up, we experimented the microorganisms that we studied earlier on.

And this is my beloved.

That's all for this gory day.
Lol, ciao.

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