Friday, April 06, 2007

T.G.I.F :)

It was J-Card Day in Jusco AEON Tebrau City yesterday....
And this was the outcome:

That, my friends, is a queue from the center court and overshooted where Vivo's Pizza and Panini is.
A VERY long one.
Anyways, it wasn't just there... there were long queues everywhere related to Jusco stuff.
Very congested.

People were purchasing items after items from Jusco as if they were FOC.
[ Free of charge ] - duh -.-"

Well, I would know cause I was there since morning till it was almost the next day, which was close to midnight.
I was on the full shift, what a joy.
Those customers never stopped, Jusco was simply packed with desperate people.
Hahaa and no, my family was NOT included... thank you very much.

* * * * * *

Landslide situated near Mount Austin and blocked 2 roads at once.
Thanks to me, dad didn't make the U-turn he was making.
There's a way around by going through some factories.
Hehe, say no more... I know I'm smart :)

First we made our trip to the Abdul Samad's Health Center because my one of my separators came out.. and another one was simply jabbing itself into the center of my gums, which hurt.
About the missing one, I think I ate one of them by accident.. yeah those small rubbers, tsk.. lol.

Then we headed to Singapore with dad cause he wanted to get some stuff and we were back in JB, yeah it's a short trip. Dad's Volvo overheated a few times on the way till we made our stop in Permas Jaya's Burger King... :)
Ahh, the double swiss mushroom burger was love! :D

What a getaway from the regular "RM3 nasi lemak + chicken" I consume at lunch/dinner breaks almost EVERYDAY at work.
Look, I'm saving alright.. and yes, I'm serious. My meal everyday costs ONLY RM3.
Kesian right? I don't need you to feel sorry for me, treat me to lunch or dinner already! :D

Will be going to church later at night [FINALLY!].
Well, it's Good Friday wert :)
I miss church... I've been missing it for about more than one solid month now :(
I felt bad that I didn't even realize it was gonna be Easter this Sunday...! T-T

Maybe too engrossed in work..?
Omg, Mel's a workaholic! *gasps*
Saddening, I know.. but I guess I've got not much options available right now.
My family needs me with financial support now.

Sighs, so sad lar... my freaking working schedule is so bad that I not only miss church but can't make time to hangout with my buddies for one last time before everyone leaves.
Sighs, I hope it'll be soon :(

I guess that's all I have to say... and I love you.

Au revoir! :)

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