Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spacers, Spacebar, Side Parking... Period.

Those metals are spacers with sharp hooks on each side, which you can't see.
And also separators on the upper row, which you can't see either.
Those white stuff are called cement.
Duh, lol.

Well, they don't hurt super bad or anything...
It's just something to get used to, having metal rubbing against your mouth.. with those hooks, sharp hooks.
It's pretty much like that.
Nothing much.

It's a HUGE nuisance though.
Hurts the most when you eat, SNIFF.

And yeah, I'll pull out my teeth on the 20th and 26th.

Then followed dad to see a customer in Senai, which was a waste of his time.

Just camwhored while waiting in the car.
[Look, I was just bored alright, skip this part]

And once more, dad let me try his Volvo for side parking.
All I'll say is, I will NOT drive a Volvo in the future.


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