Saturday, April 21, 2007

No Pain, Got Gain..?

Okay... no pain, no gain for braces right?
Seriously, there is no pain... lol.

Generally and NORMALLY, people will suffer pain after your permanent enamel get extracted from your gums deep within.

In my case, I could eat pizzas yesterday after I just got it extracted, and I feel nothing.
"It must be the anaesthetic...", you might say..
Dudes and dudettes, it was long gone already.
Nothing. Zeuch. Kosong.

"Perhaps it lasted longer?", you may ask.
I went to Alpha and Omega's for Michelle's sort-of-party cum movies.. lotsa dumb movies, lol.
We ate pizzas, cakes, fried potatoes, muffins, chocolates, fried rice... LOL.
Yummy :)

I left at almost 10PM, still think it hasn't worn off?
I can't believe I just extracted my teeth.
I seriously felt no pain.

And Danny Boy was complaining that I wasn't human.
Cause he suffered a heck lot when his anaesthetic wore off.. LOL.

And by the way, Michelle got me the loveliest gift!
It was love! :D
Check this out...

Designer's Eau De Parfum : LOVE.
It smells sooooooo nice! :D

I never really wore perfume, so I guess it's time? XD

More pics!

They showed me their hip-hop and cheerleading routines.
Good moves. And a lot of fooling around, lol.
Just having fun :) - All the best with the competitions guys! :D

My dearest Mun Sin and Jack Jack :)

The Loves here! - Michelle :)

It was all good :)
Regardless of anything that happened.

P.S: Hey Michelle, don't worry about it okay...
I had fun and everything's okay.
Love you :)

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