Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Passed My Driving Test! :D


Hahaa, happy lar...
I'll be getting my "P" license earliest by this Friday.
I finished the slope, side parking and 3 point turn in with ONE minute each.
Lol, and for my road test, the officer was a lil' weird.

First asked me if I liked music and turned on the radio *started singing some emo-malay song, lol?*, then said I look more like a 25 year old than an 18 year old, asked me where I was working and all... -.-"
Hmm, do they talk that much actually?

After driving a while when I reached the traffic light , he suddenly asked me to signal right.
I was like, "Uhh, sir.. I'm taking route A, aren't I supposed to go straight?"
"No, just follow what I say, go right".
"Uhh... Okay". Signal right.
I was thinking what did I do or go wrong... =/

By the way, my agent just taught me route A one day before the test k.
I was like, having an amnesia while waiting for my turn somemore.

Reaching the turn to the office.
"Sir, do I go on straight or right?"
"Balik". Signal right.

Gets down the car and passes me the test paper with 17/20.
"You passed".
"Thank you, Sir! :D"

I ingat ape..
he gimme the shortcut, so I don't have to take the entire route, yay!

* * * * * *

Dad's car overheated on the way... and the fan actually rosak already.
So went to the mechanic next to church while I went and messed with the keyboard a while.

I missed this KORG Pa 50.

After the repairing was done, I went to Singapore to settle those unfinished business.
Well, because I had printed out the documents and are concrite proof,
the guy looked at my results and said,
"Hmm, I'll just submit you into the Direct Admission but
if you get it or not, we don't know lar
He said he'll call me and let me know.

I was so happy! He could always said we're full or closed and we won't accept anymore since it's not in our database, but HE DIDN'T! :D
Then I went to Ngee Ann just to play safe.

Well, the lady attending to me was sad that my name wasn't in the database,
but she analyzed at my results and said,
"You're results are actually very good for nursing already...
Nanyang should actually take you, based on this results. But since they did take you, it all depends on the competition right now...

What a positive intake! :D

But Ngee Ann was full already.
"So full that it can explode! Hahaa...", says Miss Dorothy Lim who attended to me. She's a nice lady really :)

Hmm, does it explain why the guy accepted my submission?
I dunno... we'll see.
It's all 50/50 now.

So, I was done in Singapore for the day and we headed home! :)

* * * * * *

I managed to change my full shift to a morning one!
Hahaa, I told my supervisor that it was gonna be my birthday tomorrow, therefore I didn't wanna work on the full shift, and she granted me that request!
Thank you Jye Min... :)

My poor darling Suvanya and Hazel are sick today... :(
Hey girls, please get well soon k!
*huggs* I love y'all... must take good care of yourselves okay..

Why everyone getting sick now one?
Sick season meh? My bro also sick... poor BB :(
Dad wasn't feeling too well either.

Ooh, 10 minutes to my birthday... heh.
Hahaa, okay.

Happy birthday to me, I guess.


sj. said...




Have the most awesome day and have the most fun :) :)

ps. didnt realize you knew Jeremy Teo.. were u in malaysian idol??

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

hahaaa.... that was sweet 16 :)
yes, i was.

ooh, you guys know each other?? :D

sj. said...

yeah. he's my kindy classmate and we're from the same church too.

:) i didn't know celine was your little sister?

oh hey.. msn?

☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

ohh?? hahaa... okay, small world! :D

oh sure, will give ya :)


you complete me :)