Monday, April 09, 2007

Papercuts and Randomness.. - with caution.

One Ringgit Malaysia
- the new notes stinks and slices flesh *blood oozes out*

Rants of the retarded cashier who gets
perfect accounts almost everytime,
Yours Truly.

* * * * * *

Hate them papercuts.
But this, it's the cash I treat oh-so-well everyday.
I never loathed those new fresh notes.. until today.
The gash was deep and my customers possess my DNA.. omg, they could clone me!

The queue was freaking long because I was doing the "Express Lane - Cash Only" counter today. Always hated that post, and yeah.. it's numbered 6.
Pure evil.

I couldn't stop, and none of my supervisors were around... ohh, the agony I bottled and beared!
My wound soon turned black.. yeah, dirty cash. I had to use a small piece of receipt note and tape it around my hand so it wouldn't hurt so bad... :(

After sometime, some supervisors came around and I told them my situation.
I could take it no more. So they took over. Thank goodness.
Hey, it's hard to keep your focus on your amounts and getting sliced over and over again at the same time!

Washed off what I could and was finally given something called plasters.
I guess, I do appreciate them after all.
The non-stop pain actually took a small toll on me so I was a little off focus.
Since my supervisor said that I looked like I was gonna-die-anytime, I was the first one to close my counter, yay.

Despite the pain or hunger strikes she faces at the post,
Mel will always deliver perfect accounts.
We call them "Tele" accounts - as in no shortage of money or over.

Hunger strike yesterday, papercut today... ohh please, what more is there?? -.-

* * * * * *
Warning to people who may take offense, skip this section.
It may be harsh. Take it openly or don't take it at all. Remember, I warned you. It's simply MY point of view.

Rebonded hair - old trend.
Permed hair - today's trend.
50/50 - today's trend.. also.
Costs: RM250+++
Period before effects fade off to natural hair: Half a year/One year ... or a few months, even days.

Who's needs perming?
Mine's natural, lawl.
Costs: RM 0.00
And you can do it anytime, over and over again :D

All I did was put up that stick into my hair, uncoil it at the end of the day and.... walla!
You can do it too! Even if you don't know how to twirl the stick to make a bun, you could always plait/braid them and go to sleep, take 'em off the next day. Duh.
Can't really see the waves from the pic though, but it looked like I went for some expensive perming, wahahahaaa.... XD fooled too many people.
And I'm not following the trends, thanks.

From rebonded, to perming.. to half of each.
So far I've not seen their fringe being permed like a bush on their foreheads and having an uber straight hair that looks like flying-attached-thin-sticks... which looks very the fake.
That'll look funny though. Oh well, expect the unexpected from people today. Heh.
Geez, what will they come up next?
They might rebond, perm or even make it 50/50 of each on anywhere that has hair, lol.

Alright, don't get me wrong here.
Don't terasa-ed. Because I'm simply referring to some people I've seen who kinda "overdid" their hair 'kau kau'. And people, it isn't pretty. Serious.
If you've rebonded and/or permed your hair, it's fine.
I'm SIMPLY saying that I don't have to, and I don't want to.
Okay? :)

Moving on.

You know, when our generation has reached their senile life, our generation will be the one that has the MOST piercings and tattoos.
For example, that once small and cute little rose would eventually become a huge rose bush.
Bwahahahaaa.... XD
And the earlopes? Heh. Comparable to the ones I've seen in Africa.
We could throw a tennis ball through... my, won't that be fun? Lawl.

Those shoes... ugh. They've got sphere balls as heels at the bottom.
I got too see young girls today trying soooooo hard to walk right in them. I mean, come on. Scientifically okay, face it, it's a sphere ball. You're meant to fall on your rear ends in those.
Acting cool? I'm sorry, you lost it with that trip sideways. And I laughed, lol.

Those mushroom pants/skirts are only fine with people who thinks they need to 'puff' it up.
You know what I mean.
But please... those who already have had enough puff-ing and real silicons, DON'T lar pakai lagi. The trend right now seems to like to 'puff' everything up... their hair.. their clothes.. lol.
I wonder what else, lol..

And oh yeah, I'm REALLY not into the idea of the princess and prince thingy.
Tiara's on the butt, chest, back, tiara's everywhere...
Tiara's hidden in the bushily exploded hair...[why do they even put it there if you can't see it?]
Anyways, it just makes the Sultan look bad and loses his harga on the throne.
Royalty is something very common right now.

P.S : I've suddenly remember about this 'thought' when I visited Wanda's page. I realized that she called me an "Anti Ah Lian" when I hovered over my link, LOL XD
Thanks Wanda..? Hur hur :D

* * * * * *

I'm hitting the sack, I only had 3 hours last night.

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☆..:¤Öñ€ ÔF ª K¡ñФ:..☆ said...

walao, i meant the EXTREME people okay... not any of you people whom i love so so much kay....

sighs, it seems harsher in black and white words i guess.
i knew wanda and i were laughing our heads off when we talked about it... :(



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