Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Need To Be Vindicated

Firstly arrr... -.-"
Walao lar!

You people know I love y'all so much and I'm not referring to y'all k..
I'm talking about the EXTREME ones, period.
That's all :(

Hmm, it seems harsher in black and white words I guess.
All I knew was Wanda and I were laughing our heads off when we were talking about it.
I guess it is different after all.. :(

But if I DID hurt you guys, I am truly sorry and I didn't mean what you thought I meant k.
I love y'all forever, you know I do.
*huggs huggs*

* * * * * *

Well, today was Hazel's first day at work :)
Taught her all she needed to know. I wish that someone taught me like how I taught her today... Hazel you're like soooo lucky k! Hahaa...
She'll be working without having me around tomorrow though.
Ha, don't worry gurl... you'll be okay.

Cause I'm gonna be doing my JPJ driving test tomorrow, hope I pass.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
Will go to Singapore right after I'm done, I have to get things settled once and for all.
Just to find out if I'm in or not, poly term starts next week already k..
If I don't get a place in Singapore, I know that God really doesn't want me to be a nurse.
So, the IT course would be for me in Malaysia then, haa.
Well, I'll just hope for the best.

Wasn't feeling very good at work today.. dunno why.
And suddenly my tummy's turning upside down inside... wuwuwuu..
Pain, sniffx.
Came to my blog and it hurt even more after reading my tagboard, walao lol ouch.

Okay, goodnight.

Alven kena in Gmail.
I guess it was my turn.. in Friendster.


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