Friday, April 20, 2007

Goodbye Tooth Number Uno



Alright, the injection Alven claimed to be uber painful...
Was not as horrid as he described it to be.. =/
Honestly, it was like an ant bite.
I guess, he was scaring me? Lol..
Hmm.. actually I was a lil' scared looking at the way he described it to be.
*clears throat* Alven.... O.o

After putting another set of separators on the upper row with some wire across the roof of my mouth and cemented it, she injected the numb med.
I was like, "Ohemmgee, Alven said this was THE part!".
And it was over, lol... and darn, she pulled out my teeth like it was some clip on... -.-"
It came out so easily.

Still feeling the numbness, but I'm also afraid when it wears off... :(

Yeah, bleeding still too.
Second phase - I'll be putting on my braces and pulling out tooth number dos on the 3rd of May.

No, that's printed blood on my shirt. The next one is REAL blood.
See the difference?

Michelle wants me to go to her school to join her for a movie day, also to give her her birthday present.
Not sure if I can bear it when the anaesthetic wears off.. :(
And I'm supposed to get my driving license by today, so loooonnnggg.... -.-

... Can I even face work tomorrow?

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