Monday, April 23, 2007

Cuts, cuts, cuts...

Well, still no pain about the extract.
Danny Boy is just in such disbelief that he even cursed me to suffer pain in extracting teeth number two.
How mean, lol.

However, that metal wire across my mouth has been a nuisance as it keeps cutting into my tongue.
Yeah, it kinda sucks. Gah.
So there's like two "scratches" on the sides of my tongue - as if my tongue's gonna get cut off.. gory, but it looks like that =/
The separators on top are also making it hard to eat hard stuff, oh well.

And again, I suffer papercuts at work.
Ohh how I hate them :(

I just got my driving license the day before yesterday, FINALLY.
And I can't believe I paid 10bucks for that stupid photoshot in RILEK.
My picture seemed all digitalized and it's even clipped and torn!
But did they give a damn? No.
They just lamented it anyway, ugghh.

This is how efficient Malaysia is - Malaysia Boleh.


Got a license?
Got a car?

......... -.-"

Ooh by the way, I got to go to church yesterday! :D
Nope, not my own church, I went to Daya Gospel Chapel,
Hazel invited me since we work together so we wouldn't have to miss church.
First thing in the morning was a transportation problem and her church's service starts at 8.30AM. But thanks to Lee Girk who stays in my area and happens to go to the same church, she fetched me!
So nice.. :)

So Hazel and I sat together and I enjoyed the service... :)
Though I must admit that I suddenly got a lil' tired in the middle of the sermon, LOL.
But it was all great.
Met people I know like Edwin, Kevin, Adeline... also met new friends like Grace, Melissa and many more.

And I'm getting fed up with the fact that Nanyang Poly still marks me as "pending for consideration". Sighs, the guy asked me to call in one or two days time.

Alright, that's all I have to say.
Gonna get ready for work now.

God bless.

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