Sunday, April 15, 2007

It has been 28 months...

Indeed :)
- Mel hearts all her gifts very much.
.. But she hearts the people who gave them even more

Hello :)

I'm gonna go to church today, yay!
Haven't gone for Sunday services for an awful long time now... finally, eh?

Ha, I'll also try out the multi effect pedal I got for my birthday from Yen Fah, Biggie and sis, coolness! Yen Fah paid a huge sum I know...
Thank you so much, I love you :)

It was a long and tiring day at work...
Well, at least I have people around me who brightens up my day, keeping me going :)

I'm just feeling so very thankful and grateful for the people I have around me...
I love you guys so much!

I'm off now, need that sleep... yawn -.-

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