Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's good, it's all good...! :D

Hey everyone!
Things have REALLY been looking up, it's awesome! :D

Sunday was great.. (:
Mighty Kids was funnily weird at some point, but it was okay..!
Ended the day with ice-kacang at makro...
I love you, Bryan! :D

Went to Jusco Tebrau, sis and I went window shopping...
Saw this really beautiful Aracadia dress, RM80...
I want, sniff :(
So went and try it anyway.
When I walked into the changing room...
I noticed a Tropicana sling bag, PAID.
Had the resit attached and all, RM65.90.

I was very tempted to own it... but I just went ahead and tried the dress first.
After dressing back, I took the bag and thought of what I should do.
Went to sis and showed her my discovery.

But anyway as good-hearted Christian, I approached the Tropicana cashier near the dressing room and told him of our discovery. He was rather taken aback of my action..
It was paid for, I could've just walked out without any problem but I decided to be a good samaritian. It was tempting I must say, very. I wanted a bag too :(
But I imagined myself in that dude's shoes, burning RM65.90 for nothing...
He'd probably come back looking for it later on.

The cashier, quite speechless, thanked me with gratefulness.
I walked away, proud. Wee... XD

Dang kind lar, LOL...
Owh come on, I know some of you guys out there would just rather me take it home.
Nah, I don't wanna steal.

* * * * *

Well, Monday...
It started off great! Haha...
Mr. Kee came and fetch me at 8AM together with 2 other ladies in there, and went to the last stop which was Dan's house and we were off to Berjaya, Perling.
By the way, Mr. Kee's Honda Civic... very nice, lol... XD
He's our Berjaya agent who helps us settle everything, hahaa..

And on the way, Danny Boy presented me this gift...
It's a belated Christmas cum New Year gift, lol.

It was two keychains and he drew this really kewl logo that says
"Dan & Mel - Friends Forever".
Really kewl, thanks Dan! *huggs*

Went there and got registered...
On some small card thingy, I already got my own address screwed up..
Forgot to write which Taman I come from... XD

And before that I was like, filling some details and crapping with Dan alternately...
And Mr. Kee was like, "faster, faster... now, now..."
So, I instantly wrote my postcode and state... -.-"
Lawl, dumb lar.

"We've only been here for 2 minutes and you've already messed your own address... especially a gurl who doesn't know which Taman she comes from...", says Dan.
Oh shaddup.

Anyways, Mr. Kee said it's not that important, so takpe.

Our Undang only started at 9 something almost 10AM..
Nor Azhar Bin Haron was his name - our lecturer.
He appeared strict and all... the entire class was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia mainly.

"Everyone fill in the front seats now"
*people don't really feel like it*
"You've got 2 minutes, now!"
*everyone starts scrambling to the front seats*


"Everyone wear their number tags on their clothes"
*Singaporean gurl doesn't understand*
"Hello gurl, I said, where do you wear your tag? And please go outside to counter 6 to change to shoes, no sandals allowed".

Poor gurl, she kept getting marah-ed by him, but not for long lar.
Like, we had to write our forms in block letters but she didn't understand.
She wrote already before I could even tell her.. sighs :(
Kena marah lor.
"Your form kena reject... I don't know, sorry", says Azhar.

But as the class went on, he's actually a very good lecturer.
Kept us all engaged in what he was saying, except for the poor Singaporean gurl.
He made us laugh a lot, interesting dude.
And he could even teach a small session in Mandrin cause majority of us are chinese.
Dang, he's good...! His mandrin was rather fluent really... *salute*
But at times, he becomes too animated and he tend to talk in some sort of 'miang' way... eyes and hands acting that way.

"I may look fierce, but when you pass by me, don't be scared to smile at me, I'll smile back. But girls, please.. no winking. I'm married already. But if you want, I also can't stop you.. don't worry, I still got 3 more places".

What the heck... -.-"
For those who don't understand, malays can have 4 wives maximum,

but with a condition to treat them equally. Ugh.
I'd like my husband to just have me and only me, thank you very much.

We did feel a lil sad that he won't be teaching us all the way.
Cause the next dude, Mohd Zani Bin Mohd Nor... was an obvious freshman.
Geez man, problems with the slides lar, problems with the lights by constantly switching them on and off... made my eyes sakit only.
And with incomplete science facts.

The limit of alcohol that is contained in 100 mililiter of the driver's... :
Breath - 35 microgrammes
Blood - 80 microgrammes
Urine - 107 microgrammes

So, he said, "Simply to remember the order of breath, blood and urine - just remember that you breath in first, and if you drink water, it goes in and becomes blood and then it'll come out as urine.."

WTH, where's the justice of science??
The way he put it was nothing scientific.
It is incorrect.

And about "Hydro Planning", he says "After it rains or while it is, the tyre against the surface of the road would go slower because the water on the road is a barrier in between".

The surface of the road is covered with liquid substance [water] and tends to reduce friction between the tyre and the road, which causes speed to decrease.. -.-"

Malaysia Boleh...?

In the end, he overtimed cause too draggy, ugh.
He ended up elaborating on the non-important subs and ran like a train on the important ones.

The next lecturer was explaining law and penalties, I think.
Towards the end, I remember dozing off... LOL.

YAY, I survived the 6 hour-talk!
Hmm, honestly.. it wasn't THAT boring lar.
Lol, I just know what Lynette and Yen Fah felt being there, especially when you don't really understand Malay... aww, lol.

Oh yeah! In between of our breaks, when Dan and I went for lunch, I turned around to see a really pretty gurl sitting at the end of the table, lonesome and all.
It's Jessica Siow people! Whoo!
Hahaa, was soooo nice to see her there... :)
She was gonna take her practical for the first time, she was very scared, lol.

Hahaa, Dan and Jordan asked me how I met Jess...
Now that I thought of it, I actually met her through the internet first before I met her.
The first time we met was when we discovered that we're actually living in the same Taman and we wanted to go to Yvonne's birthday partae together, so I offered her a ride.
Lol awww... XD

We were so cute then.... lawl.
See, we're good girlfriends now!
I heart the internet! :D

Come to think of it, I met JESS AND BEN on the INTERNET!
Double heart the internet man!
This is fated siot. ROFL.

While engrossed talking to her, I noticed some guy who came and sit right next to me. Sitting rather close to me, I turned left to see what this dude's up to. LOL, what do you know?! It's Jordan Boo!!
Aww, I didn't see him for such a long time already...!

It was nice that we caught up with each other and stuff.
So in the end, it wasn't just really me and Dan, we had 4 people together, nice lar... :)
We just chat, chat, chat... :D

After our Undang was over, Jess and Jordan were done.
Jess passed her test for driving on the road but failed her side-parking, she hit the pole.
Aww, lol..
Poor Jordan, he failed his practical for the 4th time... :(
Dunno whether they purposely making money outta him of him or he memang wrong...

So, Mr. Kee asked us to do this trial test on the computer, he was teaching us what would come lateron... and I failed, rofl.
I got 72%.

LOL, haven't study yet mar and I was rushing, didn't even cared to semak jawapan.
Oyy... it's not that bad lar, lol.
Hahaa.. so we went home after that.

It was interesting.. :)

Went home, Christine, my lady boss from Harris still didn't call me... :(
Got worried.
Went to sleep and hoped for the best, pray that God didn't leave me hanging.

* * * * *

Hahaa, Christine called this morning!
Wee... :)

Asked me to start this Thursday..
Told me to bring the necessities and said that I'll be informed of which would be my off days according to my timetable which will be determined when I get there.
I'll be working 5 days a week!
Kewl :)
Go to Harris early morning at 9.40AM.
Hahaa, yay!

Then I wondered, well.. it's February.

What about Chinese New Year when I must go down to KL...?
Oh no... No angpaus..?? :(
LOL... that is a MUST!

See what happens lar...
I want angpaus..!
Wanna gimme one? :)
It's okay if you're single, it's doesn't matter, lol.

Cooked fried rice for my siblings after they returned home from school...
Hahaa, I didn't even eat my own cooking.
Nah, don't feel like it either, but mum and siblings said it was good... :D

Did my Undang questions till 260+ before I cooked...
Try to finish it ASAP before I start working.

Tell me if you wanna join me for the Undang test k.. I'll be going next Saturday.

I feel a sorethroat coming on.... hmph..
But my spirit's are up for many days in a row now :)
It's a great feeling, instead of being sad and depressed for many days in a row which never seemed to end.

Thank you Lord...

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