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Farewell 2006....

Monday, January 01, 2007

Doing some entry-importing from xanga... bleh.

In another one hour, 2006 will be another chapter at its end.
How was 2006?
Well for me, it was bittersweet, mixed and jumbled up with so many things...
"Just like ice-kacang" quoting Benson, my brother.
I had some today, hahaa.

It's the year I went through SPM, ended my high school life and realized that my lightyears are getting short. Lol, time passes by us so quickly we hardly noticed it. Making us live behind times.

At the same time besides the ups and downs, I've learnt many life lessons, be it tough, easy, delightful, painful - experiences in life. It's part and parcel of life, having no regrets but accepting that it's a lesson well learnt to prepare us for something more ahead.

- Many great achievements in school academically and leaving a "legacy" before leaving, lol..
- Delirious Concert in Singapore
- Festival of Arts
- First mission trip to Banting
- THE CORE performing at Jusco Tebrau City
- Nights of Fire, JB
- Volunteered at MS Doulos
- SPM- Planetshakers' KL Conference
- Packed schedule Christmas
- and sweet memories :))

- manyak-manyak stress and pressure
- My pathetic lonesome 17th birthday, lol..
- Freedom on a halt
- Often misunderstood by others
- Dull and boring New Year event
- and simply bitter and painful memories :((

Oh well, anyway....I can just hope that 2007 will be sooo much better.This year was okay, yeap.Hmm, well... I still love "Sweet 16" :))

- Figure out what the heck I wanna be in the future ASAP! [ so lost... :(( ]
- Get my driving license early January
- Get a job till I continue my studies, earn some $$$$- Do well in my studies
- Lose the fats...? LOL...

Can't seem to think now... Sighs, the pain in my mouth is hurting like nonsense man.It's swollen and all.. hard to talk, hard to think [serious], hard to drink, hard to eat [can be a good thing, lol].. Simply moving my jaw hurts the crap out of it.Thanks to that nurse who forced that metal into my mouth, hurting the insides of my mouth, causing my wisdom teeth to be having a lot of friction with the walls of my mouth, making it swollen with excess skin. Yeap, ouch. Plus, it sends "PAIN" waves to my brain...So, I'm just... in pain. Help.Just for the record, just because I'm going for braces, the pain is NOT supposed to even start YET! Sighs, dumb government nurse.


Yesterday, we were at Steffi's place for a pot bless and also to celebrate the new year in a way. Hahaa no, it's not a new year party, just a pot bless.We had fun. So sad I couldn't really enjoy the food there... my mouth was still in agony.At least it was WAAAYYY better than last year..I was tormented at the fact that the youths we having a blast while I was at an adults' dull new year gathering... Siblings and I could just stare at the stars while rocking in the swing, not bothered if 2006 arrived or not, it was so sad.. :((Our hearts were longing to be there but due to come complications, we could not.Sighs, another teary end but it's past.
OH well.. :))Thank goodness for this year's end then, hahaa!

Before going over to Steffi's place, we were still busy with the Red Cross Flood Relief Donations at church... was there practically the whole day, tired kay... We're done finally!! Wee.. For practically one week doing this. Hey, hey! BBQ! Mel hearts marshmellows like this... <3 Oh look! We end up at the swing under the stars again... :)) My darlings...! :DI'm tired already, lol... sighs.

Thanks to Steffi and family for being such good hosts and good food... that I can't enjoy much.*sniffx* but hey, it's great! :))


At church today, we had a great worship...Great to end the year with, very spirit-filled.After church service, I stayed on cause we had Mighty Kids, church's children's programme. Went back at about 5PM something though it ended at 4.30PM cause we were waiting for Andrea's mum to come... hahaa.

andrea and i
Andrea and I... yes, she's a cutie.

And yes, my mouth's cacat-ed cause it REALLY HURTS... *sniffx*

After that, we went to Makro to have some ice-kacang.Parents love the ice-kacang there, it's really nice.And then we went to Tebrau City to watch Night At The Museum.Hahaa, it's a REALLY GOOD movie! You should catch it!Funny part was, my family and I sat at different seats in the theater, lol.Parents didn't want the later one at 9.15PM, went for dinner nearby after the movie.

So, here I am... Waiting for 2007 to arrive.
Lord, I commit 2007 into Your hands cause I know You've got great plans for me.

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the LORD,"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..."- Jeremiah 29:11 [NIV]

To that, I'll hold on to.

Farewell 2006.
Hello 2007.

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