Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trust in Him, you must... :)


Yesterday was cool :)
I managed my way to Sunway College, with invitations by my dearie Jess!
Lol, drove in as if I'm one of the students there, no one would know... XD

Anyways, spent time with Jess, Ben and Alven :)
Also met new friends like Deryk and Wanda, really cool people!
As I strolled around campus, I noticed sooooo many familiar faces, LOL...
Saw Trecia, Kid Yie, my ex-schoolmates, some of my ex-tuition pals.. lol.
My bestie Sue will be going there too for the April intake! :)

I felt bad lar that I could only manage to come later,
and Jess had to go to class after being with her for a while... :(
Well, Alven and Wanda didn't need my company really, I'd just be a pain, lol... XD
So, teman Ben lar. Dunno why he has this fascination for this orange drink, addicted I suppose hahaa... [ it's not bad though, lol ]
Wanda joined us soon after and after Ben left with the orange bus,
Wanda and I had a grrreeaat chat! :D She's really nice...

Hahaa, when we were hanging out earlier, she wasn't really talking much...
Yeah, she's a cool babe [ very matching with Alven in fact, lol.. ],
Jess mentioned she'd only laugh with Alven, lol... however, Wanda was practically laughing her head off during our chats... [ smirks at Alven, hehe.. ]
Damn farniez lar. Lol... was great knowing her! :)

It was nice being there and having people you know for company.
So, it was practically one day in college life for me.
It was cool.
But it came to this lar, I know I won't be going to Sunway...
The prices can bite my head off, lol.
I'll just have fat hopes and go fly kite... XD

And just for the record, I made 24 January 2007 a history for some people!
[ more like two, ahem! ]
2... 4... 1... 7.
Two for one, means two special people, joined hearts and became one.
7's for Melissa cause she made it history!
Weee... XD

All the best to you both...
I know I'm just such a charm... ;)
Yes, I'm flattering myself, hahaa!
*mwarcks!* <3

* * * * *

Nevertheless, having my international passport ready last Monday,
I made my way to NANYANG POLYTECHNIC today!
Wee... :)

Seeing the place was like, omg.
I like it! Hee...

I went there to clarify stuff that have been putting me in dreadful depression.
So, here's what I've gotten confirmed over and over again,
and I'm satisfied. :)
1) Tuition grant a.k.a bond, is most likely to be given by the government, especially to Malaysians.
2) I don't have to pay S$6k first, S$1k can liao. Yay!
3) And if I apply to some hospitals, I will get a bursary which means they'll pay you each month! It's practically like they're paying you to study!

Year 1 - S$850
Year 2 - S$900
Year 3 - S$950

Very cool... ;)
Only Health Science courses would get this, hahaa...
They also took me on the nursing tour, it's kewl.
Had a stroll around campus, it's great!
I didn't bring cam, so no pics.... :(

Their Open Day was interesting.
Brought home a goodie bag consisting flyers, and
8Days magazine and this very cool pen cum torchlight, hahaa.

Then followed dad around while he delivered his goods and got home to Malaysia to eat.
Was damn hungry, breakfast only ate one toast... LOL.

Well, at the end of everything.... there's still a catch though.
I have no idea when my SPM results are coming out...
The commencement date for the academic Year is 16 Apr 2007,
the enrolment exercise will be conducted from mid Mar 2006.

But if Malaysia's *toot* government keluar results late,
[ assumed to be in March or April ]
I'm forced to use my LOUSY trials results or worse...
apply for next year, damn. [ that's not an option! >.< ]
Will have to apply online. So, I have no idea when.

And I dunno where to stay in S'pore, need to work things out..
Mmm... that's my only two main concerns for now lar.
Yang lain, settle.. lol.

OH Lord, please make a way!
Hopefully my SPM results are good...
Good enough for Nanyang Polytechnic.

I want this :(

Hmm, other than all this nursing hu-ha...
I came across this in Wanda's blog...
and I felt quite sad and bummed out cause
I haven't watched Death Note 2 - The Last Name.
Sniff... :(
I decided to pass it on.
Muahahaa... *evil*

Wanda wrote:
went to watch death note in the end.

why could Light see Ryuuk if the death note he touched
was supposed to be



Hehee... oops, again ;)

Okay, besos por you!
Que la pases bien!
Ciao ciao.... <3


you complete me :)